Ascension Preparation: Love Yourself.

by | Aug 24, 2011 | Ascension Preparation | 2 comments


is all there is.

1. WISDOM: What is the wisdom you would like to give me today?

Loving yourself and all aspects of you is THE NUMBER ONE important thing for you to do.  No matter what appears to be happening or not happening in your life, shift your focus to LOVING yourself.  When you do that, all is healed at all levels.  LOVE yourself and LOVE God, for your ARE God.  Be the LOVELOVE IS ALL THERE IS.

2. LESSON:  What are you trying to teach me?

The POWER of LOVE is unlimited and untouchable by anyone or anything tha t imagines it can oppose LOVELOVE does not “conquer” – instead it simply IS.CHOOSE LOVE.

Choose LOVE and you cannot be harmed in any way.

Of course, you – the True You – cannot be harmed anyway.  But you will experience the truth of this more completely and more easily when you choose LOVE.

LOVE is the irresistible force AND the immoveable object, bursting forth as they meet in imagined opposition.  That is the truth of duality.  Both aspects are “the same” – they are Divine Love being expressed in infinite variety.  When the irresistible force EMBRACES – wraps its arms around – the immoveable object, which is also LOVE, the conflict between them dissolves.

3. RESISTANCE:  What have I been resistant to accepting in the past that I’m ready to receive now?

Receiving LOVE.

3 a — SURRENDER:  What do I need to surrender?


3 b — ACCEPT:  What do I need to accept?

Love, and that you are worthy of it.

4. ACTION:  What action would you have me take today to serve my highest path?

Look in the mirror at least 3 times today and say to yourself each time, “I love you.”  Look into your eyes as you say it.  Say it with deep feeling.

“I Love You — I Love You — I Love You.”


5 a — SURRENDER:  In order to receive my highest truth, what idea, behavior, or belief do you want me to surrender?


5 b —ADOPT:  To live my highest truth, what new idea, behavior, or belief would you like me to adopt today?


This means JUST LOVE.

Love without judgment of yourself or anyone else.

Love others as you love yourself.




To progress on our paths, we must be willing to make changes.

  • We must be willing to surrender limiting beliefs and ways of being.
  • We must also be willing to adopt new beliefs, new ways of being.

Both of these are challenging for us, at times, to do.

So to start off, we ask for the information.  Then, if we are truly willing to change – to expand and to give up limitation – we begin one step at a time.

We surrender. . . and if that feels too difficult, we ASK FOR HELP and set the intention to surrender.

We accept something new . . . and if that feels too difficult, we ASK FOR HELP and set the intention to adopt the new way of being.


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  1. Sharon

    Thanks for the reminder Nedda. If I love myself, everything else will fall into place.

  2. Nell

    Powerful reflections, Nedda. Feeling as if you did this for all. Meanwhile, I am tickled to tune in and have my own meeting with I am presence and reflections and post them later on.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Love, love, love,


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