Feeling Discombobulated?

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For the last few days, I’ve been feeling very disconnected and as if everything is moving in multiple directions at the same time.  If you’ve been feeling this way as well, perhaps the message I received this morning from my “I AM” will be helpful to you.

You feel disconnected and “discombobulated” – all over the place – but you are not.  You are moving forward in multiple ways at once.  You are very talented and have many gifts to bring to the world.  So don’t be fooled by how you feel.  At the highest level, all is in perfect order and all the pieces will come togehter in the perfect time. 

Be at peace in your heart and mind, for all is well.  No matter what you are feeling, all is well.  Drink some chamomile tea.  Stay focused on each task.  You are completely supported [by Spirit]. 

So much is changing at once it does feel like “the Earth moves under your feet and the Sky is falling down.”  But they are – – – and it’s OK.  All is shifting, not just within you.

You resist change, not because it is hard work, but because it makes you feel unsettled and uncomfortable.  yet you can change your relationship with Change.

SURRENDER to Change.

ACCEPT  Change.   Whatever you are feeling is OK, but just accept that Change is happening.

EMBRACE your discomfort and turn it into non-resistance.

ALLOW it [the change] to flow past you.

It’s like when you first learned to ride a horse.  The movement of the horse disoriented you and you tried to control it, but control dodn’t work.  It won’t work now, either.

Instead of trying to control the movement, totally relax and let your body be moved by the horse’s movement.  When you learned how to do that, you were able to ride.

Same thing with Change or going down a rive through the rapids.  Let yourself be at peace and FLOW.  ALLOW the river to carry you.  Do not allow fear to cause your body to resist or tense up.  Do not struggle with avoiding the boulders and eddies.  You MUST trust that you will be safely carried to your next nexis point – the next place of temporary balance and integrity – the next quiet part of the river.

RELEASE the idea that you were ever in control, for you never were.

ACCEPT that being “in control” is an illusion.  It does not exist.

I was also told to start repeating my mantra, Om Namah Shivaya, which means, “I honor my True Self.” 

This mantra helps me to remain focused in the now – and being in the current moment is the easiest place to be when change is happening.  When you are in the moment,  you only need to deal with what is happening right in that moment.  This keeps you from anticipating what might be just down stream or around the next bend.

So I invite you all to “ride the horse” or the river with me as we all go through the many changes of the New Age shift.



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