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Spiritual Empowerment



You are not alone."Love is the answer to fear."
Hari Baba Melchizedek


"All you need is Love"
John Lennon and Paul McCartney


There is an intensified struggle going on for the hearts, minds, and souls of humanity.  The weapon of choice in this struggle is fear.  

Fear is an effective weapon when you don't want people to think straight, because when you are afraid, the thinking aspect of your mind loses energy as the energy goes into the fear.  When people are unable to think, they are more easily led into decisions they might not make when their minds are working clearly.

When we are afraid, we . . .

  •  more easily choose to give up our freedoms.
  •  more easily revert to child-like behavior, wanting someone else to be the "parent" who makes the monster in the closet go away.
  •  cling to false ideas of security and are less willing to take risks to keep our options for choice open.

Terrorists are using fear when they kidnap people and threaten lives or take lives.  This is an obvious attempt to use fear to gain power over others.  When we feel afraid of terrorists, we are in danger of giving away our personal freedoms.

Politicians are using fear when they

  • they tell us we aren't safe unless we attack others, such as Iraq.  
  • they have countless "orange alerts" without giving us enough information to do anything constructive about it.  
  • lead without inspiring us to create a feeling of safety within ourselves.  

When we feel afraid of possible attacks coming from any or all directions, we are like soldiers in a battlefield behind enemy lines, with the possibility of bullets coming from any and all directions at once.  Humans in this kind of situation for long periods of time suffer from intense stress and eventually become unable to function altogether.  

Corporations create fear by telling us (via TV ads and TV shows) that we are ugly, incomplete beings who need their products (from toothpaste to cars to makeup to clothes to the latest and greatest technical devices, to full body makeovers) to be attractive to other human beings. When we fear at this level, we lose our self-esteem and our sense of personal self-worth because we have forgotten that self-esteem and self-worth must come from within ourselves and are not available in tubes or bottles or through any external devices.

The news media create fear by giving us mental pablum instead of substantial information from which we, as citizens in a democracy, can make informed decisions.  Ignorance is NOT bliss.  Information reduces fear.

In the past, at the level of Third Dimensional reality, fear has been a key tool for us to uplift ourselves.  Many souls chose fear as a form of self-motivation.   Just think of the times you procrastinated doing something until your fear of not making the deadline produced a creative spark and energy to complete a job. 

Today ... now ... this very minute ... is the time to move away from fear and choose another tool for spiritual advancement and success in life.  Those of us who are choosing to live from our Heart Center, from Love, Compassion, and Non-judgment and to leave fear behind, still are challenged by fear. But fear is no longer needed for spiritual growth and is certainly not useful on the path to ascension. 

The "fear mongers" have revved up the fear energy.  As a result, our own fears are coming to the surface more intensely.  In addition, the combined fears of others are shared by us through the Universal Unconscious Mind.  

As we take back our power, sometime we even fear ourselves.  In past lives we might have had a great deal of power and chose to abuse it.  This is where self-empowerment is most important.  WE CAN CHOOSE DIFFERENTLY this time around.  We can choose to use our power with Compassion, Love, and Respect for ourselves and others.

Do not allow yourself to be ruled by fear.  You can take charge!!What steps can we take to reduce our fear levels and regain control of our lives?



  1. Some of us are addicted to fear.  After all, it gives us an adrenalin rush.  We watch the TV news and other shows and commercials hat bombard us with negative images and frightening stories.  We need to break the addiction.  We need to TURN OFF THE TV and doing something soothing, relaxing, and peaceful.  Go for a walk.  Meditate.  Read a book.  Listen to calming music.

  2. Avoid energy vampires, people who suck you dry with their fear or "doom and gloom" attitude. Be around optimistic friends who’re trying to make a positive difference—not people who are in the poor me, victim mode. (This does not mean avoiding friends and family who genuinely request our help.  It does mean choosing not to take in a continuous barrage of negativity.)

  3. Avoid information overload.  Focus on what you really ENJOY doing.  There is nothing wrong with enjoying ourselves every day.  We deserve to LAUGH and HAVE FUN on a daily basis.

  4. Shift your focus to positive things that you care about for a minimum of 5 uninterrupted minutes each day:  a beautiful sunset; your daughter's face; world peace, a flower.  You don't have to go on vacation to take some time every day to "get away" from your routine and have quiet time.

