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Spiritual Empowerment

Awaken, everyone.  It's time to remember that you have been dreaming.

Transition 2012:
What's going to happen?
by Nedda Wittels

This article was published in the Spring 2008 issue of
Species Link: The Journal of Interspecies Telepathic Communication
in response to a question from Jean Evans.

Jean's Question

I’d like to ask Species Link readers to discuss what will happen in 2012.  I am asking for your best guess.  I want help to live consciously in a world based on love not fear.  The channeled spirit, Seth, says the shift will start in 2012 and not end until 2075.  I want to know if I should start preparing.

How do we get to the next dimension?  If we all become telepathic and able to teleport, with no need for food, clothes, houses, or money, are we in the next dimension?  Or is being in the next dimension the same as being in the spirit world?  What about the actual earth’s shift?  Does it have to be via earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, tornados, floods, fires, and other disasters?  How are you preparing for 2012?

The most incredible thing for me will be when we remember that we are all one and connected.  I want to break the habits I learned as a child, like worrying about being safe. Like the 100th monkey experiment, we should be able to shift to a new way of being where there is nothing to fear because we line in the world of love.

Nedda's Response

As well as being an Animal Communicator, I am a Light Worker, someone whose job it is to help ground the higher frequency vibrations coming to the Earth, humanity, and all the other Earth kingdoms at this time of spiritual Ascension.  It is from this perspective, as well as from my work with animals and the other Earth kingdoms, that I offer some answers to your questions.

A little background information

It is my understanding that every 25 Earth years, there is a Council in the spiritual realms that takes a measure of the level of consciousness of humanity to determine whether an awakening is possible.  This was last done in 1987, at a time known as the Harmonic Convergence when the Council determined that humanity was ready.  As a result of this assessment and of the work of millions of Light Workers and beings of Light from the Spiritual Realms, more and more Divine Light and Divine Love of higher and higher frequency vibration have been pouring into our planet at continuously accelerating rates. 

The animals and other earth kingdoms have played and continue to play a significant role in this process.  Some species have been working directly with humanity as they provide us directly with service.  These are our pets and others who have been “domesticated” or have been hunted by humans, providing food and other material service.  Those who live with us usually have a spiritual aspect to the service they provide to us.

Other species have been here for a long time to keep the planet in balance.  For example, whale song, traveling hundreds of miles through the ocean, has, as part of its vibrational purpose, to keep the tectonic plates in energetic balance.  Trees communicates across the planet via their root systems and have been working on the land masses to maintain harmony.  As the new frequencies started to arrive, the Earth and the other earth kingdoms were able to ground these energies ahead of humanity.  Today, this is no longer the case.  Humanity is now responsible for grounding these energies directly.  We have graduated to this level, you might say.

One indication that this is true is that more and more humans are waking up all over the earth and it is happening faster and faster.  You won’t notice this very much if you watch, listen to, and read the standard media in this country (USA).  You will notice this more if you check out the internet and connect with others locally who are also awakening.

When I speak of higher vibration or higher energies, I am literally speaking of energy waves.  If you have ever seen a sine wave in mathematics, that is a simple way of understanding an energy wave.  The energies coming in (5th, 6th, 7th dimension and higher) vibrate more quickly than the 3rd dimensional energies, which is one reason we are experiencing everything as happening faster.  Everything IS happening faster.  According to a video explanation of the Mayan Calendar that I saw online, we are in a period where 20 years of change happens in one year.  It certainly feels that way to me.

All vibrational frequencies exist in the same space and time as all others (although space/time is experienced differently at different frequencies).  Some vibrations can be sensed by the human sensory system.  Some can be sensed by animals’ senses, but not humans, e.g., dogs can hear higher pitches of sound than humans; elephants can hear and make lower pitches that human’s can’t hear; cats, at times, seem to see things that are invisible to us.  Some vibrations can only be read by mechanical instruments (infra-red, ultra-violet, radio waves, gamma waves, et al.), while others can be sensed psychically.

The Earth emits a frequency that is measured in Hertz, and this is referred to by some as the Earth’s heartbeat.  The Earth’s heartbeat has also been accelerated.  In fact, all the planets in the solar system are heating up at this time, as the Sun and the planets have begun moving in the solar orbit back towards the center of our galaxy.  This coincides with the spiritual awakening of humanity, as spiritual Light comes to us through the center of our galaxy to our sun, which transmutes these energies to frequencies we can handle.  Then our pineal gland, which is our 3rd eye’s physical aspect, further transmutes Spiritual Light into our physical vehicle.  The higher the vibrational frequencies we can integrate, the higher is human consciousness.

