Is 2016 the Year You Wake Up?

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to Your True Consciousness.

Open Your Eyes to the Light of your Divine Self.

2016 is a numerical 9, and those into numerology know that this number represents completion.

The Light Workers, the Way-showers, those who chose to be on the Earth during this transformative period in the history of humanity and our planet, have been participating in the process of clearing ourselves, our bodies, and our ancestral lines so that the Christ Consciousness could arrive, ground, integrate, and become a permanent frequency expressing through each one and all of humanity.

This is the year in which we expect to see a more visible presence of God Consciousness in each other and in our own daily lives.

And for those who may not think of themselves as Light Workers or Way-showers, those of you reading this who may just be opening your eyes to your Spirit and I Am Presence, I congratulate you and welcome you.

The Journey Unfolds

The journey you are on is one that unfolds before you in each and every moment.  There are no road maps stretching into the distance. There is only a strong calling of your heart to discover your True Self and to understand, finally, who you are and why you have chosen to be here on the Earth at this time.

You may find yourself suddenly fascinated by all things Spiritual.

You may reject all that you’ve been told and taught in the past, no longer willing to struggle within limitations that have been imposed by others and accepted by you in the past.

You may seek answers and assistance from others.

Learn to TRUST yourself.

Learn to LOVE yourself.

Find the COURAGE to stand in your own POWER.

For you are a very powerful being, and you may at times fear your own power.  You may have given your power away throughout your life and therefore, may want someone else to tell you what to do now, and how to do it.

No one can give you back your personal power.  You must choose it and then take it back yourself.

While others can provide guidance and coach you, those who will be most helpful to you will not accept any power that you try to give away to them.

  • They will, instead, encourage you to go within and discover the inner country.

  • They will, instead, insist that you make your own choices.

  • They will point you towards your I Am Presence as the source of all knowledge and wisdom about you and your personal path.

Go within!

Make your own choices!

Take charge of your life fully

by integrating your I Am Presence.

Restore yourself to your own internal Divinity, for that is who you are, who you were always meant to be.

The process of Awakening it exciting, exhilarating, challenging, and filled with promise.  It’s now up to you to explore, to feel your way along this path.

May you find all that you seek as you restore your own God Consciousness within.

REMEMBER … those who ask for help will receive it.



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