Birthing the New Humanity

by | Feb 10, 2012 | Age of Ascension | 9 comments


Do You Feel Like You Are in Labor?

by Nedda Wittels
© February 10, 2012

Have you realized yet that you are giving birth to yourself?

Since January 1, 2012, it seems as though our lives have moved in fits and starts and stops and delays and shifts.  It is extremely uncomfortable, and we are all experiencing the same pattern, albeit in different specifics.

What exactly is going on here?  Why does it feel impossible to move forward, even though we ARE going forward?  Or are we going anywhere at all?

A colleague of mine said, “This is like having a baby.”

And she’s right.  It’s exactly like that.

We can’t put off delivering our new Self – our new physical body and our new consciousness.  We can’t postpone what is happening and say, “well, I’m not ready yet to accept myself or love myself or look at the part of myself that I don’t like.”

Linear Time Is Gone!!


We only have the NOW moment, and in this moment, the new humanity is moving towards the birth canal and if this is to be comfortable at all, we must stop resisting.  Resistance is what causes pain, so if you are feeling physical, emotional, and/or mental pain, you can reduce or eliminate it by giving up your need to control anything and everything.

Instead, ALLOW the process.  How do you do that?

  • Face the inner shadow. 

Whatever you may not like about yourself is probably in your face right now.  If you are too passive, you are being asked to become assertive.  The universe is lighting a fire under your butt for you to take action and stand up for yourself.  If you are too aggressive or controlling, the universe is sending signals that you must sit back and ALLOW.

  • Love yourself anyway.

If you are down on yourself, sending yourself negative messages, you are actually interfering in the process of integrating your higher self, who loves you completely, without reservation, limitation, or any conditions whatsoever.Instead, give yourself positive messages.  Every morning, go into your heart center and meet with your Divine Self.  Ask to be wrapped in Divine Love and take your fearful child part – your ego self – into your arms and ALLOW the Divine Love to melt your fears and anxieties away.

  • Tell yourself, “All Is Well.”

Why?  Because IT IS!!!!

We agreed on the higher planes to be here for this experience, and now we are receiving what we requested.  It may not be exactly as we imagined it, but it is here and we will get all joys and benefits of it when we focus on the outcome we prefer.

  • Accept yourself as you truly are.

This means accepting the parts of yourself that you don’t like, the parts that are “weird” or different, the parts that the outer world might have been telling you are unacceptable.Authenticity, being congruent with our True Self, and accepting ourselves fully is what we must do to move into the higher dimensions.  This can mean leaving behind, at least for now, anyone in your life who is not ready to make the changes you are making.

It’s OK.  Others may make different choices.  Everyone eventually will awaken and ascend, if not in this lifetime, then in another.  ALLOW others to make their choices, and ALLOW yourself to make your own.

  • FLOW with the changes.

Change is upon us, and rapid change, at that.  We have to find a way to get used to this.Call upon your higher guidance.  ASK for assistance, as free will demands that we make requests before they can help us.  They are there with you every minute of every day just waiting for you to ask.

  • Rebuild your basic TRUST.

For those of us who have lived many lifetimes on Earth, our trust levels have been dramatically lowered.  It’s time to reverse this, to build trust – trust in ourselves, trust in God, and trust in the process of spiritual awakening and ascension.Even if you don’t feel much trust right now, set an intention to expand your trust levels.  That is a good start for growing more trusting.

Now is truly the time to focus on your spiritual growth.  There is no more linear time left.  There is only this moment, and in this moment we are giving birth to ourselves in a higher dimensional reality.  We are creating our future self and creating a new Earth and a new way of being in a physical body and a new type of physical body based on silicon and carrying more Divine Light and Divine Love.

It’s never been done before,

not on this planet or any other in our Galaxy. 

So honor yourself and love yourself.

You are working hard, even at night, and in multiple dimensions all at the same time.  Of course you are tired!!

But remember, you are a wizard creating magically and alchemically a new humanity.

This is no test-tube baby. 

You are doing this within your own

4-body and Light Body systems.

Celebrate your amazing self and rejoice as you give birth.


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  1. Ellen Becker

    Dear Nedda,
    Your words could not be more timely for me. With each sentence, it was as if you knew of my many current struggles–the resistance to facing my inner shadow which has lately been “in my face” more than ever, trying to love and accept the parts of myself the linear world does not, allowing the process despite having low trust, remembering to ask for assistance, allowing divine love to melt my anxieties and fears, telling myself–and believing–that all is well. So much! I know I’ve had many earth lifetimes, so it’s baffling to find myself in such fear and anguish; I’ve been feeling bad that I’m not more evolved, so to read that those of us who have many incarnations experience low trust heartened me. This IS like a birthing process; I do feel that I am working so hard but lately it seems, because of my fears, that I either get nowhere or I regress. Being reminded to honor, love, and accept myself, as I am, is so healing and strengthening. I thank you deeply for the work you do. It is a beacon for me. Bless you from the bottom of my heart.

    • Nedda

      Dear Ellen,

      It’s important as we go through this to find others of like mind and who are experiencing similar things, even if the details are different. I’m glad that what I wrote is helpful. There is so much happening so far and it can be challenging to find people with whom we can share our journey back to higher consciousness.


  2. sue

    Oh Nedda can you please make sure you administer an epidural for us when it labor begins!

    • Nedda

      Dear Sue,

      You see, labor has already begun. The only epidural available is for us to acknowledge the process and ALLOW the flow of energy; go with the contractions; breath through it; LOVE ourselves fully; and TRUST that this is a perfect process.

      Not easy, right?


    Thank you warmly for your kind words reminding me that my love is honored!

  4. Lisa Geramnowski

    Thank you so very much for once again putting into words what I have been experiencing and clarifying what is behind these experiences. Your words are invaluable.
    Thank you,

  5. Mary Helen Schmidt

    Thank you Nedda. Beautifully expressed. Mary Helen

  6. Jane Summers

    Dear Nedda,

    Could you explain.. how you feel trust levels have been dramatically lowered in those who have lived many lifetimes on Earth..

    ..If one has lived many, many lifetimes, wouldn’t they be more highly evolved & so more trusting as individuals – as over many lifetimes surely they’d get to be more trusting in faith & that all is in divine & perfect order etc?

    thank you


    • Nedda

      Hi, Jane,

      Thanks for asking this really good question.

      The answer I am sharing here is what I believe and understand to be true. If you or others have a different understanding, that’s ok. I’m just sharing my perspective in response to your question.

      Living many lifetimes does not, by itself, cause us to evolve spiritually. We all have free will and are, therefore, free to choose what we want to experience and at what level of reality. Furthermore, many times we repeat the same issues for many lifetimes because we are unwilling to take the necessary steps to let go of limiting beliefs and old emotional patterns that hold us back from restoring us to higher consciousness.

      When a soul comes into physical at the 3-D level, the illusion is that we have separated from God. When we buy into that illusion, we feel separated and betrayed, as if God had moved away from us. But God has never left us or given up on us. It is we who have chosen to experience the feeling of separation and loss that this illusion allows.

      Until we choose something else, we are free to experience this over and over again as many times and in as many ways and in varying degrees for a long as we choose. Then, when WE decide we are ready for something different and ask for help to remember our true unity with God, that’s when the magic – the healing – begins.

      So that’s why I said that over the course of many lifetimes, we can accumulate deep feelings of distrust and that it can be very challenging right now, as multiple timelines are collapsing and our soul extensions are coming home. We are healing for ourselves, for our families, for our gene pool, for our soul group, and sometimes for others as well. That’s a lot of TRUST to restore. AND – we CAN do it!!



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