Ascension Preparation: Grounding with the Earth

by | Mar 25, 2011 | Ascension Preparation | 18 comments

You Have to Descend Before You Ascend

Please add your comments and questions, and
share your experiences of learning how to be grounded.

In our discussion yesterday, I suggested various ways you can learn to ground your energy.   In this post, I want to expand on that a bit more.

First, anyone who does Tai Chi, or a martial art, or hatha yoga (the authentic kind, not the westernized version) learns techniques for grounding.  If any of these activities appeal to you, I urge you to try them out.

In Wheels of Life, by Anodea Judith, Ph. D., there are in depth discussions of each of the primary chakras.  At the end of each chapter are a variety of techniques for working with that individual chakras’s energy.  These include a meditation, yoga postures, and other activities.

I would also like to suggest the following for your consideration:

1. What kind of shoes do you wear?

High heels, like the bound feet of women in ancient China, were never designed to keep women grounded.  Finding very comfortable shoes that help you connect to the Earth might be an important starting place for some people to consider.

Shoes made of natural fibers or mostly natural fibers are more grounding that plastic shoes.

If you enjoy going barefoot, that’s my personal favorite.

Develop some good foot care habits.  Massage your feet or find a professional who is very good at doing that.  Use oils or lotions on them.  LOVE THEM!! and they will love you back. 🙂

2. What types of materials are your clothes made from?

All synthetics have energy frequencies that are unnatural.  Those frequencies can “rev you up” and keep your body from relaxing.  (Hmmm. .. makes me wonder what would happen if people labeled with ADD and ADHD wore only natural fibers???)

If you want to be more connected to Mother Earth, look for natural fibers.  You have to be careful because there is much attempt to confuse us about what is natural and what isn’t.  You have to read labels.  You have to check out what the material is called to be sure it really is made from something other than plastic.

For example, virgin wool is natural; virgin acrylic is a plastic.  So are polyesters, including “polar fleece,” which never met a sheep’s body at any time.  (“Fleece” is the term that usually refers to wool from a sheep.)

Cottons and wools and hemp are all natural, but look out for labels purposely designed to confuse you.  When in doubt, check on the internet.

3.  What are you eating?

We could spend hours and hours on this subject.

For now, I would share with you that the more natural a diet you eat, the better for your overall health.  The government is in cahoots with the controllers, so labels are allowed to be purposely misleading.  You have to READ everything and learn what is good for you, what really “natural” or “all natural” or even, God help us all, “organic” really mean.

Avoid processed foods as much as possible.  Learn the joys of cooking and sharing home made means and snacks with family and friends.  There is a reason why the kitchen used to be the center of the home (instead of the TV set).

Foods that are more “grounding” are foods that grow inside the earth or close to the earth.  These are winter squash, potatoes, carrots, turnips, and so forth.

Protein is also very grounding, especially red meats, fowl, and dairy.  And if you are vegetarian or vegan, you can still be more grounded with proteins from beans and tofu.

The big exception to all this is – our favorite food group –


But remember it should be dark chocolate with the lowest sugar content you can learn to enjoy.

4.  Are you resting and sleeping enough?

If your body is exhausted, it is stressed.  If you are sleep deprived, you are stressed.

Learning to love and care for you body will help you and your body stay grounded.


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  1. Dave Stockman

    Thanks Nedda, excellent article and 100% with my views. I get tired of the vegan criticism from the ladies in our local healing circle at Unity Church, since I am a meat and potatoes guy. Nonetheless, my energy is as good as theirs, since it all comes from the same place :-))

  2. Bev Szymanski

    Hi Nedda,

    I loved your talk last night, your words were very inspiring. Would you please expand a little more on how our ascending bodies can be experiencing changes that can be similar to illneses like colds, you mentioned viruses can be changing our DNA for the positive. Is there a way to tell if one’s body is “ill” vs shaking off lower energy vibrations, would these symptoms be relatively short-lived compared to some related to a more serious dis-ease. I’m assuming it relates to how much “stuff” we may have to get rid of and how long that kind of a detox might take. Is an emotional detox possible as well? Thanks for helping me understand that, although I rarely get a cold and haven’t had the flu in years, the 4 colds and 1 round of the flu in the last 5 months may not all be bad. 🙂 I treat them homeopathically and DO NOT get flu vaccinations EVER.

    Gratefully with blessings,


  3. Muffy Williams

    Hi Nedda,

    You mentioned that one should not ground from the neck. Why not? Is it harmful to wear a hematite necklace or stone that is on a chain?