  5. Do meditation, yoga, tai chi, or some other activity that is restful.

  6. Take time to be silly and LAUGH, LAUGH, LAUGH.  Show someone that you love them by sharing a moment of joy.  Laughter is very healing, so make an agreement with yourself to LAUGH EVERY DAY.  Better still, laugh at yourself as much as possible.  Laughter heals the immune system and decreases depression because it increases endorphins.

  7. Anonymous giving builds positive energy. Giving to another person shifts negativity and fear—especially important during these stressful times. Help an old lady across the street. Hold the elevator for someone. Bring a friend a peach.

  8. Practice compassion and acts of kindness towards yourself and others.

  9. Count your blessings.  Keep a gratitude journal and write in it daily 3 things that you are grateful for.

  10. Regardless of what is happening around you, repeat the mantra, "All is well." This will not only calm you down, but it will send a clear message to the Universe that this is your intention.

Any emotion can be mastered.  You can eliminate your fears.     Transforming fear into joy.     I AM standing in the strength of my Loving.

Try this meditation whenever you are feeling afraid or anxious. 

Sit quietly in a comfortable chair that supports your back in a upright position with your feet flat on the floor.  Close your eyes.  

Take a deep breath, and as you exhale, relax and release any tension you may be feeling as it flows out with your breath.  

Take a second deep breath and as you exhale, feel yourself relaxing more fully.  

Take a third deep breath, and relax as you feel your body grow heavy in the chair..

See, feel, imagine yourself growing smaller and smaller, smaller and smaller, and moving down towards your heart center.  You are on a path walking towards the entrance of a cave, the Cave of the Heart.  Standing next to the cave entrance is a being radiating a soft white light and Love without conditions.  The Light Being lovingly takes your hand and leads you into the cave, into your very own Heart Center.

As you enter, you experience a slight dimming of light, and then your eyes are drawn to the center of the room.  On the right is a pit, a hole in the stone floor, with a fire burning inside it.  On the left is a water fountain that is not running.  The Light Being leads to a cushion in front of the fire pit on which you seat yourself comfortably.

The Light Being picks up a ladle with a very long handle and holds it with the cup of the ladle in front of you.  This is a magic ladle.  It can hold an unlimited amount of whatever you place within it.  

You can hear the Light Being speak to you:   "Put all the fear your want to transmute into this ladle."  

So with your hands, you begin to pull the fear out of your physical body from wherever you feel the fear.  The fear is easy to grab and pull out.  You can grasp it just like a physical object and it comes out easily.  You place it directly into the ladle.  Keep pulling out the fear and filling the ladle.  Remember that the ladle can hold all your fear, no matter how big the fear may feel.  (pause until you have removed all the fear)

Now mentally scan your body for any additional fear.  If you find more in another location, place that fear into the ladle. (pause)

When you feel you have placed all the fear into the ladle, the Light Being helps you stand up and give you the handle of the ladle to hold.  

Stand at the fire pit and state your intention:

Dear One, I offer (surrender) my fears to the fire, that the energy may be purified and transmuted into "________________".  

[Fill in the space with any one thing you would like the fear changed into.  Courage -- Compassion -- Joy -- Love Without Conditions -- Prosperity -- whatever you choose.]

Now pour the contents of the ladle into the fire.  Watch the flames rise up and transmute the fear completely.

As the fire begins to die down, the Light Being leads you to the fountain, which is now glowing with white light.  The water begins to spout up and out of the top, falling back into the basin at the bottom.  There is a silver cup on the rim of the basin.  Pick it up, scoop up some water, and drink.  See, feel, imagine yourself drinking in that very essence you previously requested.  Drink as much as you wish until you are full of this energy.   (pause

Place the cup back where you found it.  Thank the Light Being for his/her help, and walk from the Cave back outside and down the trail.  You know you can return here any time you wish to transmute emotional energy into anything you choose.  Now you are walking down the trail and starting to grow larger and larger as you return to your full body side and into the room where you began your journey.

Become aware of your hands and feet and start to move them a bit.  Take some deeper and deeper breaths.  As you open your eyes, stretch, and ...smile, check in with your body and notice that the fear is gone.  

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