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Educational programs

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Heart-to-Heart with Trees

Sunday, October 21, 2018

11 a.m. to noon, EDT.

(Allow a little extra time at the end,
as my classes tend to run over a bit.)


Do trees call to your heart?


Was there a tree you loved as a child?

Did you talk to it?  Hug it?

Hang from it's branches?


Can you imagine speaking to it?


Can you imagine speaking with
the giant Redwood Forest?


  •  LEARN how to telepathically connect with trees.

  •  DISCOVER how tree spirits and the trees we see live together in unity.

  •  EXPERIENCE a guided meditation in which you communicate with a tree or an entire forest.

This class will be recorded
so if you can't make the live call

you can listen to the replay.



You must register AND
confirm your registration
to receive call-in and replay information.

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