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Overcome fear.
Achieve mental clarity.
Restore inner harmony.
Embrace your personal power.
Dissolve barriers to success.


About Spiritual Empowerment Coaching™


Preparing for Your Session

What Happens In a session



Disclaimer Nedda Wittels is not a physician and does not diagnose or treat physical or mental illness. When there are serious illnesses, injuries, or mental/emotional problems, a physician of your choice should be consulted.  These services are not a substitute for medical treatment.

About Spiritual Empowerment Coaching™

Have you been feeling that ...

  •  There's something more that you are "supposed" to be doing - are being called to do -  but you're not sure what it is or how to move forward?

  •  The life you thought you were supposed to be living is empty, without meaning and satisfaction?

  •  You're being challenged in new ways and you're struggling to figure out how to handle them?

  •  Your whole life feels "out of control" and you don't even know where to begin to pick up the pieces that seem to have come unraveled

  •  You're on a path that you believe is your calling, but obstacles keep appearing that you don't know how to overcome?

  •  You're still seeking to understand your life purpose and are not sure how to determine what it is?

Are you ready to take back your personal power and
get the answers and help that you need?
Are you ready to ...

  •  Move forward on your path?

  •  Discover your inner wisdom, resources, and strengths!

  •  Stop identifying with the old stories about your life?

  •  Get off the merry-go-round of old mental and emotional patterns?

  •  Dissolve blockages and resistance to the changes you want to make?

  •  Give up feeling like a victim and become empowered?

  •  Resolve conflicts between your heart and your heart?

  •  Begin living in the "now" moment?

  •  Feel more energized and happier?


Benefits of Spiritual Empowerment Coaching

Being spiritually empowered restores what you have given away - your personal power.

When you take back your personal power,
you take back control of your life.

You take charge of what you do, what you think, what you feel, and how you respond to whatever comes into your life.

Ultimately, you take conscious control of
everything that matters to you.

The benefits of being Spiritually Empowered are without limit.

  •  LEARN that you are entitled to hold onto your power and to use it for your personal benefit.

  •  TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY for your life at all times and on all levels.

  •  DISCOVER that you have more choices in any situation than you might previously have considered.

  •  RELEASE emotional blocks that hold you back and drain your energy.

  •  INCREASE your sense of inner peace and contentment.

  •  REDUCE stress and fear.

  •  PREPARE yourself for making decisions through your heart.

  •  HEAL on all levels.

  •  RESTORE feelings of expansiveness and creativity.

  •  ELIMINATE feelings of restriction and limitation.

  •  ALIGN with your Life Purpose or Soul/Spiritual Path.

  •  CONNECT with the unlimited joy that is your birthright.

  •  CHANGE behaviors that hold you back.

  •  TRANSFORM limiting beliefs & belief systems into more expansive ones.

  •  MAKE SIGNIFICANT CHANGES in your perspective, self-image, life choices, and how your see and feel about yourself.

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Preparing for Your Session

Spiritual Empowerment sessions are done by phone or Skype.

Prepare for Your First Session

To make your first session more effective, please

  1. Create a written list of topics, questions, and important events that are taking place in your life that prompted you to schedule the appointment.


  2. Complete the "First Session" Form.  If you've never had a Source Resonance Healing session before, you are requested to complete this form.  When you SUBMIT the form, your information will automatically be sent to me and you'll be taken to the page to make your payment.

SEC™ First Session Form.

All information is held in complete confidence!

Do not be concerned if your are still uncertain about where to focus the session after you have done your preparation work.

The first thing you and Nedda will do at the start of the session is review your goals and the lists you made to establish a clear focus for the session.  All information is held in complete confidence.

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What Happens in a Session

In a Spiritual Empowerment Session, you and Nedda will first agree on the focus for the session. 

Nedda is skilled at quickly identifying the nexus points -  the heart of a matter.  Sometimes she can see relationships between things you might not have noticed.  However, the goal for your session must be whatever YOU are choosing for yourself that particular day.

Nedda's goal is ...

... to assist YOU in achieving your goal for the session with Love, Light, Wisdom, Humor and Insight.

As appropriate for your situation, you will have opportunities to ...

  •  CONNECT with your Divine Self or "I Am Presence".

  •  CLARIFY your questions.

  •  RECEIVE MEANINGFUL ANSWERS that move you forward.

  •  DISCOVER where you are holding onto old pain, emotions, and limiting beliefs.

  •  RELEASE emotional blocks that are trapped in your body and holding you back.

  •  FREE YOURSELF from energy blocks and old thought forms.

  •  CONNECT with the powerful inner parts of you who are available to assist you.

