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A Multidimensional Body Scan (MRI™)
of your physical, emotional,
mental, and spiritual bodies.






Disclaimer Nedda Wittels is not a physician and does not diagnose or treat physical or mental illness. When there are serious illnesses, injuries, or mental/emotional problems, a physician of your choice should be consulted.  These services are not a substitute for medical treatment.

Benefits of Doing an MRI

Learn about health issues, relationship issues, financial issues, and spiritual matters as related to your overall well-being and spiritual path.

Do you know . . .

  •  Where you're hiding from your self and others?

  •  Where you're resisting DIVINE LOVE in your life?

  •  Where you're holding onto EMOTIONAL PAIN?

  •  What BELIEFS you're clinging to that keep you in LIMITATION?

RECEIVE CONFIRMATION on what needs to be addressed for accelerated healing and personal ascension.

You may also DISCOVER new information that will assist you on your path.

What Happens in a Session

During the session, all of your bodies are scanned.  Nedda describes exactly what the Source Scanning Teams are showing and telling her, as well as any messages they may want to share with you.

Ketheric Body:   Crown Chakra

Celestial Body:  Third Eye Chakra

Etheric Body:  Throat Chakra

Astral Body:  Heart Chakra

Mental Body:  Power Center Chakra

Emotional Body:  Sacral Chakra

Physical Body:  Root Chakra



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Leigh Uemae of Maui, Hawaii, says ...

Thank you Nedda for a very accurate and comprehensive MRI reading. Everything you mentioned resonated with me and provided insight and clarity to a lot of changes that have been going on in my life recently. I will definitely be spending more time in nature, as well as working on healing myself, and most of all, taking time out to have fun and play! Thank you so much again Nedda for your kind and compassionate reading.


Brenda Czaya, Illinois, says ...

Nedda, you and your “team” zeroed in on the core issue in my life right now like a finely tuned laser, and gave me not only practical suggestions for self-care during this time, but also the much needed reminder that I still have a universal source of connection and help. So easy to forget when times are difficult and resources seem too few. Afterwards I felt a peace, calm, and connection that has been absent for a long time. Thank you.


Dawn Bryan, New Jersey, says ...

I was amazed not only at the accuracy and clarity of your MRI scan, but your caring and the healing insights from your guides, masters, and angels.  I look forward to working with you to "let go" of these patterns and beliefs which continue to occupy my mind and guide my actions, keeping me from accomplishing my soul's purpose.


Faun Fenderson, Louisiana, says ...
The Multidimensional Resonance Imaging that Nedda did for me was amazingly accurate!  It identified particular physical aches that I was experiencing as well as emotional and other issues that are going on for me at the moment.  I especially enjoyed the way that the information was conveyed: through images and metaphors at times but always very descriptive!


Nancy Fudge, Canada, says ...

I was extremely moved by the Metaphysical Resonance Imaging™ session with Nedda. Earlier in the morning before the call, I felt strongly that I needed a break. As an animal communicator finding lost animals, I had been overwhelmed lately with calls, at all hours, by distraught people. Nedda, wisely, told me that I did not need a break but a total shift in perspective. I was especially moved by the truth of her saying that my heart was pouring out love, gratitude, appreciation and more to all around me, but I was getting nothing back. As she told me to go into my heart center, where I would be supported by my I AM presence and my guides, I felt a physical change. I actually felt a physical "opening" of my heart chakra. I saw a cave with a golden light pulsing from the opening. I was overcome with a beautiful feeling of peace and lightness of being. I would highly recommend an MRI to anyone leaving their 3-D existence behind. Nedda is a true master of the metaphysical, as she lovingly works with her I AM presence and guides. Everything she told me resonated as truth.


Maria S, Argentina, says ...

Thank you so much for your MRI session. You and your team were very clear and specific in the areas that I need to pay attention or things I would benefit by changing. This information was accurate for me with what I am going through in my life.

I wish I could hear my team as your hear yours!!.


Brigitte B., Connecticut, says ...

Thank you for the wonderful experience of the MRI! It provided a great number of insights into my inner workings and non-workings. It confirmed that I’m on the right track, but also revealed just how much more work I have to do.


Jan D., Alberta, Canada, says ...

I found the MRI scan that Nedda did for me revealing and accurate. There were issues brought up that I was already aware of, but having Nedda describe them from a different perspective was very helpful. I liked the way Nedda was able to acknowledge the areas I have worked on myself as well as the work I still need to do --- a good balance.


Brenda H., Arizona, says ...

I would like to thank Nedda and the guides for their work during a recent MRI Body Scan. Never having had one, I had no idea what to expect. Nedda’s clarity and explanations were enlightening. I particularly appreciated the suggestions and support offered. Overall, the process was helpful, supportive, caring and genuine.


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