    • Nedda

      Hi, Muffy,

      Well, I’m not sure it’s harmful. The stones I have are so strong as grounders that I imagined it would feel like my neck was being pulled downward into the earth. Maybe it wouldn’t and it’s probably OK to wear a grounding stone anywhere on one’s body as long as it feels OK to that person.

      As I said in the class, I’m no expert on using stones and crystals.

      Furthermore, it is very important for each of us learn to use our own discernment. What may be best for me may not be best for you or anyone else. So if you have a grounding stone in a pendant, try it around your neck. Try it is in a pocket. See what feels right and go with that.


  4. Doug Hagens

    Hello Nedda

    Thank you for helping me remember Mother Earth. Right now I am just getting to know her. And I will see where that takes me.

  5. Nell

    Most complete and inclusive advice on grounding ever. Thans so much, Nedda. Shared it on facebook too.

    During the Winter months I do crave meat at times for grounding, like lamb (quickly) in the pressure cooker with lentils and root vegetables when chi or life force is deeper in the body. When the weather starts to warm up, chi moves more to skin level, at which point I resonate more with being vegetarian, eating raw, and walking bearfoot as much as possible.

  6. jean

    Hello All,
    It feels so comforting to be among a group that understands the unpleasantness of media.
    I long for a time when destruction is not used for entertainment, when sex is returned to the goddess, when communication is through the heart. I`m weary of no longer being a
    participant of what presently is in the 3rd dimention.
    Yesterday I went for a birthday celebration of
    a friend which entailed lunch and a movie. The lunch was fine. Upon entering the theater
    I sensed utter chaos. Everything screamed of destruction. It was no longer mind over matter, I had to flee. With little explanation to my friends I left. One of my biggest
    eye openers was watching this years super bowl commercials sex, greed and destruction more
    graphic than I have ever seen. I was effected by it for days and vowed not to watch it again even though it was a time shared with my husband.
    Thanks Nedda for addressing this and thanks everyone
    for your support on this issue. I don`t feel so alone.

    • Nedda

      Dear Jean,

      When the movie Avatar came out, everyone was telling me I had to go see it. I don’t usually listen to what people tell me because when someone else says, “You’ll love it.” I always wonder how anyone else can possibly know what someone else will “love.”

      Anyway, I reluctantly decided to go see it, but my gut was telling me not to go. I decided to go to a small movie theatre that I had visited other times, but not recently, located in a rather lower-middle class neighborhood. I arrived in time to see all the commercials, one of which literally went on and on and on for at least 4+ minutes telling young people how wonderful it would be if they joined the military forces of the US. It was very violent and totally unnerved me.

      When the film started, I was completely unprepared for the violence of the film. I had already been trampled by the violence of the commercials. I don’t know if this is why I decided I really didn’t like that movie, but I left feeling very agitated and unhappy and as though I had been run over by a tank.

      To me, Avatar seemed like a souped up version of Walt Disney’s Pocahontas without the magnificent song about being a part of nature. I also kept feeling like all the so-called “advanced” technology of the military in the film might already exist and we were being mentally prepared to accept it as “natural” and appropriate for our military to have such things.

      It made my skin crawl.

      I know that many people focused on the beauty of the planet and how the beings were integrated with each other and the planet and all the other life forms. I believe that the level of integration there is how we are meant to live on Earth. However, I don’t believe for a minute that that was the message we were meant to receive from this movie by the people who produced it. I just have to follow my gut on this, as I urge others to do for themselves.


  7. Kevin

    Thank you for your talk this past Thursday it was very informative and reassuring. I had agreed with your comments on eliminating TV from your life and then shared some of my own… i am including a link to the book “4 arguments against Television” by Jerry Mander. I have not owned a TV for about 7 years and read this book about 3 years ago in which I learned much from the author… of course eliminating newspapers was very liberating for me too. If something is soooo important that i need to know I trust a friend or relative will inform me.

    • Nedda

      Dear Kevin,

      It took me quite a while before I could break myself of the TV addiction. I had read about the negativity of TV more than 10 years ago, but still I was “hooked.” I had to make quite a shift in my consciousness and sense of independence to let go of it, but now I’m so happy to not have it in my life. One really big benefit, in addition to much less negativity bombardment, is going to bed earlier and getting lots of good and healing rest/sleep.

      I still do like some movies and some old TV shows on DVD – mostly thinks like Star Trek, especially the original series and The Next Generation, which are very uplifting programs; Babylon Five – which is a sci fi show about humanity in the future and the battle between light and dark; X-Men series, Harry Potter books and movies, and a few other films. I don’t like the Star Wars movies so much because they have very little spirituality and lots of fighting; the big exception being Luke Skywalker’s training with Yoda.

      I think the key for me is to eliminate as much as possible fear-based input into my brain and consciousness so I can focus on staying in the LOVE at all times.

