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Nedda and Her Animal Companions

Distance Telepathic Animal Communication

Animals in Spirit

Facilitating Intuitive Healing

Living With Cats

Spiritual Ascension

Guest Articles

Radio Show Recordings and Interviews


Nedda and Her Animal Companions

Life is a great teacher.   Here is some of what the animal taught me.

My First Healing

-- The case of the lump on Echo's back.

Walking My Talk

-- How I reacted when Violet went missing.

Echo's Transition

-- What happened when Echo was euthanized.

Violet Returns

-- Violet reincarnates and orchestrates the whole thing.

Sakhara's Story

-- An Earth Mother helps ground the family energy.

A Gift From Echo

-- Echo presents me with a gift from the spirit world.

Saying Goodbye

--Nedda shares her earliest experiences with grief and how she prepared for Echo's passing.

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Distance Telepathic Animal Communication

Over the years, I have been blessed to telepathically converse with and share the perspectives of cats, dogs, horses, llamas, guinea pigs, bunnies, chinchilla, spiders, bees, hornets, microorganisms, fish, iguanas, and others who have been kind enough to share their perspectives with me.   Here are just a few amusing, insightful, and life-changing lessons I received.

Going to the Horse's Mouth

-- To know what animals think or feel, you have to ask them . . . and listen to their response.

Help for Biting Dogs

-- When living with humans, nipping and biting are unacceptable.

Predator and Prey

-- What's really going on when one animal hunts another for food?

To Bee or Not to Bee

-- A new approach to insects.  Why not talk with them and learn about their perspective?

Transforming Our Viewpoint

-- In just one moment, our entire way of looking at something can change forever.

What Animal Communicators Do

-- Just what IS that Animal Communicator doing when she is talking to your animal?

What's In a Name?

-- Can changing a name transform an "Ugly Ducking" into a "Swan?"

While I'm Away . . .

-- Two easy, tried-and-true techniques for helping you and your animals while you travel.  PDF Format

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Animals In Spirit

Animals after life . . . and before life, too!?!  Animals have much to teach us about the world of spirit.  Do they have Souls?  Does their Consciousness continue after their physical forms are shed?  Do they reincarnate?  If they stay in the spirit realm, where are they and what are they doing?  Are they waiting to greet you when you cross over?  Or might they have other assignments?

Animal Passage Into Spirit

-- Preparing for a friend's departure is easier when we know what the animal wants.

Reincarnating Pets

-- Have you ever felt that an animal you've known before is living with you in a new body?

What Fred Said

-- A wise spirit in a canine body teaches about death, dying, and the afterlife.

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Facilitating Intuitive Healing

Intuitive Healing is for everyone.  Animals can be powerful healers - for themselves, each other, us, and the planet.  Animals can also benefit from the same types of alternative healing systems that humans seek are using.

Animal Healers

-- Many people have experienced the healing abilities of animals.

Helping Patches Breathe

-- When Patches had trouble breathing, energy healing saved the day.

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Living With Cats

“Mough”  “Pfttt”  “Hiss”  “Eh Ouw” ”Mrrrt” “Xchow”  Fierce or gentle, I just adore felines.  I love their independence and their wildness.  I appreciate their tenderness, their deeply loving, and their gentleness.  I melt into their purr and their fur.  I deeply respect their individuality.

Cats and Litter Boxes

-- Cats use their urine to communicate with other cats and with us.

Tips for Litter Box Management:  Meeting Simple Feline Standards 

-- Learn about the box, the litter, and how to help your elder cat continue to use them.  This link goes to a talk Nedda gave in which she interviewed cats about litter boxes.  PDF Format

10 Keys to Feline Well-being

-- Ten principles of feline care earned from cats and other sources.

Medicating Your Cat

-- Teach yourself to medicate your cat and teach your cat to take pills and liquid medicines from you.  PDF Format

Desensitizing Your Cat or Dog

-- Help your cat (or dog) accept body or nail clippers, scissors, or other tools.  Discover how to undo some of the trauma that may have been done when your companion was first exposed to the grooming process.  PDF Format

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Spiritual Ascension

Are you waking up and discovering your True Self?  We are re-membering our God  Consciousness and making the Shift of the Ages inside ourselves. We are becoming Homo Luminous - able to hold and radiate more Divine Light and Divine Love into the Universe.  We are AWESOME!!

Consciousness Shifts

-- Every time you open yourself to new possibilities, you open yourself to a shift in Consciousness.

Awakening Your Connection to Source

-- Link goes to an MP3 recording.

Ascension Graduation Requirements 

-- Link goes to an MP3 recording.

Achieving Self-Empowerment

-- As above, so below.  As within, so outside, also.

Overcoming Fear

-- We have the power to disempower fear in our lives.  It is a choice we can make.

Remembering Divine Love

 -- Once you experience Divine Love, you will recognize it anywhere.


 -- You were a master before you were even born.  Rediscovery your Mastery.

Transition 2012

 -- What will happen in 2012?  Is it something to be feared or something to be anticipated with great excitement?  How can we prepare for Spiritual Ascension?

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Guest Articles

Thoughtful articles chock full of helpful information.

Pet Loss and the Holidays

-- by Teresa Wagner; help for getting through a difficult time of year while we are grieving. PDF Format

Animal Christmas

-- by Paloma Baertschi-Herrera.  Paloma gives sound advice on how to help your animals during the Christmas and New Years Season. PDF Format

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Radio Show Recordings and Interviews


Listen to the program:  Animal Communication and Spiritual Ascension

Nedda Wittels with host, Cathy Wells, on "The Animal Connection", 1510 AM Revolution Radio, Sunday, December 12, 2010.

Listen to the program: Animal Communication, Ascension, and Multi-Dimensional Healing

Nedda Wittels with host, Reah Wallace, on "Psychic Talk Radio," Monday, Nov. 8, 2010.  Visit Reah's website, http://www.mysticclinic.com

Read the interview:  Nedda was interviewed at FloppyCats.com 


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