The reason why these energies have been arriving and continue to come is to prepare us for the shift in 2012.  Preparation is necessary because we have been vibrating at such a slow rate (low frequency) for so long and have accumulated so much “stuff” inside ourselves at lower, slower frequencies.  The “stuff” I am referring to includes: 

  1. Emotions of the lower chakras, such as rage, jealousy, lust, fear, anger, hatred, sadness, depression, guilt, and so on.

  2. Limiting belief systems, such as “I am a sinner,” “I am not good enough,” I am not worthy.”

  3. Vows of poverty, chastity, and any other vows that are limiting.

  4. Addictions of all kinds, including drugs, alcohol, emotionally dependent relationships, shopping, TV, gambling, and so on.

  5. Implants and entity attachments meant to limit our self-expression, self-understanding, and our memory of our true history on Earth and of who we really are at the spiritual level.

Preparation for what is coming requires that we STOP the mad rush forward in our lives and begin to heal ourselves, which means reconnecting to our Higher Self or I AM Presence.  This year, 2008, the acceleration of frequency vibration is so rapid (bursts are coming in every 3 days or less and continuing to accelerate our shift) that we no longer have the luxury of believing that we can put off facing our deepest fears and issues until a more convenient time.  NOW is the time and THIS is the place.

So the answer to your question, “. . . I want to know if I should start preparing” is YES, and you have already started, otherwise you wouldn’t be asking this question. 

From my perspective, the most important preparation you can make is to look at your own personal, internal “stuff” and start healing fears and other lower vibrational aspects.  In order to go higher, we must clear out what is lower, what no longer is serving us, and what cannot vibrate at the higher frequencies.

We each have guidance available to assist us:   our Higher Self and our personal guides, at the very least.   However, they cannot do anything unless we ask for their help, as the Earth is a “free will” zone and they are not allowed to violate that agreed upon understanding for life on this planet. 

When we ask for help, we benefit more when we are specific.  Ask yourself, in what area am I ready to be healed and what kind of help do I want?  Do I want support?  Do I want guidance?  Do I want information?  Do I want appreciation?  Do I want my fear transformed, and into what?  We can be very specific in our requests.  When we are specific, our guidance knows what to provide.

The animals are assisting in this important work in a number of ways, one of which is by pushing our “hot” buttons.  In The Divine Matrix, Gregg Braden wrote, “Our charges and hot buttons are the promise that we’ll create the relationships that show us which fear is asking to be healed.” 

Even our animals are helping with this process.  More and more often, I find the real issues presented by my animal communication clients are within the client.  The animal may be reflecting the person’s issues or may be doing things to bring those issues to the surface.   Sometimes animals come right out and say that the person needs to turn within to resolve whatever is going on.  When their human begins to make changes within themselves, the animal’s unwanted behavior may disappear, or the animal’s illness may heal.

“How do we get to the next dimension?

As we integrate the new energies, we automatically move into higher dimensions.  I believe we are already beyond 3-D reality, although we seem, at times, to be lingering there.  The old 3-D institutions are out of date and are in the process of collapse.  This is something to celebrate, although it might feel very scary because the new ways of being - socially, politically, and economically – are still being created. 

As things collapse, we will be guided to where we need to be geographically to experience what we came here to experience, to make the shifts in our lives that our higher selves have chosen to make, and to provide service to others.  In addition, we can consciously choose what we want to create to replace what is leaving our lives. 

The only constant for life on Earth seems to be change itself.  So many of us fear change, largely because we have been programmed to fear it, but now we must learn to accept change and to know that change is an opportunity to create a new world, a new way of being and living.  This is what fifth dimensional (5-D) living is all about.

Another key to living in 5-D is living through the Heart Center.  The emotions based in the Heart are the higher vibrational emotions, including Love without conditions, Courage, Compassion, Non-judgment, Forgiveness, and Generosity of Spirit.  When you are in the Heart Center, you have the power to take lower vibrational emotions, like fear, jealousy, conditional love, anger, hate, guilt, and so forth, and transmute them into the higher emotions.  When we consciously choose to live from our Heart, we change how we experience everything.

