Dimensional shifting? Magic? Faeries? A Mystery for Sure!

by | Oct 11, 2019 | Age of Ascension | 3 comments


As we move through the Ascension process, we are shifting our frequencies higher.  Sometimes we move higher, and then we go lower again, and back up in frequency, too.

This can seem to make things disappear and reappear in strange ways.

Lisa Transcendence Brown, a way-shower in spiritual Ascension, talks about this process.  In one of her talks, she mentioned that she had to take mental pictures of where she put her house keys because, as she moved from dimension to dimension, she often wouldn’t be able to find them.

So with this in mind, I’d like to share a personal experience of something that happened me.

In last September, I ordered two bloodstones* from 2 different vendors in India.  The first arrived right away.  The second stone took longer to travel.

*Bloodstone is a powerful healing stone used for thousands of years for its healing properties. It is often used to purify and detoxify the body. Great at grounding negative energy and cleansing the body, Bloodstone brings love into any situation and helps ground the negative energies surrounding that issue.

On last Friday, October 4, I still hadn’t received the stone, so I contacted the vendor via email at Esty.com.  They vendor gave me a tracking number for DHL shipping company, and that showed the stone had been delivered to USPS, who had delivered it to me on October 1.

But I didn’t have the stone.

So I called DHL, who gave me the USPS tracking number.  (Sorry if this is a long story, but that just adds to the suspense.)

At USPS, I spoke with the office supervisor, who told me the address on the package was in error – 6 Knollwood instead of 9 Knollwood.

He said that they could most likely retrieve the package that had been delivered to #6, but wasn’t sure how long this would take.

So every day from Oct 4 through yesterday, October 10, I carefully checked my mailbox, and no sign of any package.

This a.m., October 11, I called the post office again and spoke to the Postmaster.  She said that the gal who delivers my mail was sick today and off tomorrow, but that she’d look into this.

The Postmaster also told me that the package had been delivered to my mailbox on Oct 4 – the same date I originally contacted USPS.  She said they use GPS (location, date and time) at the physical mailbox to scan every package when they deliver it, and they also completely clean out every delivery truck at the end of each day.

I got off the phone and went outside to put my trash can at the curb.

Then I decided to look in my mailbox 1 more time.

When I opened the box, I could not have been more surprised.

There was a small package in it.

You guessed it – the package from India with the stone.

The same package that the post office swears was delivered last Friday, October 4, according to their GPS records.

So where was it for the last 7 days?

Am I shifting through different dimensions, as Lisa Transcendence Brown talks about?

Or did the package travel through different dimensions?

Did the faeries find the package for me?

It was unopened – no sign of tampering – human or otherwise.

I’m glad to have the stone, which is lovely, but I’m mystified.

Have you had any similar experiences?  If so, please share them in a comment.


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  1. Deborah N Wood

    The day I moved from California to Texas with my cat and all my belongings, my keys disappeared! I looked for nearly an hour, crying hysterically and calling all my friends to support me through the difficult transition of moving out of state to my first house ever. I looked everywhere they could have been. Luckily, I had just made copies for my car and new house the day before.
    I drove off with no idea what had happened to the keys that I knew were right in my purse in the morning.
    When I got to Texas, there was a gift waiting for me from my niece. She had sent me a new keychain she had picked up on a recent visit to Paris. She did not know my keys were lost. I took it as a blessing. Leaving behind a lifetime of old energy, I continued to search for my old keys the whole first month I unpacked boxes. They never showed up.
    Sometime months later, I pulled a vest out of my car that I use for walking when it is chilly. As I put my hands into the pockets,there were my keys!!
    They were not there the time I looked in California or when I arrived in Texas. Suddenly, they had made the trip.
    I still use the new keychain my niece gave me. The old one is still a mystery to me.

  2. Lesley Sherlock

    I also have a crystal based story. I do love collecting crystals and at the moment I am planning to use them in my healing sessions, once I have done some more training. Anyhow, I have been collecting crystals for a number of years and I was looking at some lovely stones on an ebay webstore. There was one that really took my eye, a lovely blue slab of lapis lazuli. It was a bit more expensive that I really could afford at the time, so I carried on looking at all the other stones and finally selected another one (a piece of fluorite) at a more affordable price. The crystal shop was abroad, I think in India or China, so I had to wait a considerable time for my crystal to arrive. So about 3-4 weeks after I had ordered it, the package came and as usual I was so excited about receiving my new piece of fluorite… except that of course, when I opened the package, it was the slab of lapis that I unpacked. So this is a very special stone for me, as it found it’s way to me even though I hadn’t ordered it, and it has played a big part recently in some personal healing work I have done.

    • Nedda

      I just love reading stories like this! Wow!! You certainly were meant to have the lapis stone. Fantastic.


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