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Telepathy With Animal - Professional Mentoring Program

A 12-month Group Mentoring program with Nedda Wittels

This program is not currently available.

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Recordings of Nedda's teleclasses on
Becoming An Animal Communicator Professional


Discover your future path.


Are you ready to begin your professional life as an Animal Communicator?  Do you want to get your toes in the water, but feel that help from an experienced, seasoned professional would be valuable?  Are you willing to make the commitment to yourself to align with your Soul's purpose for your life working with animals in this sacred way?

(Not sure?  listen to the free teleclass recordings on Becoming an Animal Communicator Professional)

The TWA Professional Mentoring Program has been designed to provide the support, information, guidance, experiences, and spiritual base to assist you.

THE PROGRAM - 12 months beginning this July, 2010

  1. One monthly 60-minute private one-on-one mentoring call with Nedda.

  2. A monthly group Professional Development call.

  3. A monthly group Psychic Development call.

  4. A monthly group Q&A call.

  5. Suggested readings.

  6. Guided exercises and meditations - Learning to work in alignment with your Higher Guidance

  7. A Yahoo egroup for mutual support of participants.


  1. Shift your Consciousness to levels that will directly impact your Awakening and Ascension process, and simultaneously attract clients and students who resonate with your new levels of awareness.
  2. Hone your psychic abilities - your telepathic skills - in the areas of clairvoyance (clear vision, clairsentience (clear feeling/emotion), clairaudience (clear hearing), and others intuitive channels available to multi-sensory human beings.
  3. Expand your telepathic skills with animals.
  4. Align your business with your spiritual path through the guidance of your “I Am Presence” – your Divine Self – who understands your personal process and will give you direct information regarding decisions and next steps for you.
  5. Receive support, encouragement, and valuable information that will assist you as you move your business endeavors forward.
  6. Learn the basics of running this specific type of business based on my 16 years of personal experience and success.
  7. Develop your professionalism.


To be accepted for this program, you must first submit an application.  Fees and payment schedules will only be provided to those who submit an application and are accepted for the program.  The full explanation of the program and the reasons why no fees are given out before an application is submitted and accepted are explained in the application document.

APPLICATION - To download, point to the link, right click, choose "SAVE TARGET AS..."

 If you download an application, please put yourself on the mailing list for everyone who is applying.

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free teleclass series.

Do these questions resonate for you? 

  •  Have you been wondering whether you were meant to become a professional Animal Communicator?

  •  Perhaps you already offer private services, such as various healing modalities for animals and have been considering whether and how Animal Communication might enhance your business? 

  •  Do you already offer Animal Communication sessions, but are wondering how to expand or enhance your services?

  •  Have you taken Animal Communication classes and workshops and are wondering what to do next with your new skills?

  •  Maybe you are imagining that your primary service would be telepathic sessions with animals supported by some other techniques, such as dog or horse training? 

The following recordings will help you decide.

RECORDING #1:  “Is Animal Communication Your Professional Calling?”
                        Print out this worksheet before you start the recording.

If you are thinking about changing your current field of endeavors, you are not alone.  Many people today are finding the “regular” job market does not suit them any longer.  Is this the time for you to seriously consider making a change?  In this teleclass, Nedda explores these questions and then leads you in a guided meditation to help you decide whether Animal Communication is your special calling.

  • What does it take to become a Professional Animal Communicator?

  • What skills and talents do I need to develop?

  • What skills and talents do I already have that will propel me forward in this field?

  • How might being self-employed benefit me?

  • What might be some of the challenges I will face?

  • Why is it essential to do professionally what brings me the most joy?

  • Why is the timing "right" to explore this now?

RECORDING #2:  “Getting Started In the Field Of Animal Communication”

What does it take to become a professional Animal Communicator?  You may be surprised by the list of 10 key skills and talents that Nedda discusses.  Review the list and then listen to the recording.  You will participate in a guided meditation designed to help you discover how your current abilities, skills, and talents might serve you in this exciting field.

  1. The understanding that loving animals is not enough.

  2. The ability to speak telepathically with animals.

  3. A willingness to help others.

  4. The ability to stay emotionally detached from your client's situation.

  5. Allowing yourself to be mistaken or in error, and being willing to admit this to yourself and your client.

  6. Knowing what you can and cannot do -- and setting clear expectations and boundaries with clients.

  7. Helping the human client see the animal's perspective - and visa versa.

  8. Making sure what you are saying is going to be helpful.

  9. Being open to possibilities.

  10. Learn to say whatever you get and to TRUST.


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