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Are you struggling with fear, anxiety, and worries
about money, bills, debts, and your future?

     YES or no?

Do you feel fearful and anxious every time a bill arrives in the mail?

     YES or no?

Are you ready to give up feelings of lack, unworthiness, and loss that have arisen since the Covid-19 epidemic and lock down began?

     YES or no?

Would you like to leave behind all financial and other worries and replace them with optimism about your future?

     YES or no?

Are you ready to dissolve internal barriers to  receiving abundantly in all areas of your life?

     YES or no?

Are you willing to shift your Consciousness so that you are in a continual flow of abundance that will meet all your choices in Divine Alignment?

     YES or no?

To change your life, you must

Becoming Abundance
will help you change your inner state so you resonate with the frequency and continuous flow of Abundance.

Becoming Abundance
will show you how to keep yourself in that state no matter what challenges may appear.

This course is your passport to:

~~ Putting financial worries behind you.

~~ Feeling confident about your ability to pay your bills on time and to pay off your debts.

~~ Eliminating anxiety and butterflies in your stomach when you look at your bank balances and credit card accounts.

~~ Learning how to recognize abundance as it increasingly appears in your daily life.

~~ Creating a deep inner knowing that your every need will be met in Divine Right Timing.

Course Schedule for 2021

Saturdays, June 12 and 26; July 10, 17, 24,
10 a.m. to Noon or so, Eastern Time.

World Time Buddy
(Use New York City for Eastern Time)

All classes will be recorded for download.

< > Becoming Abundance:  Description

With a bit of effort, you can make
Abundance your permanent state of being.

You will receive:

  1. Six (6) live teleclasses.  Mp3 recordings available for you to download and listen to again at your leisure.

  2. Handouts and home practice materials, including Tips for Living in the Flow of Abundance.

< > Becoming Abundance:  Benefits

  1. ACCELERATE your TRANSFORMATION from poverty consciousness to Abundance Consciousness with exercises and guided meditations.

  2. LEARN TECHNIQUES to move through and/or dissolve any resistance you may have about being in abundance.

  3. LEARN STRATEGIES to escape from "Scare-City" - the fear-based 3-D definition of reality on Planet Earth.

  4. EXPERIENCE what Abundance Consciousness looks and feels like so you'll recognize it when you are resonating with that frequency, and know when you have dropped into lower frequency ranges.

  5. IDENTIFY POWERFUL AFFIRMATIONS guaranteed to shift you back into Abundance Consciousness when you feel yourself dropping out of it.

  6. CLEAR EMOTIONAL BLOCKS that hold you in limitation and lack ways of thinking and feeling.

  7. CLEAR LIMITING BELIEFS that keep you stuck and REPLACE them with expansive ones that move you forward.

  8. DISCOVER how to identify signs of Abundance already manifesting in your life and new ones as they appear.

  9. LEARN THREE step-by-step processes that will help you to  PERMANENTLY resonate with Abundance.

  10. ... and more.

< > Becoming Abundance:  Invest in Your Future

 All classes will be recorded.

Participants will be able to download, keep and reuse:

  •  Mp3 recordings of each class.

  •  PDF printouts of key steps to assist you to shift into Abundance.

  •  Home Play activities to reinforce new habits and skills.

You are the hero in your own life story.

Heros know when the time is right to take action.

Your time to take action is NOW!

Course Schedule for 2021

Saturdays, June 12 and 26; July 10, 17, 24
10 a.m. to Noon or so, Eastern Time.

Only $197 USD.

No refunds will be given.

Becoming Abundance.

After you pay, complete your registration by joining the course mailing list.  To receive class reminders and other important info, you must join that list.


< > Becoming Abundance:  Testimonials

Cathy Priestley, UK says,

If you feel stuck and are loosing heart about ever really changing your reality, then give this course a go! You will get the experience of sharing without being judged, and really useful tools and tips to bring in to your everyday life so you can begin to change and move out of fear into the flow of abundance.

The course is well structured and easy to follow. You can go back to it later with the notes and recordings of the sessions. It is great value for money!

Sandra Ruzicka, Connecticut, says,

I signed up for Becoming Abundance because the topic resonated with me, it was a short duration, and it was affordable.  It came as I was in the midst of negatives, feeling quite diminished by my lifetime choices.

So as a result, what? I'm out of the negative, hurray, hurray!  I'm remembering to be open, to trust, to remember to ride the abundance flow, lower the gates impeding the flow, and to let the good times roll. I'm playing a new game.

Jill Stone, Tennessee, says,

This course has enabled me to step back and look at things differently. I find myself laughing and saying that I made the whole thing up. I’m awesome! Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

I also liked the Emotion Code aspect of the course.  Weight off my shoulders that it is OK for me to live longer than my father did.  I also got a nice release in my knee pain.  My knee that had the surgery has not been happy, being painful and swollen and very “clunky”.  Still noisy, but not as painful.



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