  •  HEAL the inner aspects of you that are having trouble moving through to the next vibrational level.

  •  BUILD greater self-love and support at all levels of your inner being.

  •  SET POWERFUL GOALS and decide how to follow through to achieve them.

  •  FOCUS ON NEXT STEPS you can take to move yourself along on whatever path or project you have chosen.

  •  FEEL UPLIFTED, empowered, supported, and nurtured.

Nedda helps you find your inner strength,
take back your personal power, and
take charge of your life. 

During the session, Nedda supports your process energetically as she works with her own I AM PRESENCE and with yours to facilitate a productive, meaningful, and inspiring outcome. 

She helps you connect with and tap into your own inner knowledge and then helps you make whatever changes you choose to make. 

Nedda is a conduit for information and a facilitator who knows how to help you learn to be your own conduit for information.  She encourages each individual to be independent, rather than to rely on someone outside themselves for information, knowledge, and answers. 

At the end of your session, Nedda will

  •  SUMMARIZE the outcome of your work together

  •  SUGGEST specific ways for you to stay connected with your TRUE SELF on a regular basis to achieve even more.

  •  ENCOURAGE you to hold onto your power and keep moving forward on the path you have chosen, or to take a new path when you are ready.

Nedda is a Minister of the Universal Life Church, which believes in the doctrine of religious freedom and in doing what is right according to one's own spiritual beliefs and ethical code.  She encourages each person to be true to his or her own path.

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Mary Ellen Eversman, Effingham, IL

Laid down this afternoon [after our session] and immediately fell in to conversation one by one with seven deceased members of my closest ones. Two hours later now. I am beyond astounded at the conversations we had. Not just what I told them but what they told me in response to my questions and fears of many so long ago. No tears involved or stress.

Thank you dear Nedda. I did not dream they would talk to me and I could learn what I did. What a beautiful happening. All from your suggestion that seemed inspired.


Halina Baranowski, ON, Canada

Thank you again and again for your wonderful session on December 22nd, 2008. Your loving gentle approach facilitated a profound healing of long standing issues that were ruling my life since early childhood. What was most impressive to me was your quick zeroing on core issues and amazing number of issues that were brought to light.

Just as I said in our conversation of today, your work is valuable, important  and makes profound change for everyone that can experiences it.

This is accelerated approach for the new time.

Please keep doing what you are doing and more of it.


Doreen Agostino, Ontario, Canada

I trust we all shift energy when ready and if you ‘feel’ ready to release what delays more of your greatness I encourage you to follow through with Nedda.

Guided by Nedda’s gentle and loving energy yesterday, I had an expansive and rewarding experience.  I connected with 2 hidden aspects of myself: the Perfectionist and the Self Saboteur, both male and both very powerful.

With loving support from Nedda, new awareness and deep gratitude for my aspects who did their job SO VERY WELL [smile] . . . my 2 male aspects willingly accepted new supportive roles in my life.

What we do for ourselves, we do for all! Enjoy the journey.


Morgine Jurdan, Amboy, WA

Thank you for an amazing session.  I received some great CLARITY regarding several things. I have new tools to use daily which are truly helping me to stay more aligned with my purpose and goals.  I am connecting more often to my inner wisdom throughout the day and I know this will lead to more and more success in many things in the future. Thanks so much for all you do to help us each create a more wonderful and meaningful life!


Donna Mills, Glendale, CA

With a combination of gentle, loving inquiry, healing energetic access, and insightful counsel, Nedda helped me to bridge the gap between what I know intellectually and what I feel in my heart.  She facilitated a core shift in some of my deep-seated beliefs, resulting in several powerful “aha!” moments.

I feel lighter, more aligned, and definitely more joyful.  Do yourself (and everyone around you) a big favor, and gift yourself with a Spiritual Empowerment session! 


Maryfran  Korb, Cincinnati, OH

Today my miracle is having a session with Nedda.  For me, she coached like an experienced doctor guiding sextuplets out of darkness and into a conscious world.

Like a good doctor, Nedda addressed the wounds so nature could do the healing.  Lovingly, she connected separate (rejected) parts, so wholeness can blossom fully.  My heart is full. THANK YOU, NEDDA!!!

Update:  January 26, 2009

I am doing exceedingly well. No longer do I get hooked by old stuff.  For quite awhile, I met with people and worked things out. Now I release things to Spirit immediately, so I can continue to love all I am doing.

Your session gave me the sense that there was a creative way out of any stuck place. For this month since the session, I have been free of upset by not letting my mind take control. I know I can put those thoughts behind me. So grateful to you.


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