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Nedda's Experiences
with Her Animals










It's easy to yawn and sharpen your claws at the same time.










Surrogate mom?  I was a kitten sitter, too!

Sakkara's Story

Ever serene, Sakhara is a glowing presence.An Earth Mother helps ground the family energy.

A note from Sakkara:

     I'm the one who brings balance by grounding the energies into the Earth.  Enough said.

     A wise cat speaks little and rules much, 

Our eyes met and were locked together for what seemed like minutes.  “Who are you?” I asked over and over as I stood in the medical portion of the Humane Society shelter.  The name “Sakkara” floated through my head.

The pale pink, slender feline had enormous slanted yellow eyes containing metallic gold flecks.  She looked very young, sitting in her cage at the Humane Society.  A volunteer opened the door for me, and I cautiously put in my hand.  The cat backed up as far as she could.  Then cautiously and tentatively she reached forward with her paw and gently tapped on my hand.

“Do you want to come home with me?” I asked her.  

Her reply was a definite, “Yes.”

My other cat, Violet, was in spirit, planning to return soon in a new kitten body.  But I had strict orders from my Siamese boss.  She had to approve any cat I wanted to bring home.  So back in the car, after making sure the rescue folks would not let anyone else take Sakkara home, I introduced the two cats telepathically.  In my mind I could see them each step forward and touch noses.  An enormous wave of Love flowed between them, splashing over me and filling my eyes with tears at the joy of their reunion.  They were old friends and I knew immediately that Sakkara was to come home live with us.

Sakkara’s physical appearance turned out to be somewhat illusory.  She looked dainty in her short fur and very exotic, with enormous slanted eyes.  The Humane Society told me she had come to them pregnant and ready to give birth.  After being fostered with her kittens, she was asked to nurse some other homeless little ones, whom she lovingly accepted.  Now, finally, Sakkara had been spayed and was ready to find her own home.

Sakkara was the first cat I was bringing home after being treated by a friend for my 30 year old allergy to domestic felines.  Had the NLP (Neural Linguistic Programming) and hypnosis really done the trick?  I was thrilled to discover that it had.  

Meanwhile, Sakkara, who was about a year old, was busy settling into the house.  She loved to jump up and play with the long phone cord in the kitchen while I was using the telephone.  Most of the time she was quiet and seemed sad.  She wouldn’t tell me much about her life, only that she missed her kittens very much and worried about them.  When I went to bed at night, she would start playing downstairs in the dark living room, making very high pitched bleeping sounds, like a mother calling her kittens.  If I came down to see what she was doing, she stopped immediately.

Help soon arrived in the form of a little blue-point Siamese kitten.  Violet was back.  Sakkara took one look at the 9 week old, who was hardly bigger than a large mouse, and immediately began washing Violet’s face, while the kitten screamed in protest.  A happy family!

Sakkara turned out to be the perfect surrogate mother for Violet.  A Siamese kitten, my first, Violet was about four handfuls.  When she wasn’t asleep, she was on the go.  The cattery caretakers would hold all the kittens on their chest, over their heart.  So naturally, Violet expected the same treatment here.  She was also really a baby and wanted attention all the time.  

Being a strong-minded, bossy, Siamese female, Violet usually got what she wanted.  She and I were still bonded from her recent past life with me and being thrilled to have her back, I gave in to nearly everything she asked for.  Still, there had to be limits.  I can’t count the number of times I carried the little kitten into where Sakkara was lying and asked her to take a turn kitten-sitting.  Sakkara was very obliging, even at times when I felt she was enjoying her solitude.

Patience personified is Sakkara.  That high energy kitten would jump all over her, chase her tail, chew on and lick her face, and even try to nurse.  Sakkara took it all in stride.  When Violet got to be too much for her, Sakkara would just get up and walk away.  Violet, although much smaller than Sakkara, would start to wrestle with her friend, and despite getting the worst of it for sheer size difference, would came back again and again for more.

It wasn’t until Violet was 18 months old that, finally exasperated, Sakkara hissed in her face.  Poor Violet had never been hissed at by anyone.  She was devastated and came into my lap for reassurance.  I explained that Sakkara still loved her, but wanted some space.  The storm blew over as Violet did some serious thinking about what I had told her.

Over time, Sakkara transformed.  With a raw food, highly nutritious diet, she grew into a 15 pounder.  Her pale, sparse, coarse coat became as dense and silky as that of a Russian Blue, only reddish gold with the pale pink undercoat.   Her face and body filled out in structure, too.  The contrast between my two feline companions became more vivid.

One of the most interesting differences between these two is their overall pace.  Violet is highly energized and loves to run around the house like the Starship Enterprise at warp 10.  Sakkara takes her time at everything except eating.  When I open the door to the enclosed porch to let one cat out, I always invite the other to visit the porch, too.  If Violet is the one asking, she scoots out the door immediately.  Sakkara may be curled up on the cat bed across the room.  “Sakkara, do you want to go on the porch?”

Sakkara opens her eyes.  “Porch?”  I repeat impatiently, since it is winter and I don’t want to let the heat out and the cold in.  Sakkara thinks about it.  I finally close the door at this point, because Sakkara is in the process of deciding to get up.  Slowly she stretches and slowly she starts moving towards me.  Eventually, she arrives at the door looking forward to a visit to the porch.  Now, I open the door, but before Sakkara can even begin to step through it, Violet comes flying in, literally leaping Sakkara head-to-tail and flying around the living room to warm herself up.  Sakkara, meanwhile, is still taking her first step through the doorway.

In the nearly 6 years these two cats have been together, Violet only once missed her head-to-tail or tail-to head leap over Sakkara, landing on Sakkara’s head.  I didn’t realize it, but I think I’m living in a home with a feline Super Cat who leaps “the Sakkara” in a single bound.  Impressive to watch.

Sakkara has chosen to remain mostly a mystery.  She’s a very private person who still won’t tell me or others about her early life or her past lives, either.  But her contributions to this family are enormous.  

She has modeled incredible patience and subtlety; I tend to be impatient and direct.  

Sakkara just loves food – nearly any kind of food.  She especially likes tuna salad sandwiches, which she will ask workshop participants to share with her.  In my effort to keep Sakkara's weight under control, I noticed that when she is a little hungry she is far more active, going into feline hunter mode.  She and Violet are a lesson in contrasts.  When Violet is hungry, she becomes hyperactive.  

When workshop students ask each cat who is “top” in the hierarchy, Sakkara says she let’s Violet think she is, and Violet says that she, herself, is top cat - a perfect understanding.  

I won’t interfere in the relationship between these two.  I’ve always said that my lap, which is limited in size, is available on a first-come-first-sit basis.  In the last year or so, they have each begun trying to squeeze onto my lap together, which doesn’t work for too long, since together they weigh about 23 pounds.  They have to work it out.

The good news is that there has never been a serious quarrel between them and, different as they are, both remain loving towards each other.  They sleep together and play together, daily.  It's the perfect balance - Violet is Air and Sakkara is Earth.  

I tell Sakkara often just how much I appreciate, love, and admire her.  She is an Earth healer and helps ground the higher frequencies that are coming into the planet faster and fast all the time now.  The ways in which her own energies and personality contrast with Violet's and my own contribute to a happy and healthier life for all of us. 

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I am deeply grounded and support the Earth Mother.
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