The animals have been showing us the way to live from the Heart for a long time.  It is now our time to make the shift.  Think of all the times an animal has forgiven you for something you felt terribly guilty about, all the times s/he has loved you unconditionally even when you felt you didn’t deserve it.  Now, it is your turn!  FORGIVE YOURSELF for all the little and big transgressions you believe you have committed in this lifetime and others.  Now is the time to LOVE yourself fully without conditions.  Why wait?  NOW is the time.  THIS is the place.

If you accept that we create our own reality, that the inner world is reflected in the outer world (“As above, so below.”), then you must also accept that there can be no war unless war exists within us.  So FORGIVE yourself for creating war as a reflection of your inner self.  Whenever I observe or experience something that I no longer want in my reality, either in my personal life or on the news or wherever, I hold it in my mind just long enough to say,

“I forgive myself for imagining this.  I forgive myself for manifesting/creating this.  I forgive myself because I am a Divine Creator.  I love myself.  I love myself.  I love myself.”

In this way, I bring into my Heart Center whatever I no longer choose to experience and heal it within me.  If it happens that I do this with some event I am dealing with in my personal life, I usually experience a shift or resolution of that event within 24 hours or less.  This is another aspect of living in 5-D – taking back and holding onto in our personal power.

As an example, on September 11, 2001, Americans and the world had a choice.  We could react from our Heart Center and offer Forgiveness to those who we believed committed the act of terrorism or we could seek vengeance, which comes from the lower chakras.  We could choose LOVE or we could choose FEAR. 

At the time of that event, most people were not ready to choose Love and Forgiveness, although some did.  However, our government played upon our fears as a way to reduce our sense of personal power.  As a result, most Americans chose security over freedom and accepted many restrictive changes which dramatically reduced our civil rights. 

Imagine what our lives might be like today if we had chosen Love, Compassion, Non-judgment, and Forgiveness?  Imagine how different it would be if we allowed ourselves to “walk in the moccasins” of those who fear, hate, and are angry with the US.  It just might help us understand how others see Americans, how the US has contributed to that perspective, and what could ameliorate and heal these feelings and perspectives.

My equine friend, Echo, who has been in spirit since 1998, was one of those helping the spirits in transition to cross over on September 11, 2001.  Here is what she says about that event:

“There was great celebration that day in the spiritual realms, for so many were coming into the Light, having left the Earth plane, and they were fulfilling their contracts – to offer their physical lives as a great gift and opportunity for humanity to come together in Love and Peace. 

“Although they were sad to leave their loved ones behind, those crossing over were also excited about this service.  Those left behind had an opportunity to unite in Harmony, Forgiveness, and Non-judgment.  All of the prayers that were said by individuals and groups who came together [on Earth] were felt very strongly in the spirit realm.  The Love was enormous and uplifting to all of us who worked tirelessly to assist the ones crossing over to adjust to their new status.

“In addition, we sent Love and Support to the families and friends who remained behind in the hope that they would feel the connection and remember that death is just a transition and that no one really dies.  It was a great honor to be among those beautiful Spirits as they made their shift out of their bodies and into greater understanding about what was happening for humanity’s sake.”


“If we all become telepathic and able to teleport, with no need for food, clothes, houses, or money,
are we in the next dimension?  Or is being in the next dimension the same as being in the spirit world?”

Being in the next dimension, as I understand it, is different from being in the “spirit world.”  For one thing, we are taking our physical bodies with us.  The vibrational frequencies of our bodies are rising, just like that of Mother Earth, and, as a result, our bodies are changing.  Our DNA is changing and our physical make up and structure are changing.  You might say we are “spiritualizing” our bodies.

Being in the next dimension is being at a different state of consciousness, and each level of consciousness correlates with a different range of frequencies of Spiritual (or Divine) Light and Divine Love.  The state of consciousness or dimension that we are moving into is one in which we

  1. Consciously create our experiences - our reality.

  2. Live in and come from our Heart Center.

  3. Recognize that we are not our body or our ego/personality, but something much greater.

  4. See ourselves as One with all things, all beings, and the universe, and we live from this perspective.

We seem to be moving into this level of consciousness little by little, rather than all at once, which demonstrates to me  that there is a range of energies involved, rather than just one frequency.  However, by December 21, 2012, I think we will be moving so much faster that the shift which occurs that day will feel instantaneous.

As for what living at that level will be like, the specifics are up to each of us.  Is telepathy as a primary means of human-to-human communication something you want to create in your reality?  Do you want to teleport from place to place?  Then you will be able to manifest these experiences.  In fact, we will have to monitor our thoughts quite consciously, as the process of manifestation will be instantaneous.

