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by | Mar 17, 2009

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Today, many of us are learning that we create our reality. – each and every minute of it, each and every experience, and everything in it.  This has been true all along, but now we are beginning, as individuals and as a group, to understand the truth of this.

We create with our thoughts and with our beliefs and with our emotions.  We create with our intentions and we create with our hearts.

When we first begin to realize the power that we have – the power to be conscious creators, it may be difficult to accept that we have created it all along.  We have a habit of seeing ourselves as small, helpless creatures, despite the message we have been given that we were “created in God’s image.”

What does it mean to be in “God’s image.”  Does this refer to our physical shape, our form?  I rather doubt it.  Does this refer to God’s powers and abilities?  I do believe so!   I believe we have these, as we have been told in the ancient texts before they were distorted by those seeking to control us.

We are Consciousness.  So is God.  We are Creative.  So is God.  We are Limitless.  So is God.

When I first began to learn about manifesting in my life, I was given some very clear messages that I create my own reality. 

Consider the teapot.

Many years ago, I had purchased a beautiful white porclain teapot that I enjoyed using for brewing tea.  I probably had that teapot for over 20 years and it remained in perfect condition – not a chip or crack in it.

One day, I was thinking about how the teapot had survived all these years with not a single bit of damage.  Then I opened the kitchen cabinet door to take the teapot out and it fell with a crash.  The entire porcelain handle broke off. 

When I was growing up, someone superstitious would have said that because I liked and appreciated my teapot, some “evil spirit” had decided to damage it.  Sorry, but I don’t buy it.

What I do believe happened is that my own thoughts created the situation.  Spirit doesn’t understand the words “no” or “not.”  If you think about what you don’t want, you energize the idea you are focused on, and “no” or “not” fades away.  This is how I broke my teapot.

Creating Abundance

If it is your goal to create abundance for yourself and others in this rapidly changing world, then your focus must be on the abundance, not on lack or scarcity.  Whatever you focus upon you will create more of because you have the power of Creation within you.

Someone recently asked me if I would join with her to energize money to a new vibrational level.  This way of thinking about abundance is too narrow for me.  Abundance, prosperity . . . these mean more to me than money.

Money is just the current tool we use to exchange for other things we really want.  Money by itself has zero value.  The object or service I am choosing to purchase is what has value.  The money is a temporary means of exchanging energy between people to allow goods and services to be easily exchanged.

If you had to bring a wheelbarrow of rocks to a store to buy your food, that would be awkward.  Clearly, some forms are just too awkward to use for money.

So we’ve created paper money, which today is backed by nothing, and we have been taught to measure our wealth by focusing on having lots of this paper around.  Now we are being asked to shift that focus from pieces of paper to number on a screen.

From my perspective, there has to be a higher vibrational approach to exchanging goods and services than the one we are using now.  THAT’s what I would like to explore and discover and energize – an entirely new way of exchanging goods and services that doesn’t rely on numbers on a screen or pieces of paper.

To do this, I must use my Imagination, my Creativity, and my Conscious Intent.  I want to hear what others are imagining, too.  Because together we can and must create an entirely new way of relating to the exchange of goods and services.

What Is Abundance?

What does “abundance” really mean to you?  If you respond with “no more debt,” remember that spirit doesn’t understand “no.”  Therefore, spirit is hearing “more debt.”

So, what does abundance mean to you?  A warm home in winter with warm, comfortable clothing and good nourishing food?  Loving friends and family around you?  Plenty of time for rest and play? 

Does your abundance include technology?  How much?

It’s time for us each and together to decide how to create an abundant world experience for all of  humanity.  

The Earth is capable of supporting all of us in abundance.  There is no need for poverty unless the greedy ones steal from everyone else, which is what you are currently seeing and hearing about in the news.  There is no need for anyone to go hungry because the Earth has the capability of feeding, housing, and clothing us all if we focus on abundance for all and creatively discover ways to make it happen.


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