Androids at the Check Out Line

by | Dec 10, 2012 | Age of Ascension | 0 comments

Have you noticed how in supermarkets and many other stores the humans who wait on you act like machines?

They’ve been programmed to sound human by asking you “How are you today?”   They don’t really care how you are, but if you don’t give the expected answer, they can become royally pissed off.  They feel threatened if you violate the protocol and act like an actually human who might not care to answer this question.

These are people whom you don’t know personally.  They’re doing a job, but are supposed to make “small talk” so you, the customer, feel like you’re getting personal service.  They seek to engage you in conversation so that you’ll imagine you’re speaking with a real person, but actually they are distracting you from what you really are there for, which is to make a purchase and have it rung up correctly on the register.

This is a sign of the times, folks.  Those who are spiritually asleep have been programmed to appear human, but actually are behaving in ways that resemble androids or other human/mechanical blends.  It’s really quite spooky to me.

If you’re wondering why this is happening, consider that this is motivated by a desire to have you “feel” comfortable and connected to the store.  But it’s all an illusion.  No one at the store really cares about you one bit.  They only care if you have money and if your check or credit card is good.

There is no real need for “chit-chat” while you’re being checked out at the supermarket.  In fact, the conversation is a distraction from actually receiving the service you are supposed to be getting – an accurate ringing up of your order.

When I check out at a supermarket, I want to see what the person at the register is doing.  I want to be attentive and to catch errors and make sure the order is put through correctly.  But if the person packing my groceries is destracting me with meaningless conversation or if the person ringing the order is themselves distracted with meaningless attempts to engage me in conversation, I can’t possibly pay attention to what the cashier is actually doing with my order.

I’m having a rather hard time dealing with this 3-D effort to distract and create mental confusion.  Yesterday, I asked the woman at the register in Whole Foods why she was asking me a personal question when she had absolutely no interest in my response.  This definitely pissed her off.  After all, in her mind, she was just doing her job as she was told.

But for me the situation makes my skin crawl.  This is beyond “polite” conversation.  It’s part of the effort to keep us all asleep, speaking to each other like zombies as we’re rushed through the check out lines.

Thanks for listening.




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