Creating My Reality

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Discoveries on the Road to Freedom

In preparation for leaving 3-D and ascending to 5-D, we all learned that we are the creators of whatever we experience.  For most of us, this is difficult to accept at first because it challenges our old beliefs that things “just happen” to us and that we are not in control of our lives at all, or only minimally.


At some point, I began to accept that I could create whatever I wanted.  I studied the Law of Attraction, learned about using intention, and practiced creating things I wanted to experience with varying degrees of success.

Of course, I kept experiencing things I didn’t want to believe that I had created.  Those experiences were being manifested from old beliefs and assumptions about my life and who I thought I was in the past.  So there was confusion.  Am I truly a Divine Creator or not?


When I reached the next level of understanding and experience, I discovered that I really did create my experiences, but some of them I created “unconsciously” – without realizing that that’s what I was doing.  When I allowed old thought patterns and old emotional patterns to remain alive within me, all my fears and worries continued to energies situations and create things I did not choose to create.

In other moments, a thought might just flit past my awareness, and instantly manifest.  Like the day I thought, “Wow – this porcelain teapot that I love so much and is so very old doesn’t have a chip or crack on it.”  Where upon I opened the closet door and something fell out and broke off the entire handle.  Hmm.  Instant manifestation of something I didn’t want.  Remember, the Universe doesn’t judge your requests and doesn’t understand the concept of “negatives.”  So the Universe thought I was requesting damage, and manifested it instantly!

Another experience of nearly instant manifestation occurred the day I played scrabble with some friends. I noticed that if I placed a letter “s” at the end of one long word and the letter “d” at the end of another, and created the word “said” between them, I could make nearly 100 points in one turn.  Being careful to not focus on this word or position – everyone really IS telepathic, you know – I began playfully and joyfully intending/imagining that I could pull up all 4 letters for “said” at the end of my turn and then make this amazing move after 3 other people completed their turns.  AND IT HAPPENED.  Just like that!!  Again proving the power of creation within me.


Graduating to this level meant I BEGAN taking greater responsibility for having created my experiences.

But I continued to question:  “Can that really be true?  That I create EVERYTHING?  What about people who are treating me badly?  What about corporate bureaucracy and red tape?  What about the Illuminati?  What about Storm Sandy?  What about  . . . [fill in anything at all]?”

At this stage, I was willing to say, “I may not create everything going on in the world, but I create what I experience.  Whatever I focus attention on, I give energy to, and that keeps it going.”

If my cat is sick, did I create that?  Well, I didn’t “make” my cat sick – no guilt trips allowed!!  But somewhere inside me I created that this experience would appear in my life.  The cat is also choosing to mirror my beliefs and to experience whatever she is experiencing.

So many clients over the years have asked me to tell their animal to STOP taking on the their personal issues, but the animal always say, “NO!  This is what I’m here for.”

So at this level, I opened up to the possibility that I created everything in my life.  But I also hung back from full acceptance of this.  Some things were easier to accept as my responsibility, while others were not so easy.  Sometimes it took me awhile – in some cases months or weeks – in other instances days – to accept that I created experiences that were less than satisfying.

I still wanted to blame someone else, anything else, OUTSIDE of me, rather than accept total responsibility for everything.

However, science has demonstrated that the world “ouside” doesn’t really exist except as a projection from within us.  If that’s true, then putting blame “out there” is absurd.


This is the level I’m at now.  I have finally accepted that



is an expression of my beliefs and emotions,

and is my own creation.

ALL my health issues were created by ME.  I may not have known I was creating them, but they are expression of beliefs, attitudes, and emotions that I have been clinging to – many for my entire life, even beginning in the womb – and have finally manifested themselves in my physical body.

Drugs and other therapies that treat the physical symptoms won’t resolve these.

To heal my physical body, I MUST look at the underlying spiritual/mental/emotional patterns that are being expressed and thus created in my physical body.  Then, I can do whatever it takes to . . .

  • ACKNOWLEDGE them, 
  • ACCEPT them, 
Who’s in charge of this?
In order to reach the physical body, everything – EVERYTHING – must first go through the spiritual, mental, and emotional bodies.  This is why healing the spiritual, mental, and emotional levels WILL directly affect the functioning of the physical body.
ALL of the details about my life – where and how I live, what I do for a living and how I do it, all my relationships and all the patterns within them that are both satisfying and unsatisfying – HAVE BEEN CREATED BY ME.




That’s my new understanding, and when I remind myself with each experience that I have created it – no matter how large or how small – then I also know I have the power to change it.  It may not be easy for me to change it, and change may not come as quickly as I’d like, but unless I am willing to take responsibility, no change will happen at all.
More about this as it evolves.  I am learning much each and every day about who I AM and my power to create.

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