A Cosmic Event

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Spiritual Ascension, a Cosmic Event.

. . . is happening right now.



Humanity’s Ascension IS a Cosmic Event.

Each and every . . .
solar flare,

solar eclipse,
lunar eclipse,
full moon,
new moon,
blood moon,
blue moon,
shift in planetary alignment, and
portal opening
– to name just a few –
brings higher and higher frequencies of
Infinite Love and Light
to awaken our consciousness.

Rays from the Cosmic Heart of our universe, transduced through the great central sun at the heart of the Milky Way Galaxy, are vibrationally adjusted by our sun before being sent on to Earth so that they are vibrating at just the right frequencies to assist us.

These events are occurring hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly.  Haven’t you noticed the rapid increase in these events over the last few years?

They continue to accelerate as our consciousness shifts and becomes more open and ready to receive and integrate them.

The integration process may seem like chaos and confusion, but truly it is all part of the great Cosmic Plan for humanity’s return to our true place in the Universe.

We are ONE with ALL THAT IS


we are remembering our oneness. 

Everything that is less than Infinite Love must shift, must heal, must be integrated back into resonance with Infinite Love.

This is the time the Ancients and Prophets foretold.  They may only have seen part of the picture because they were living in very dense energies.  Today, this very moment, you can choose Ascension.  You can choose to live as the Cosmic Being that you truly are.


p.s.  As we accelerate, we can smooth out our experience with guided meditations, reassuring information, advanced healing techniques, and mutual support. 

To ease your ascension experience, join me and other awakening beings for Ascension Acceleration 2015.

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