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Animals in Spirit

Reincarnating Pets
by Nedda Wittels

Each life stream experiences aspects of duality.

Isn't it exciting to think that an animal spirit you've known before may be living with you in a new body?


It is always sad when a beloved animal family member leaves their body and goes into spirit.  We call this death, but truly, no one dies.  The physical body drops away as the spirit separates from it and goes into another dimension.  The spirit is the being that we truly love, although we may be attached to the physical aspect that we associated with that being.  Since we are still in physical, we often miss the sight, touch and smell of our friend and we grieve this loss, which is appropriate. 

When I speak with clients and their animals who have passed into spirit, I am sometimes told by the animal that they want to return.  This leads to discussions about what form they plan to take and specific information about the form.  Sometimes animals tell me that they "try out" different forms while still in spirit.  At other times, they already have decided or "know" exactly what form they want, down to sex and color of the body. 

Humans always want to know how they will recognize their beloved friend upon their return and how they will be able to find them.  The replies are fairly consistent.  "You will recognize my energy."  "Look into my eyes and you will know me."  "This is a time for you to learn to trust your intuition."

A dear friend of mine, a minister, used to talk about the "coincidence center in the sky", which was his way of saying that there are no coincidences, and that situations in which we come together with other beings - friends, family, loved ones in all forms - and with events in our lives are arranged on the spirit plane.  At least, that's how I interpreted his statement. 

Here is one client's experience of finding a returning pet.

Chanel loved her family.When our first dog, Chanel, was failing at the age of 12, we were sad to realize that her time on this earth would be short.  Chanel was a large-boned, white German Shepherd female.  She brought us more joy than we could have imagined.  

To help us deal with the impending loss, we talked to Chanel through Nedda Wittels.  Although her passing was still a difficult ordeal, talking with her helped us immensely when the time came to let her go on June 16, 2001.

As soon as possible after her passing, we began a dialogue with Chanel, through Nedda.  We wanted her to return to us and asked about her intentions.   Chanel quickly agreed that she did want to return.   During a series of talks, she told us she wanted to be a white German Shepherd female, again, only a bit smaller in size.  She said to look for her to be born around April 1, 2002 and that we would find her in New England, which is where we live.

White German Shepherds are fairly rare.  However, that June, after much searching and networking, a friend of a friend told us of a white, female German Shepherd in Manchester, Connecticut, born on April 1.  She warned us that this dog wasn't very friendly or social with anyone.

We immediately visited the puppy.  Everyone was amazed how she came right to us, sat down and gave me her paw! We had a good feeling about this dog being our "Chanel". We took a photo and e-mailed it to Nedda, who confirmed that this was our beloved friend.  

Lily, formerly Chanel, happy to be back.We brought "Lily" home on June 10, 2002.  It was amazing how she knew where everything was and, although we were told that she was not housetrained, we did not have to do anything in that regard.  Lily had only one accident and was instantly going to the door to ask to go out--the same door Chanel used to go to!  

Chanel had left her canine friend, Ciara, when she passed and Lily and Ciara were buddies right away.  When we first took Lily to the vet for her puppy shots, he thought she would be around 85 lbs based on her paws.  However, she has grown to only 70 lbs and is a mini-version of Chanel--just like she said she wanted to be.  

Some similarities between Lily and Chanel are their love of toys and affection for humans.  Neither are terribly fond of other animals, except for Ciara.  Both feel that all company is here to see and play with them and that all toys are theirs.  They can never have enough bones, balls or treats. Outdoors is their favorite spot, where they both like to survey their property and watch over the neighborhood.

Finding Lily and knowing she is also Chanel has been a wonderful experience for our family.  We feel blessed to have gotten our Chanel back in the form of another loving and beautiful canine. 

Jo-Anne M.

Not every return takes places so quickly.  Animals from our childhood may return when we are adults.  Sometimes they come many times in our same lifetime, and other times they come once and then not again until we experience a different life.   

The important thing is to remember that we are never truly separated from the ones we love.  We can speak to them while they are in spirit, and, at times, they may choose to return to us in physical.  Sometimes the forms are similar, but other times they are completely different.

For example, a cat who had passed on into spirit was clear that she planned to return soon.  "But I want to be a dog this time," she told her family.  The family was OK with this, but the cat wanted to be a small white dog, lap sized.  The family was more interested in a larger type of dog, and the cat spirit was willing to compromise.  They agreed on a nearly white golden retriever.  When the family found her, they were so certain it was she that they never even asked me to check it out for them.

Compromises of this type are not always possible.  Types of bodies, sex, and colors, and possibly other details of appearance and genetics have different vibrations.  The being who is returning has specific life experiences and lessons they may be planning to incorporate into their next lifetime.  These are often associated with specific vibrations.  It is up to spirit to make these determinations.  It is not up to us to try to control the process and the form the animal is choosing.  

Experience has taught me that our job is to allow the returning being into our lives with love and acceptance, and not to try to orchestrate all the details. When we welcome them with open arms and hearts, we experience the miracle of their return.

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