As for the “spirit world”, if you are referring to the realm of beings who have left physicality behind but not moved on, I have read channelings which say that beings who are “stuck” in the astral planes are being helped to move higher vibrationally.  All of humanity is shifting, whether in or out of a physical body.  This information resonates for me and, therefore, I believe it to be true.

“What about the actual earth’s shift?
Does it have to be via earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, tornados, floods, fires, and other disasters?” 

I have asked the Earth Mother (the spirit of the Earth) to speak about this herself.

From space, we can see that political boundaries are an illusion.  There is just ONE Earth.“Dear children,

"I am Mother Earth, the one from whom your physical bodies have been formed. 

“I am undergoing great changes at this time and healing myself at many different levels of my being.  Only some of the upheavals you experience are part of that healing.  To heal means to uplift oneself, to return to greater spiritual completeness and integration.  My form has been badly damaged by human abuse and mistreatment.  But that is not the whole story.  I agreed to stay at lower frequencies for a very long time so that humans could experience those frequencies and experience what it means to be cut off from higher consciousness.  I have supported this situation for humanity willingly and with love for all. 

“But now I am ready for spiritual ascension and this means clearing out all the lower energies that humans have implanted in my body.  It means correcting the imbalances and shifting into new ways of being for my body and all who live in, on, and around my body, not just humans.

“One of the worst contaminants that humans have poured into me is all your self-hatred and self-doubt; your fears.  Your fears, hatreds, jealousies, and greed have filled me with emotional poisons.  These frequently contribute to terrible events, such as storms, tsunamis, and shifting of my body through earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions.  To lessen the number, severity, and impact of these events, humans must begin to love themselves, love each other, and love all that exists. 

“When you anticipate experiencing such events yourself, send me love, deep into my heart, the very core of this planet, and send love to the elementals who are working to heal me.  Send appreciation to the wind, the fires, the rains, the thunder and lightening, and the tornadoes.  Send love also to all the elementals who are working so hard to repair and create a new balance. See me whole and at peace.

“When you learn to live in your heart center, there will no longer be weather events of these types.

“I love each one and all of you without reservation. 

Your Mother Earth.”


My feline companion,  Sakkara,  a member of the OCC (the Orange Cat Contingent, mentioned in Penelope’s book, Animals, Our Return to Wholeness), has this to share:

Many animals are helping with the Earth's and humanity's Ascension.“The OCC has been on the Earth for thousands of years. Our work here may be coming to a close very soon, or changing dramatically, as so many of us have been here to balance our human family members with the Earth and to provide healing for  the Earth.  Now primary responsibility for this has shifted to humans.

“We [members of the OCC] tend to be very grounded, something humans find it difficult to be. So often our job has been to just keep grounding humanity [our human family members especially] onto this planet.  Now this is about to change, as it will be easier for humans, after they and the Earth make the shift in 2012, to be fully present in their bodies.  So our role, too, will change.

“Until then, we are working very hard.  So many humans still don’t understand what is happening or even know that something tremendous actually is happening.  Because we are all linked together with other members of our group, we have mutual support. Still, we are spread out all over the planet and often rely heavily on those around our physical selves to keep us going.

“The more you fear the changes, the rougher time the Earth and humanity will have.  The more you open to receive the changes and send Love to the Earth, the easier the process will be for everyone.  So work on yourselves to shift out of the fear energies.  Love yourself.  Love the Earth.  Love the Water.  Love the Air.  Love the Fire.  Love the world.  Start with yourself, your family, your animals, your neighbors.  Live the Love in your actions.  Come from your heart, not your head.  Be in the moment and know that all is well, no matter what happens. This is how you will create a more peaceful transition.”

If you are concerned about physical dangers to the environment or to yourself, some of the things you can do are

  1. Ask your Higher Self to guide you to the most appropriate location on the planet for your personal growth and fulfillment of your spiritual contract. 

  2. Say prayers and do ceremony for the healing of the Earth.  This directly affects her healing. 

According to many predictions, there should have been much more devastating changes to the Earth by now.   I believe they have been ameliorated by the healing and love people everywhere have been sending to assist the Earth, as well as by the work so many have been doing on their own inner selves.

“The most incredible thing for me will be when we remember that we are all one and connected.”

In the bigger scheme of things, there is no individual “I” – we are already all one with each other and with God/Goddess/All that Is.  We imagine we are separate, but there is no separation.  We are God pretending to be many separate beings.   We are more than “connected”.  There is only ONE BEING or one consciousness. 