      Thanks for sharing the book reference.


  8. Doug Hagens

    Hello Nedda

    Your talk on Thursday had a good effect on me! I made a meditation this morning to help me get all my parts together and under one roof. It goes like this –

    Ocean of Light cascades like waterfalls
    Through all the planes of my body

    Then as a tree
    My roots go deep down, down, down
    Where it is very quiet
    To the center of the Earth

    Where I draw
    The Waters of the Earth
    To the sky
    And the heavens above

    Where it rains
    Like life itself
    Over all creation
    And especially the Earth

    This I do over and over again.

    It makes me feel in a way I have never felt before.

    Your friend

  9. Nedda

    This comment is actually from Sakhara, my feline companion.

    She announced to me the other day that I had forgotten to mention a very important grounding technique, especially for people who love felines and who are having difficulty grounding.

    Sakhara: Allow a very grounded cat to sit in your lap. You will suddenly feel as though you cannot move at all because the cat will be grounding through you and will give you a very clear sense of what that feels like. Earth Energy cats, like myself, tend to be very grounded most of the time. That is part of our service to the Earth. Now we can also help you, too.

    I can confirm enthusiastically that this is very true, as I have experienced it myself.

    Nedda and Sakhara

    • Doug Hagens

      Dear Neddda
      Your Sakhara reminds me of my Cyd (she became a very old cat of 24). Many a time when she was on my lap, I didn’t want to bother her by moving or getting up for any reason. Perhaps there were other reasons?? When I was depressed, I considered Cyd an especially good friend because she made me feel I was OK, the world was OK and there was no need to worry about anything.


  10. Doug Hagens

    Hello Nedda

    It is beginning to make sense that to ascend, one must “descend.” So I have been thinking about what it is to be grounded in my own experiences.

    I think for me it was the experience I had before the third grade. Up to the 3rd grade we lived in the country. My Dad was a state park ranger. Most of the time there was only nature to keep me company. I would spend a lot of time doing pretty much nothing. I remember how quiet everything was. I remember smelling the crispness of spring snow. Watching the clouds make faces. And listening to the wind move through the pine trees in the fall. And the smell of hot granite rock in the summer.

    I was curious about most things. And I felt a connection to the land and the animals as friends. It was not a complicated life.


    • Nedda

      Dear Doug,

      So many young people today are missing out on this experience because they have been “entrained” to machines: TV, PC, and other devices, as well as to organized sports. They are being hypnotized and enthralled and given little opportunity to be creative in very open, unstructured ways. This is very unhealthy for them and makes it difficult for them to experience connection to the Earth Mother. How wonderful that you have those past experiences to call upon now.

      I also grew up in the country. We lived where you could not see another house and there were only animals for me to play with (besides my 2 younger sisters). It was very important that we moved there from New York City when I was very young. I feel strongly it was part of my life plan to have that experience.


  11. Doug Hagens

    Hello Nedda

    I am clueless. I’ve been working at the same job over 7 years. Everyone has seemed happy with my work. I received a number or awards for excellent performance over the years.

    Then something happened about 6 months ago. I found I could do more tasks, learn new things and really enjoy helping customers. In short, I began to really enjoy my job in a new ways.

    Then in the last 30 days I’ve received numerous complaints that I have not been performing tasks expected of me and that the customers are complaining. This is bewildering to me. Unless I can turn the tide, I probably won’t have a job at the end of the month!

    I firmly believe we get what we ask for. I can not give responsibility for the turn of events to any one agency, person or even myself (unless it is my Higher Self). It feels like it is being orchestrated by a power unseen.

    I do know when I am grounded, I feel quiet inside and connected to things that are true. I recognize these qualities are needed to navigate through this crisis (for better or worse). Or maybe this is an outer expression of ascension? Or this is a hint to drop the job and get a life???

    I ask for the wisdom of my heart to know what’s going on and to know my options. Feel free to comment if you wish.

    Your friend

    PS This reminds me of dream interpretation – best done by the dreamer. But I am open to any ideas at this point. As it stands now, I may have 2 weeks before retirement!

    • Nedda

      Dear Doug,

      Sometimes we start getting messages about needing to move on in our lives (place of residence, job, relationship, and so forth) when we have made significant shifts within ourselves and what we have been doing no longer fits what we have become or what we are becoming. Perhaps that is part of what is going on here for you?

      You are correct – you are the one to “interpret” this situation. I would suggest going within and asking your I AM Presence for input. You can ask general and/or specific questions.

      If you are being guided to make a change, what kind of change is it? Is it an internal or external change? Sometimes we are asked to have faith and take a leap and know that “the net will appear.”



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