Does Feng Shui Really Work?

by | Nov 27, 2013

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With the Right Feng Shui Practitioner,

the Results Can Be Amazing!



The five elements.

My “felequine,” Starlight, has been propelling me into new adventures.  She showed me a few months ago that the energies in my house were badly in need of some clearing, balancing, and harmonizing.

I had been sick for about 7 months last winter, so I decided it was time to shift the energies in my home.  I did a cleanse by burning sage to smudge the house.  This had always helped in the past, but this time the results were most unsatisfactory.  Maybe, here in 5-D, something different was needed!

Karen Elizabeth Rowan is a healer whose services I’ve been using over the last 2 years to great benefit.  What I didn’t realize was that she also is a talented Feng Shui practitioner.

When I asked Karen to come out to do a house clearing, she suggested a rice ceremony.  “I’ve had one of those before,” I told her, “and I wasn’t impressed.”

Karen’s response:  “You haven’t had one with me.  The person who does the ceremony brings their own energy, personal power, and intent into the ceremony.”

This resonated as true.  Because Karen’s healing sessions are powerful, of the highest integrity, and always beneficial to me, I thought,  “Why not bring that same energy of an advanced Light Worker into my home?”

So Karen arrived on the day and time we had scheduled, and the transformation began.  First, she and I walked the property around my house and Karen instantly and accurately found all the places where the energy was out of balance, where there were lower vibrational patterns flowing in despite all the work I had done over the years to create a sacred and clear space around my home.

Karen has a natural and intuitive ability to feel what’s happening.  She then immediately know what will correct the imbalance, block off the unwanted energies, and create a new harmony.

What I love especially is that Karen isn’t out to sell lots of expensive trinkets to correct the situation.  She will use what’s already there if at all possible.  For example, just bringing some large stones together and placing them appropriately with intention immediately shifted the energies in one corner of my yard.

After completing the outside tour, we went inside the house.  Karen quickly showed me what things I had in place that were working and what things needed to be moved or otherwise adjusted to improve the energies.  Some of her suggestions were amazingly simple, like using colored construction paper shoved into a filing cabinet to reduce the level of the “metal” element and bring in more of the “earth” element.

Other areas were balanced just by rearranging some of the items I already have and love in my home.  A few things I will have to buy, and Karen had some low cost suggestions about where to shop for one or two hard-to-find items.

The Rice Blessing came last, and after the ceremony, my whole house felt clear and clean.  The energies everywhere were higher and finer, and I and my feline companions could all feel the difference.

I did purchase some crystals that a friend of Karen’s makes into artistic hangings, two to go at very large windows and one for over my computer desk.  These are multifaceted strung with a set of colored glass beads above them in the colors of the chakra system.

When the crystals were ready to be hung, I asked Karen to return to help me hand them and to rearrange a few other items.  In just 1 more hour of Karen’s time, my home was again transformed to still another level of peace, harmony, and balance.

My living room suddenly felt physically warmer.  I can’t explain this.  Somehow the new energy flow increased the warmth of my home.

My home also feels totally peaceful.  I can sit down there and feel drawn into mediation, calmness, and peace.  While I’ve been meditating for years in the same room, I’ve never experienced being drawn naturally into meditation other than at an ashram.

So now when I enter my home

I leave the chaos of the world behind.

What a blessing! 


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