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Telepathy With Animals - A Way of Life




The more fluently and easily your
telepathic communication with animals
flows, the more likely it will become
a natural part of your life, a "way of life."

In this mini-course on Animal Communication, you will:

  •  Clear emotional blocks to Animal Communication in a group situation with the help of The Emotion Code, by Dr. Bradley Nelson.  Nedda Wittels is a certified Emotion Code practitioner.

  •  Identify your current ways of receiving telepathically and learn ways to expand from there.

  •  Experience a unique opportunity for an extended conversation with an animal in spirit (my former horse, Echo) who is simultaneously incarnated in a different body as my cat, Starlight.  You'll get to speak with Starlight, too.

  •  Learn how to make Telepathy with Animals a "way of life."

  •  Get answers to your questions about improving your Animal Communication skills.

All 3 classes will be recorded
for replay by participants.


In order to fully benefit from this class,
you must have already completed at least
one workshop OR one telecourse
in Animal Communication.

Basic Animal Communication techniques
of how to connect with an animal telepathically
will not be taught in this class.

3 sessions on 3 Saturdays
October 14, 21, and 28, 2017

10 to 11 a.m. EDT

(Please allow an extra 30 minutes at the end,
as my classes tend to run over a bit.)

Investment:  $125 USD.

INVEST in "TWA - A Way of Life"

If you have any questions contact Nedda at


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