A great metaphor is that we each are like a wave in the ocean of consciousness.  We rise up and look around and think, “Ah.  I am a wave. I am separate from the ocean.  Look!  I can see other waves, other individuals.  They are separate like me.”  In fact, the wave is never separate from the ocean.  And as soon as the wave returns to the ocean, all pretense of separation ceases. 

It is an illusion to think we are separate.  When we reach the next dimension, the energies will support the awareness that we are and always have been ONE and never have been separate.  It is the conscious recognition of this that will change how we behave towards the Earth, towards one another, and towards all life forms everywhere. 

“I want to break the habits I learned as a child, like worrying about being safe.”

“Love is the answer to fear,” says Hari Baba Melchizedek.  We are all in the process of breaking old habits of being in and acting from fear.  Imagine your Higher Self hugging the part of you that is feeling afraid.  Do for yourself what you would do with a child who is frightened.  Give yourself Love and encouragement.

 “…what will happen in 2012?” 

I believe that on December 21, 2012, a blast of energy will arrive that will change how we feel, think, and perceive ourselves and each other.  It will be greater than an “Ah, ha!” moment, because it will change our vision, our perceptions, our hearts, our consciousness, perhaps even our physical bodies.  It will be like emerging from a cocoon, fully transformed into something new and glorious.  We will look at each other and ourselves and remember that we are all the Divine Spark of Creation.  We will no longer feel separate from each other.  We will all have direct and full communication with our highest spiritual aspect, although many already have opened to this level.

It will, indeed, be the beginning of a new age.  There will still be much to learn and much to do as we integrate this new way of being.   We will create new ways of living together on the Earth.  What kind of world do you want to live in?  What type of relationships do you want to see humans have with animals?  The more details you can fill in, the better.  Focus on this and you will begin creating it now.

According to Violet,  my Siamese companion,

Humans and animals will work together in greater harmony and love.

“Animals and humans will have a completely new relationship in the new age.  We will be more consciously integrated and intertwined with each other.  The details are for you to begin creating.  Talk to your animals about this and they will offer suggestions.”  



“How are you preparing for 2012?

As a Light Worker, I know that my job is to ground the energies and to carry as much Divine Light and Divine Love within my 4-body system as possible.  This requires that I focus on changing myself, so I work on myself all the time.  I seek to be at the highest vibrational rate and consciousness that my physical vehicle can support, as I can only help others to achieve the same level that I have reached.

As a Light Worker, I know that my job is to ground the energies and to carry as much Divine Light and Divine Love within my 4-body system as possible.  The “4-body system” consists of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies (the physical body and the bodies of the auric field).  To integrate and ground these energies, I focus on changing myself.  I seek to be at the highest vibrational rate and consciousness that my physical vehicle can support, as I can only help others to achieve the same level that I have reached. 

I strive to live each moment consciously choosing my reality.  I focus on the emotions of my Heart Center,   When I experience lower vibrational emotions I move them into my Heart Center to be transmuted.  I forgive myself for things in my reality I no longer choose to experience.  I forgive myself for aspects of myself that no longer serve me and I integrate my own shadow/dark side so that s/he, too, can be healed.  I remind myself to love and accept myself and others as they are. 

I read books and visit websites that help me trigger new understandings, insights, and memories of my true Self, i.e., who I Am spiritually.  I educate myself about consciousness and the true history of humanity on Planet Earth through books, and movies that are uplifting.  I use my personal discernment to decide what feels true and right to me and live based on that, rather than on what “authorities” tell me.  I learn about concepts of theoretical physics and other areas of science that support and explain spiritual information.

I watch much less TV, which is full of addictive and lower vibrational images and messages designed to control us.  When drama appears in my personal life, I accept that I created it and heal that aspect of myself.  I avoid images and graphic stories of violence and abuse of humans and animals, and forgive myself for their existence, as I no longer want these in my reality. 

When I work with clients and their animals, I set my intention to be in Non-Judgment and to offer Love Without Conditions.  My goal is to help each person and each animal release that which no longer serves them and to integrate aspects of themselves that need integration.  When I find that they are ready to shift to greater consciousness, I offer what assistance I can provide for that purpose.

My path and my work and my life are all one, not separate from each other.  I surround myself with people and friends who share my goals and support me on my path. I strive to live with integrity and to share what I know and believe with anyone who is open and ready to hear about it.  Each day, I focus on my purpose, giving thanks and blessings to all who assist me from all realms.

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