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Animals in Spirit

What Fred Said
by Catherine Cummings
"Fred" through Nedda Wittels

FRED SAID:  Remember who you are.  God is within you, and You are Love.  It is so simple.  We animals are trying to show you this.A wise spirit in a canine body teaches about death, dying, and the afterlife.




Catherine:  Fred was a 13 year old, butterscotch colored medium large mixture of retriever, miniature collie, and German Shepherd.  On December 8, 1997, I had an appointment with Nedda Wittels, an animal communicator, to ask Fred if he was in need of any assistance during the process of his transition.  I was concerned, as he had started to experience spasms and it seemed to me that he had had a tough night.   

The following are excerpts from conversations that
Nedda had with Fred in a couple of sessions
after doing a healing for him.

NeddaCatherine said you had a tough night and wants to know if you need anything.

Fred: It wasn't a tough night.  My body is just disconnecting.  It is all part of the process and I am not suffering. 

Nedda:  Can we do anything for you?.

Fred:  I am fine  [Fred then sent love and goodbyes to some personal friends of his and Catherine's.]

Nedda:  Fred, I'd like to ask you what you meant when you said you needed to go into your body to decide to leave it.

Fred:  It gave me a fuller understanding of where the body was and it helped me to understand that it was the right time.  It also gave me a chance to talk with the Earth, which I hadn't done in a long time.  That conversation was important to my healing and I am grateful. 

          Healing is not the same as curing.  It happens on many levels at the same time and can zig zag among them, starting at one level, then going to another, then someplace else.  It is possible to heal on the mental, spiritual, and emotional levels and not on the physical level.  This is how I am healing now.  The body will be left behind.  The herbs that you [Catherine] grow work on different levels.  You don't know which level will be affected - it's related to the life purpose of each person.

Catherine:  Fred, is there anything else you want to say?

Fred:  Remember who you are.  God is within you, and You are Love.  It is so simple.  We animals are trying to show you this.

A few days later, Fred agreed to answer a few more questions.

Catherine:  Fred, you are obviously highly evolved.  What is it like for you to be in a dog's body, without hands, and to be considered as inferior?

Fred: There is a misconception regarding the evolvement of different forms.  Hands are not a sign of spiritual development.  It is more spiritual to live in harmony with nature, not manipulating it.

          We go through a period of getting used to whatever body you have, getting used to the digestive function, the eliminating functions, and so forth.  There is special joy in experiencing each form.  They each have a unique perspective, expressing the playfulness of the universe.  Each is a chance to learn.  All share the opportunity to acknowledge the Oneness of all beings, to know the Creator in this form.  

          It is easier to remember our connection to the Creator as an animal.  It is the special opportunity of humans to forget and then rediscover it.  There are some animals that forget - maybe they had previously taken a human form.

Catherine:   I'm still having trouble connecting such wisdom with one who sneaks out of unlatched doors and chases cats?

Fred: I've enjoyed being a dog, experiencing the energy, the vibration.  When we enter a form, we "do" that form.  It was fun playing tricks -- to sneak out, to chase cats.  It was fun to tease when interacting and teaching.  Great teachers in human form use humor.

Catherine:   Why did you run out into the street, which was so dangerous?

Fred:  The road was sometimes cool, sometimes warm.  It was a pleasant place to be, to lie down.  I'm not responsible for how people use those machines [cars and trucks].  I wasn't looking for harm.

Catherine:  What happened the morning you ran through the neighbor's yard into the road and got hit?  There was a profound lesson in it for me, but what happened from your perspective?

Fred:  I wasn't intending to be injured.  I enjoyed running and was aiming for/pulled by a beam of energy, a scent in the air.  When what we know as spirit contradicts physical form, that has its own imperatives.  It is designed to give us certain experiences and can be more powerful than what we know.  

          Loss of the body is not such a terrible thing.  Often it is quick and easy.  At that moment, we leap out -- free, joyous, exhilarated, more wonderful than you an imagine.

Catherine:   What was going on when you had kidney failure a year ago?

Fred:  It was a signal that I was going to be leaving.  The kidneys are a place of power.  They contain the life force.  (The problem was treated with a flower essence and was totally eliminated.)  I had not expected to stay so long.

Catherine:  What has your purpose been in this life?.

Fred:  I enjoy being a dog.  I've been a dog many times.  This is a special time to be on Earth.  It is shifting to a higher frequency.  I've wanted to be here to enjoy that and to help others.  Most of my work has been about laughter and light and play in this family.

Catherine:  Why did you choose this family?

Fred:  We have all known each other infinitely long and have often been together, dancing.  Different parts are played by each:  supporting, teaching, etc.  Didn't you recognize me?  All are special   You must learn to live from the heart.  Part of my purpose has been to teach that.

Catherine:  Do you mean that humans and animals "swap" forms?  Many believe that if you did well as an animal you "graduate" to coming back as a human.

Fred:  Development is spiritual, not linear.  Choice of form depends on what is desirable to experience, and what experience is available.  Between lifetimes, we choose what we'll work on, with whom, and in what form.  Many forms are very blissful.  The human form is the most difficult as there is the greatest illusion of separation.

