Are You Still Here?

by | Dec 30, 2012

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Where is “HERE” anyway?

12/21/12 Has Passed.

Where Am I?   Where Are You?

Do you remember being in the birth canal when you came into this life?  Did you feel like you were being squeezed, pushed, pulled, and generally not enjoying the contractions that were necessary to birth you into this life?

That’s what the month of December has felt like for me – like I was being birthed into the New Earth.  Not a pleasant sensation.  All the dense energies within me were being shoved into my face as I was pushed and pulled and shoved through the narrow portion of the vortex that led from 3-D and 4-D to 5-D (the fifth dimensional reality of the New Earth).

The energies of the winter solstice were like being suspended in amniotic fluid.  Nothing to do.  Nothing to fear.  Nothing happening at all.  Very peaceful, actually.

But then on December 22, I stared to ask myself, “So where am I?  Where is the transformational experience I was anticipating?  Am I really in 5-D?”

I looked outside and everything looked the same in my neighborhood.  Did all of humanity actually come with us?

There had been many predictions about whether or not all humans would chose to come.  Some predictions said that when we reached the 5-D frequencies, we’d forget everyone who chose to go elsewhere and they’d forget us.  So how can I know where I am if I don’t even remember those whom I forgot?

Fifth dimensional living is total immersion in our hearts, total commitment to living through our I Am Presence, and total being in the NOW moment.  Hmmm.

So the question really is, “Nedda, what does your heart tell you?”

And my heart answers, “We’re definitely in 5-D.”

Good news.

“But the challenges continue,” my ego complains.  “When is it going to get easier?”

And the Upstairs Department (the Masters, guides, angels, and all higher aspects) laugh at my naivety.  After a few rants and raves about this situation, I relucantly agree that the only choice is to go forward.

“OK.  So what’s next for 2013?”

Silence reigns.

Since that conversation, I spoken with many other Light Workers and we all seem to be in the same space.  Here’s what many of us are experiencing.  Perhaps this resonates for you.

  1. We’re still going through enormous transformations physically, with lots of aches, pains, and physical challenges.
  2. We’re still cleaning up our emotional debris from our 3-D past experiences.
  3. The above 2 activities are taking gargantuan amounts of energy, leaving us exhausted most of the time, and making it difficult to do much of anything else besides feeding ourselves and our families, and 1 or 2 others essentials.
  4. We’re feeling quite a bit like newborns – not sure what we want and/or how to manifest it in the new energies as we notice a completely open-ended vista of the New Earth stretching before us.
  5. We can’t – literally are unable to – do anything that feels like 3-D.

Considering that I have a business, this all raises some fascinating practical questions.

  • If the old style of marketing no longer fits me, what do I do instead?
  • Do I still teach, and if so, what?
  • And how do I promote it?
  • How will new clients find me?
  • What am I supposed to be doing anyway?

We’re in a totally new paradigm – a new pattern or way of being, thinking, and feeling – and we don’t understand it yet.  We have to be willing to play with it without falling back into the old 3-D stuff.  Very challenging, to break out of the old and have the courage to let go and allow ourselves to be guided by our hearts.

So if you’re confused about what happened on 12/21/12, perhaps this has been helpful for you.

And if you’re confused about where you are and why you can’t seem to “move forward”, perhaps this will give you a sense that you’re not alone and that this seems to be what others are also experiencing.

There’s no guide book.  We’re making it all up as we go.

A few tips:

  • Stay in your heart center.
  • Ask for help and guidance from your I Am Presence and other higher frequency guides and teachers.
  • Stay out of judgment –  don’t give yourself a hard time.
  • Love yourself.
  • Be patient.  All is in perfect order.
  • Focus on this moment – each moment – right NOW – and do what feels right in that moment.

We all need to know that we’re not alone, so please do share your experiences in a comment.

We’re here in 5-D together and in this new world, creating new connections in a supportive, loving way is central being in Unity Consciousness and Divine Love.


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