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"I am the master of my fate,
I am the captain of my Soul."
Echoes, iv. Invictus,
by William Ernest Henley


Who is the Master of Your Life?

Are you taking charge of your life or are you allowing others to take charge?  

If you want to see changes for the better in your life,
YOU are the one who has to choose to make them.  

Once you decide to operate from your own inner power, exercising your personal choice from the level of your higher self, your "I AM Presence", you are choosing to be aligned with the Highest within yourself.  This alignment will bring about self-empowerment and self-mastery.

You are in control of your life to the degree that you are the one making the decisions and taking responsibility for the consequences of those decisions. 


Freedom and responsibility are like two sides of a coin.  Once cannot exist without the other.

If you insist that you are not responsible for what you do, what you say, what you think, and every choice you make, then you are giving up your freedom and your power to choose.

Once you let others make decisions for you, you give up control of your life.  

You can have control of your life without being a "control freak".  A "control freak" is someone who has to control every little thing that goes on within their personal environment, including other people.  Multi-Dimensional Healing teaches us that:

Being empowered means being in control OF YOURSELF.  

There is a very large difference.

Politicians are using fear when they tell us we aren't safe unless we attack other countries.  Politicians are using fear when they have countless "orange alerts" that amount to nothing.  Politicians are using fear when they lead without inspiring us to create a feeling of safety within ourselves. 

When we feel afraid of possible attacks coming from any or all directions, we are like soldiers in a battlefield behind enemy lines, with the possibility of bullets coming from any and all directions at once.  Humans in this kind of situation for long periods of time suffer from intense stress and eventually become unable to function altogether.  

Corporations create fear by telling us (via TV ads and TV shows) that we are ugly, incomplete beings who need their products (from toothpaste to cars to makeup to clothes to the latest and greatest technical devices, to full body makeovers) to be attractive to other human beings. 

When we fear at this level, we lose our self-esteem and our sense of personal self-worth.   We listen to this propaganda and forget that self-esteem and self-worth must come from within ourselves.  Self-esteem and self-worth are not available in tubes or bottles or through any external devices.

The news media create fear by giving us fear messages and disinformation instead of substance from which we, as citizens in a democracy, can make informed decisions.  

Ignorance is NOT bliss.  Information reduces fear.

At the level of Third Dimensional (3-D) reality, fear has been a key tool for us to uplift ourselves.  Many souls chose fear as a form of self-motivation.   Just think of the times you procrastinated doing something until your fear of not making the deadline produced a creative spark and energy to complete a job. 

Today ... now ... this very minute ... is the time to move away from fear and choose another tool for spiritual advancement and success in life.  Those of us who are choosing to live from our Heart Center, from Love, Compassion, and Non-judgment and to leave fear behind, still are challenged by fear. 

The "fear mongers" have revved up the fear energy.  As a result, our own fears are coming to the surface more intensely.  In addition, the combined fears of others are shared by us through the Universal Unconscious Mind.  

Fear is an illusion.  It is the illusion that you are not in charge of yourself.  Take charge.  

Find your own internal check-in system for discerning truth.

How do YOU know when something is true?  Do you feel it in your body?  Is it a visual experience, i.e., "seeing is believing"?  Is it the way it sounds? 

Don't believe everything you see.  Don't believe everything you hear or everything other people say.  

Trust your own body's signals.
Follow the LOVE.
LOVE is the answer to fear.

When you take charge of your life, you make your own decisions, with inner guidance from your I AM Presence.  When you make your own decisions, you are in control also of your actions.

You don't need anyone else's permission to decide to take charge of your life. 

If you don't decide to run your own life, someone else will.

Why wait?  If not now, when?

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