          We won't be separate when I leave.  The heart connection is strong.  If you focus on the heart connection, you'll be aware of it.  If distracted, you'll think the connection is gone.

Catherine:  Fred, I want to ask you about pain.  You were with me when Kim told about her dog Jake who loved to romp and play and chase sticks.  Then one day, he couldn't walk due to terrible pain.  They discovered that his hip had completely disintegrated!  This did not happen overnight.  And you have not seemed too concerned about the pain in your hips.  Can you tell me something about this?  Do you transcend pain?

Fred:  [Fred hesitated while trying to find the right words to explain this.]  Sometimes, you have an injury, but are not aware of the pain.  Your awareness is elsewhere.  When you become aware of it, you feel it.  It has to do with how you focus.  Also, tolerances [for pain] are different.  

          My spirit doesn't suffer except when it fails to remember its connection to Source.  My body is strong.  There were imperfections, but I didn't focus on them.  I concentrated on the joy of life, so they didn't impede me.

          The moment when the spirit makes its departure is one of great bliss, light, and love.  It is overwhelmingly beautiful.  It is the opportunity to shed limited thinking.  Many of us know this and so are OK with pain.

Catherine:  Would you please speak about negativity.  I don't understand how it works as energy and what we need to do about handling it.

Fred:  I was drained by my efforts to work with the negativity that you were releasing.  I took on more than I could handle.  [Nedda:  He wants to be sure you understand that you did not harm him.]  

          Energy is energy.  There are different types and rates of vibration.  From the highest perspective, we are all equal, but the experience of negative thoughts and feelings are not as pleasant.  We make the transition to recognize energy.  We can assign it to be whatever we like.  Creative thought is powerful.  When you recognize this, you know you can change it by transforming your thinking.  It is easier for helpers to do this - guides, masters, nature spirits or humans.  Combining with others helps.  All have the power to choose the meaning of energy.  It is easier to do with finer energy.  This is more available now; the amount is being boosted now for us.  It is a matter of catching it [negative thoughts or actions] at the moment of awareness and asking for help to shift it.  

          There is no such thing as "good" or "bad".  These concepts belong to the world of dualities.

Catherine:  What about when people abuse others ... kill ... torture ... wars?

Fred:  Beings who participate in this choose to have this experience.  One shouldn't ignore the unpleasantness of it.  They have made the choice.  We don't need to condone it.  If one lives a life in reverence in all moments, [if one] sees sacredness in everything, one is less likely to choose such unpleasantness.  Many choose to have suffering to get back to reverence for God.  One could choose to experience bliss.

Catherine:  Do you know what you will do after you leave your body, Fred?

Fred:  I will not be in physical form again immediately, or maybe ever.  There will be a period of evaluation.  Some is taking place now.  There will be a fuller connection when I shed the body and complete the process.

          I will be working with others who depart Earth if they can't be here during the time of transition.  I will help them reconnect, remember the Source.  Hundreds of thousands of beings are surrounding the Earth with Love to help.

Catherine:  Fred, as you know, I've been learning to connect with Nature Spirits and Devas in order to work with them.  Do you have any guidance for me as far as my part in helping?

Fred:  As you work on yourself and shift and remember, you will come into contact with others and affect others' energies.  If you can remain rooted in your knowing and be with others who know, you all can heal the Earth.  This healing will spread as others experience you.  It is important for animals to be among people to assist you with our energy.

          You are a beacon of Light, a tower sending out Light.  [Nedda saw a  picture of me standing like a lighthouse with people around me outdoors and I am teaching.]  It is important to remember your work with plants.  The vibration of that energy is so important -- to plants, to the Earth.  Let others know you are a teacher.  Your knowledge is not just about plants.  You are starting to know the Earth, Nature, and all are connected.  We all are One.  When you speak, Light is pouring out, not just Sound.

Catherine:  Well, if I am to be a teacher, I will certainly be sharing what you have told us today.

Fred:  Good.  Bring a picture of me when you speak to remind you.

Catherine:  Do you know anything about my guide, Brown Otter?

Fred:  Yes.  Her vibration is at a frequency the most like yours.  Ask for other guides to adjust your vibration rate so that you can communicate more easily with them.  The Devas and Nature Spirits are part of it, but there are more beings in many dimensions working to assist you.  Yes, ask MAP [Masters Medical Assistance Program] to work on vibrations, and yes, flower essences will help.

Catherine:  Fred, thank you so much for all of this.  Is it OK with you if I talk to others about your chart and share with them what you have said?

Fred:  Yes.  It has been a great opportunity to share all this concretely.  I have been sending it to you telepathically, but now I know you've got it.  I feel that my work is more complete.

Catherine:   Fred left his body on the afternoon of December 15 with the help of our veterinarian.  That evening, a huge moon shown down and embraced us as we buried his body.  "God bless you, Freddy boy.  You were a good dog."  said our friend, Phil.

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