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A Harmony Tower Arrives


When my friend of 30 years, Peg Papanek, learned how to build her own spiritual energy generator just over a year ago, I couldn’t believe the changes that occurred in the energy of her property.  It was like stepping out of the 3rd dimension and arriving in the 6th dimension.

What an amazing experience, to feel this shift and to see how the clouds, the weather, the air quality, and the land itself transformed.  Because I can feel energies easily, I sensed the change immediately.  I would arrive at her home for a massage or cranial sacral session and be transported to an entirely different dimensional space.

I instantly wanted one, but Peg wasn’t ready quite yet to build them for others last year.  In fact, she imagined teaching a workshop in which participants would create their own tower.  Peg never did offer her workshop, and I kept imagining that I would someday have one for my yard.

About 2 weeks ago, Peg told me that she and her sister, Andrea, were going to start a business building what they call Harmony Towers.  Before I headed for home that day I made the commitment to have one asap.

Sunday, August 1, Peg and Andrea arrived at my home with my Harmony Tower.

Nedda's Harmony Tower

Nedda's Harmony Tower

Harmony Towers are built in the precise arrangement of the Golden Flower of Life, which is a sacred geometric pattern that is the bases for all life in this Universe.  The pipes are copper, and there are numerous crystals inside the tower that have been cleansed, energized, and programmed.

Golden Flower of Life

Each Harmony Tower is different, because Peg and Andrea work from Spirit each step of the way.  Each tower is built for a specific person and location and energetically aligned to serve humanity and planet Earth at this critical time in our transition back to full consciousness of our Divinity.

The towers choose where in your yard they want to stand.  My tower chose to be next to a large stone that marks the burial spot of Violet’s body from her most recent previous lifetime.  In addition, the tower chose to be just slightly under the young maple tree you see behind it, and inside the base of a triangle of trees in the yard.

My tower’s energy is very yin (female energy).   She radiates peace, joy, and love, along with a gentle nurturance.  It seems as though her energies are just beginning to build and spread out across the area.  I sense them going at least 100-150 miles away, so far, as they feel as though they are continuing to build.

Harmony Tower and Maple TreeHarmony towers connect deeply with Mother Earth and help to stabilize the energy grids that are inside the planet.  My tower has created a gentle yet strong sense of serenity.  (No, it’s not just that I’m on vacation as I write this.  It’s the tower!)  The Overlighting Deva of my yard is ecstatic, and all the Nature Spirits and Elementals have been dancing for joy since the tower arrived.  It does feel as though some very high purpose is being fulfilled now that the tower is here and settling in (energetically speaking).

The website for Harmony Towers will be set up very soon, and I’ll let you all know how to find it when it’s ready.  So stay tuned to this website for more information.

Sakhara admiring the Harmony Tower.

Sakhara says of the Harmony Tower: 

“The energy this Tower radiates has healing properties – for animals, for people, and for the Earth.  It is bringing us the energy of the Divine Mother in a nearly tangible form.  We are very blessed to be the keepers of this tower.”


Would you like your own Harmony Tower?  Would you like to help create a grid of higher consciousness across New England and around the world?Contact Peg Papanek at or 860-542-6882.

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  1. Mary Helen

    Thank you for telling us about these energy towers. Nedda, I am not as sensitive to energy. How did the tower let you know where to be placed? Mary Helen

    • Nedda

      Hi, Mary Helen,

      Peg, Andrea, and I just set the intention to tune into the energy of the tower and asked to be shown where to put it. We all three quietly got information and then compared notes with each other. We had all received the same information.

      This tower seems to have a consciousness associated with it that is coming from the Lemurian crystal that is the center crystal of the tower. It feels like a very strong consciousness of a Divine Feminine being. I have even heard the name “Laila” associated with it. I am also seeing mental images of a beautiful woman who dances and who is dressed in green and silver, with very soft and fluid cloth. I don’t see hair, but a beautiful and kind face and energy all around her.

  2. Doug Hagens

    Hello Nedda

    I just read your article on remembering divine love. It seems everything you write is dead on! Thank you for sharing,



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