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~ Scheduling, Paying for, and Canceling a Session

~ Value Based Fees in Animal Communication

~ Working from a Distance with You & Your Animals

~ Refunds

~ Coupons and Special Offers

~ Privacy and Data Privacy Policies


Clients are expected to pay for sessions before scheduling.

Submitting a completed New Client intake form will bring you back to the appropriate payment button so you can pay for the session.

Regular hours for session are:

Monday through Friday
10 or 11 a.m.; 2 or 3 or 7 p.m. Eastern Time.

CANCELLATIONS:  If you need to change or cancel your appointment, you must notify me at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment.  Failure to do so may result in a $65 cancellation fee.


VALUE BASED FEES in Animal Communication

Why I do not charge based on the length of the session.

My fees are based on the value of the service you are receiving, not on the amount of time we spend together during your session.

Rather than be rushed to beat the clock, we focus on achieving the best possible outcome for you and your animal companions.

While 55 minutes are available for each session, some sessions may take less time to fulfill your goals.  Occasionally a session will run a bit longer when that's necessary to complete our conversation and if there's not another session scheduled immediately thereafter.

I bring to your session more than 25 years of experience as a professional Animal Communicator and a lifetime of experience speaking telepathically with animals.  When you invest in an Animal Communication session with me, you're assured of a focused, supportive, and compassionate session during which I will bring to you and your animals the highest quality of service I can provide.

During your session, I use all of my experience, knowledge, creativity, telepathic and psychic abilities, problem solving skills, insights, higher guidance and wisdom to assist you and your animals to create a win/win solution and a plan of action to help resolve your situation.



Why I no longer travel for Animal Communication and Healings.

To more effectively serve more clients and their animals, I no longer travel to your home or barn for animal communication or healing sessions. 

Working with clients all over the world has demonstrated to me that distance is irrelevant to the effectiveness of my services.  Working from my home I can be assured of a quiet environment which allows me to pick up on the most subtle messages your animal may be sending.

Distance healings are very effective and do not limit what I can do in a healing session to assist you and your animal companions.




Refunds are not available for private sessions of any kind once the session has been held.

If you purchase an individual session and do not use it within 2 months of your purchase, no refunds will be given.  You may, of course, schedule the session.

If you purchase a group of sessions which are sold at a special reduced rate, and then you only use some of them, the remainder of the sessions that went unused will not be refunded.  This applies to all my services.


Live Courses

Refunds for live courses are not available within 10 days of when the course begins and thereafter.

A number of live courses have non-refundable deposits, so read the information about each course closely to know whether or not a non-refundable deposit applies to an individual program.

If a course is ever cancelled, full refunds will be given.

On-Demand Courses:

No refunds will be given for on-demand courses, as all the materials are downloaded by you.



  1. Only 1 coupon or special offer can be applied to any purchase of any product.  This means that if you choose to buy something that is on special, any other coupons or special offers cannot also be applied to the same purchase.

  2. Coupons and special offers cannot be applied retroactively to purchases made prior to the announcement of the special offer or prior to the purchaser receiving the coupon.




All client sessions with Nedda Wittels are strictly confidential and will not be shared with anyone except with your express permission.

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  2. When you join by signing up for a free teleclass or paid program that is offered through Rays of Healing Light, you will receive emails and blog post mailings beyond the specific program that you registered to attend.

    You are free to "UNSUBSCRIBE" at any time.

  3. "UNSUBSCRIBE" links are located at the bottom of every email and blog post notification that you receive from Rays of Healing Light as a member of my mailing list online community.

  4. Information collected when you join the Rays of Healing Light mailing list online community:  your name, your email address, and the IP address used by you to access the internet at the time you joined the mailing list.  This information is only used to send you emails and blog posts on topics related to my services and are designed to assist you, or to assist you and your animals.

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