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Animal Communication

what animal communicators do
by Nedda Wittels

A demure looking kitten can be a wild tiger inside.

How is it that someone can have a discussion, a real conversation, with an animal?



When I was a small child, I could feel animal's emotions and understand what they wanted.  My parents told me I was imaging this - pretending.  So for most of my life I kept pretending.  It was something I did as a game.  Like so many of us, I was taught to reject my personal experience and to accept what others told me, even when it contradicted what I "knew".   

In 1994, I read Animal Talk, a book by Penelope Smith.  This is a self-help paperback on how to communicate telepathically with animals, and I was excited to think that I could teach myself how to do this.  Instead, I had a startling realization - I had rejected what my heart knew was true - I could already communicate with animals and they could communicate with me and I had been doing this all my life.  It was a short step to deciding that I wanted to be a professional Animal Communicator.

Animal Communicators are telepathic, meaning they exchange energy with animals for the purpose of communication.  The communication can take many different forms:  pictures, words, physical sensations, knowings, intuitions, psychic smells and tastes, and combinations of these forms.  

  • How is it possible to have a conversation with an animal?  

A conversation, an exchange of ideas, requires sentient beings.  "Sentience" is consciousness, self-awareness, and the ability to experience sensation, feelings, and emotions.   

Animals are sentient beings.  Their physical form differs from our own, but they are equal to us in consciousness.  They are alive and aware.  They think.  They feel.  They make choices.  They have beliefs and values.  When they are young they require additional care and nurturance.  When they grow up, they become adults.   Their body may look small and cute, but the being inside it is capable of making life-altering decisions just like an adult human.  

Animals are beings of Spirit, as are we.   Many know what their life purpose is and will not alter their life plan just because we may ask them to do so.  They are aware of themselves and of their situations.   They make life choices.  They often express Unconditional Love for the humans in their families.  In fact, those who live with us have chosen at a spirit level to be with us just as we have chosen to have them in our lives.  

  • Isn't the Animal Communicator just reading their body language?

Speaking telepathically with animals means speaking with the animal's Spirit.  It is both an energetic and a spiritual connection.  This is why telepathic communication does not require the physical presence of the animal.  Most professional Animal Communicators work over the phone with their human clients while they speak telepathically with the animal.  Distance is irrelevant.  The animal can be anywhere on the planet, asleep or awake, even in a coma. The animal can be alive, meaning the Spirit is connected with the physical body, or can be dead, meaning that the Spirit lives while the physical body has ceased to function. 

  • Do animals have to understand the same spoken language as the Animal Communicator?

One of my clients from Switzerland was living for a time in the USA.  Her dog had stayed behind with her parents, who spoke no English.  I would speak with her dog every so often, and she would ask the dog about her parent health and activities.  Sometime later, she might speak with her parents by phone, and reported to me that the dog always described the family's circumstances accurately to me.

  • What can be accomplished by have a conversation with an animal?

As a professional Animal Communicator, my job to translate what the animal tells me into English and to facilitate understanding between the animal their human companions.  In a session, I explain the human viewpoint to the animal and the animal viewpoint to the human.  I help both parties brainstorm a mutually satisfactory resolution to a situation.  I may negotiate a conflict among several animals.  

When the goal is to improve relationships, change behaviors, or solve problems in an individual situations, generalities are less useful than allowing individual differences to come through.  Feelings need to be honored.  Respect is key to achieving cooperation.  The needs and feelings of the individual animal are unique and special.   Just being heard and understood can help the animal change their behavior and attitude. 

  • Does having a session change the human perspective?

Sometimes it is the person's insight that brings about change.  This may happened when the animal's unwanted behavior is intended to teach a spiritual lesson.  One woman was having a problem with her dog, who was urinating the entryway of the house.  She had been very harsh and unforgiving with the dog, who continued the unwanted behavior.  When the dog told the woman how she felt about how she was being treated, the woman experienced a profound insight:  the animal's feelings were just like her own feelings as a child when her father had been harsh with her.  She was now repeating that pattern with her dog.  While initially the woman was upset to discover herself acting as her father had, she soon began to empathize with the dog.  The woman was then able to forgive her father and herself.  The dog immediately forgave the woman, and stopped urinating the foyer.  

Sometimes the animal's perspective is very different from that of the person.  The old adage of walking 100 miles in someone else's moccasins (or paws) is very applicable here.  Great love is fostered by a solution that resonates well for everyone, meets everyone's needs, and demonstrates honor and respect for each being.  Divine Love emerges with mutual recognition of our Self in the Other.  A win-win solution is the only solution that can achieve this end.

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