Astrology – Inside or Outside?

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If you are looking outside yourself for answers, then remember that everything you are looking at is a reflection of what is going on inside you.  This includes your astrological chart.

I do understand that astrologers speak from the perspective of what’s “out there” influencing what the potentials are for you – the challenges – the opportunities.  At the same time, when establishing your life path for this incarnation, specific astrological patterns were chosen for your moment of birth. Those multidimensional patterns or matrix of energy was then imprinted into your energy bodies to assist in the expression of your soul path for this life.

Very cool, yes?

A friend recently shared some emails with me from Astrologer Bill Attride.  You can join his mailing list for free, and about every 3 days or so receive a message.  About every 3rd one resonates for me and I find important information there beautifully expressed.

Here’s part Bill Attride’s Christmas message Mars Opposite Uranus (December 25, 2013)

For an age is ending, and a new one will rise…and while you find yourself in this present time and space, when many things will come undone, when you face seemingly senseless strife and storms at every turn, you will look for answers, for some comfort and reassurance that a better world still lies ahead. You will wait upon a brighter day, as you turn your gaze longingly Eastward, hoping to catch a glimpse of your New World dawning through those beaming rays of your Rising Sun.

And as always, throughout all Time and Space, you like your ancestors before you will look up to these Sacred Spaces above, to seek and to find some measure of order and meaning, some form of Constancy in those Stars that whirl above. And when you do take this time, you will begin to discern the patterns that are there, you will hearken to your Magisterial Companions who watch over you, and who will ever sing their Songs of Spirit which are yours too. They will remind you of why you came here, of what this journey is for. They will help you now to find your way back to your Truth, of how to a make a world that is filled with Laughter, Light and Love.

For it is most true that the New World will not come to you, it will come because and from and through you…and so you must do the work, you must become this change you wish for, you must do it for this world that you love. [My emphasis.]

So we still all need to be doing the inner work.  That’s what will help us most to live fully as 5-D beings.  That’s what will help us to create the New Earth and to create our place in it.

As for me, I’m now meditating every morning and doing some Yoga again.  I’m also using some of Tom Kenyon’s recordings to assist me in achieving my purpose of reaching the highest spiritual levels I can in this life.

You don’t need to wait for January 1, 2014 to make your resolutions for the coming year.  You can begin a new year on any day.  That’s why I ask my I Am each day to tell me what action I can take that will keep me moving on my spiritual path.


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1 Comment

  1. Rev. Nancy Cooper Fudge

    Thank you for this guidance, Nedda.Yes, we have to do the inner work to achieve
    Ascension. You have helped me in many ways, as an animal communicator and with
    personal “Resonance healing”.
    Nedda has such an open, loving, heart. I recommend her as your go to person to help navigate through the sometimes caotic energies that we all face now, in our quest to live in the 5D reality.Thank you <3


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