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Facilitating Energy Healing

animal healers
by Nedda Wittels

Can it be true than animals are capable of healing people?



In recent years there have been many stories about animals who heal people:  

  •  horses who cause people’s physical problems to resolve and who help handicapped riders develop balance, strength, and confidence;

  •  horses who teach people about their emotional issues;

  •  dogs who “smell” when someone has cancer, even before doctors can find it;

  •  dogs who can tell when a person is going to have a seizure;

  •  dolphins who heal people who swim with them;

  •  cat and dog "therapists" visit hospitals and nursing homes and actually improve people’s health.

To me, none of this is surprising.

During an Animal Communication workshop, one participant shared a story about her cat’s healing abilities.  For over 6 months, the woman had suffered with a very sore spot in her back.  She had tried chiropractic and massage, but got no relief from the pain.  One day she came home from work exhausted and lay face down on her bed to rest.  Her cat climbed up on her back and went directly to the spot that was painful.  Kneading its paws for several minutes directly on that spot permanently eliminated the woman’s pain.

A chiropractor I know brings his dog to work, and the dog greets people as they come in for treatments. The dog likes to help heal the clients.  While she doesn’t enter the treatment room or participate in adjusting people’s spines, she assists, the dog says, by helping people clear stress and negative emotions that might contribute to the out-of-balance condition of their bodies.  The dog is empathic (i.e., she feels people’s emotions) and sends energy to clear emotional blockages.  

In my consultations, many animals say that their purpose is to be a healer for their families.  They may be doing “paws-on-healing” or be using their entire bodies to send life force energy.   Some of them also work with the energies of our homes to clear lower vibrations or remove stagnant energy.  

I once gave a talk where there were two other speakers, one of whom had brought her Pet Therapy dog, a Golden Retriever with hip problems so severe she had to ride in a little red wagon to prevent her from slipping and sliding on the linoleum floors.  Before we started the program, I asked the dog if she wanted to participate in my talk, and she eagerly agreed.  About 15 minutes after I began speaking, the dog got up and stood facing me staring into my eyes.  Everyone wanted to know what she was saying.  

"She's reminding me that I promised to interview her as part of my presentation," I told the group.  So I asked the her to explain how she did her healing work.  Immediately, she began radiating Unconditional Love.  It was so palpable that everyone sitting the circle could feel it.  Everyone could feel it and it brought tears to our eyes.  

Many animals tell me that they can see auras, the energy field that surrounds our physical bodies.   They say they can also feel or even smell them.   Our physical body is actually an energy body itself, the densest layer of the aura.   Human healers who see auras say that illness is visible in the auric field before it manifests in the physical layer.  Since auras can now be photographed, they are no longer considered imaginary or mystical.

While some humans don’t see auras, we all respond to them unconsciously, i.e., we just “know” that one place or person “feels good” or another “feels bad”.  If you watch your animal’s reactions closely, you may notice that they are very aware of these “vibes”.  This will help you tune into your animals in a more conscious way. 

In 2003, I badly broke an ankle, had 3 hours of surgery to pin it back together, and then stayed 10 days with one of my sisters.  When I finally returned to my house, my two cats were overjoyed.  However, they wanted to lie directly on my ankle.  This was uncomfortable for me, since they together weighed over 20 pounds.  Clients of mine who have had surgery also report that their cats want to lie directly over the area.  Feline purrs are very healing.  While not all cats work directly with light energy, the rumble of their purr helps restore damaged cells to a healthy vibration.  The challenge is persuading them to lie next to the injury and not right on top of it!

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