Anything Is Possible!

by | Apr 21, 2014 | Energy Healing Systems | 2 comments

Opening to New Possibilities

by Leslie Russell, Multidimensional Healing Master

Leslie Russell and her dog, Ari.

Leslie Russell and her dog, Ari.

Just wanted to share with you an opportunity I took last night.

I went to get my hair done.  It’s in Cherilyn’s house.  When I arrived, one of her dogs, Chloe, was on the floor after having ACL surgery the day before. [The ACL is the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee.]  She was panting, moving about as much as she could, crying – clearly in pain.  She had kept Cherilyn up the entire night before.  

I asked Cherilyn if I could do some energy work for Chloe.  She knows I do this, but had never experienced any of it.  So she said yes. 

I called in the Shamballa energies, Archangels, Ascended Masters for the animals, elementals, and nature spirits.  By the time Cherilyn was ready to wash my hair, Chloe was flat out on the floor, quiet and sleeping.  Both Cherilyn and her grandmother were surprised!  Cherilyn asked me to come back that night.  I told her that I didn’t have to – that I would do another session before I went to sleep and program another session during the night.  Again, she was shocked to know this was all possible. 

Chloe after her healing from Leslie Russell.

Chloe after her healing from Leslie Russell.

When I went to pay for Cherilyn’s services, she said no.  I was deeply touched and honored that she valued this gift so much. 

I heard from Cherilyn this morning and she said the night was awesome which meant they both slept.  Such a gift we give when we do this work!  I am so grateful for all of it!  

If you’re like me, you love hearing stories like this – because anything is possible.

* * * * *

When we open to new possibilities, we can create miracles.  Just look at Chloe’s face in this photo.

The power of healing is within all of us.  We, too, can benefit from opening ourselves to the infinite possibilities because we are each a divine creator.  Then we can not only heal our bodies, but our minds, our emotions, our hearts, and our lives.


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  1. Paulinka

    Very timely Leslie,
    this afternoon my Griffin boy got hit by a dirt bike and has been in quite a bit of pain. I gave him distress remedy and some pain killer and iced and did a little bit of quantum healing but had to leave to go to work. I am calling in all those masters and Archangels, elementals and nature spirits right now. let’s get my boy healing super fast !
    Thanks for sharing !!

  2. Jeannine

    Wonderful, Leslie!


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