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Mentoring SERVICES for AC Professionals


Coaching and Mentoring for Animal Communicator Professionals

Are you already a professional Animal Communicator?

Is it your heart's desire to go professional?

Having a mentor will help you create you service in alignment with who you are and with the clients who are waiting for you!

Nedda offers a variety of programs to assist you.

Private Mentoring Sessions with Nedda

On-Demand Course:  Working with Lost Animals

Pay for Professional Mentoring Services and Courses




Starting and developing a service business has many challenges.  You want your business to ...

  •  Be unique.

  •  Express who you are.

  •  Reflect your personal mission.

  •  Serve others.

FACILITATE the process of setting up your business by working with a seasoned professional who has "been there" and "done that."


RECEIVE SUPPORT and GUIDANCE when you find yourself in unexpected and challenging situations.


ACCELERATE YOUR SUCCESS with private coaching and mentoring as you meet professional challenges.


To get started, take these steps:

  1. Download the PDF file to learn more about these services.

Private Coaching and Mentoring PDF

  1. Complete and submit the questionnaire to apply for mentoring.

AC Professional Mentoring Questionnaire




Anna Dymek, Poland

March, 2018


Thank you Nedda for being the most caring and insightful mentoring guidance for me.  You have an incredible gift of "detecting" of what one needs to hear.


Thanks to your help, a new path has opened for me and I feel confident in my abilities.  Thank you for believing in me.  I feel so much stronger.


All the best to you!





Working With Lost Animals "On-Demand" Course

WWLA - Working With Lost Animals


An ON-DEMAND COURSE home study package.

This teleseries addresses the challenges facing Animal Communicator professionals who choose to work with lost or missing animal cases. 

The program has 3 parts:

  •  The Professional.

  •  The Animal.

  •  The Human Client.

These are recordings of a live teleclasses in which a group of Animal Communication professionals participated.

This program is now available for purchase as a home study package.

Read More.

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