HOW many bodies do you really have?

by | Aug 21, 2011 | Age of Ascension | 1 comment

The “4-body system” is a misnomer.

The human being is CONSCIOUSNESS in a body – actually in 8 bodies – all of which exist simultaneously, multidimensionally, as a dynamic interpenetrating, interacting, and overlapping organism which consists of many different frequencies of energy.

The 8th body is the Light Body, which has been inactive for a very long time, and which surrounds all the other bodies.  As people wake up spiritually, their Light Body will begin to activate at some point in the organic Ascension process.

Does this sound confusing?  I hope not.  Please keep reading and I’ll try to make it understandable, even if I can’t really simplify it too much.

And why would you want to understand this?  Because if you are awakening, you might want to know WHO and WHAT you really are!

Barbara Brennan, in her masterpiece, Hands of Light, described the “layers” of the auric field this way:

… The first, third, fifth, and seventh layers all have a definite structure, which the second, fourth, and sixth are composed of fluid-like substances that have no particular structure.  They take on form by virtue of the fact that they flow through the structure of the odd layers and thus somewhat take on the form of the structured layers.  Each succeeding layer interpenetrates completely all the layers under it, including the physical body. Actually, each body is not a “layer” at all, although that is what we may perceive. (p. 42-43)

Each body goes all the way through all the other bodies.

They interpenetrate and interact with each other.

These bodies are ALL multi-dimensional.

These bodies are all connected to the chakra system, although each body (except the physical body) is most closely associated with ONE primary chakra.

These bodies are each composed of different densities of energy.  The innermost one being the most dense and the outermost one being the least dense or higher vibrational frequencies.

  • Etheric Body – a web-like structure on which the physical body is shaped and anchored.  The energy of this body can be seen to pulsate beyond the physical form.  Connects directly into the Root Chakra.
  • Physical Body – you know what this one is, right?  It’s the one you see when you look in a mirror.
  • Emotional Body – home of the denser emotional states, such as fear, anger, anxiety, jealousy, and so on.  Connects directly into the Sacral Chakra.  Emotions flow like water, so this body is relatively unstructured.
  • Mental Body – contains the structure of our ideas, belief systems, and repetitive thought patterns; connected directly into our Power Center, the Solar Plexus Chakra.
  • Astral Body – extends from 1/2 to 1 foot from the physical body.  It is the home of the higher vibrational emotional states, such as love, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, and so on, as it connected directly into the Heart Center Chakra.  This body is also relatively unstructured.
  • Etheric Template Body – contains the architectural blueprint for our physical body and can extend from 1 to 1½ feet from the physical body.  This body is associated with our ability to manifest – not just our physical form, but everything we choose to create in our lives.
  • Celestial Body – can extend from 2 to 2¾ feet from the physical body and is associated with Divine Love.  When our heart center is open and we are living from our Heart, we see Light and Love everywhere.  This body is connected with our 3rd eye center – our psychic abilities.  When our consciousness is high enough, we experience Spiritual Ecstasy through this body.
  • Ketheric Template  or Causal Body – a highly structured template of pure golden-silver light that shimmers and pulsates around you in a egg shape extending from 2½ to 3½ feet from your physical body.  This body contains information about your past lives (perhaps the akashic records), your current life plan, and other highly important spiritual information about you.

SO – when you think about WHO you are, consider.

Consider that you have 3 spiritual bodies to your 1 physical body.

Consider that you are MULTI-dimensional, instead of 3-D in nature.

Consider that you are operating at all 8 levels all the time.

Aren’t you an AMAZING being of LIGHT??

Yup.  That’s YOU!


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  1. Julie

    This is great! I find it kind of funny because in our Shamballa workshop I kept thinking that somebody was going to figure out there were more than four bodies. So whenever we’d repeat back after you a meditation/activation, I’d just substitute “full body system” for “four body system”. LOL!


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