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by | Dec 1, 2013

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Are You Feeling Called to Go Within?

It may be holiday time, and during that season there’s a lot of pressure to be with others, to be “social”, and to meet all kinds of family and friend obligations.

But some of us are feeling strong urgings to go within.  To be quiet.  To rediscover ourselves in new ways, or just to BE.

After spending 11 months in the 5th Dimension, we are still figuring ourselves out.  We are still trying to understand how to live here and who we are as 5th Dimensional beings.

Because everything is so accelerated, we are actually feeling this call about 6 weeks ahead of when we used to feel it.  In 3-D, going within was a January-February experience.  We managed to get through the holidays and then when the quiet time of winter settled in, we felt the call and went into the womb of cozy days and nights by the fire (even if metaphoric).  We had the time and seemed aligned with using that time to rest, to sleep, to read, and to explore our inner selves in quiet anticipation that spring would come just as we were ready to emerge.

Now, in 5-D, the old calendar no longer applies (remember, time has changed, right?) and we are feeling the call to go within 6 weeks earlier.

At least, that what I and some of my friends are experiencing right now.

Another difference is that the call to go within is feeling so natural, so obvious that we’re doing it without even thinking about it very much.  We’re just flowing into those quiet spaces inside and resting comfortably there.

Our minds have become quieter, as well, and aren’t even making much of a protest.


Can you feel it?  The gentle call to go within?

Can you hear it?

Or do you just know it – recognizing it with some inner awareness?

Allow yourself to follow that call.

Be present with yourself and  . . .  you may discover something wondrous.

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