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Kitten sees his reflection as a lion.

Understanding your animal's viewpoint is a key to unlocking healing, to resolving behavioral and other issues, and to creating a stronger, more loving bond between you.


Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

Certified Master of Multidimensional Healing


Animal Communication

When you open your heart to listen to their messages and viewpoints, a subtle shift occurs that transforms your relationship.  Telepathic Animal Communication makes it easier to create win/win solutions that overcome the challenges you're facing together.

Nedda and Echo communicate telepathically.

Distance Energy Healing for Animals

Energy healing (intuitive healing) can address emotional issues and limiting beliefs stored in the physical body, restoring balance and eliminating energetic blocks to healing.

St. Francis, protector and healer of animals.

Ethical Matters

I ascribe to the Code of Ethics created in 1990 by Penelope Smith, a pioneer in the field of Animal Communication.  Read the code and explore how professionals apply it.

Integrity meter.

Animal Care Books

Explore books on grieving, feline care, and positive dog training.  I have found these books to be sources of wisdom, sound advice, and very helpful to many people and their animals.

Cat on a stack of books.


I no longer do missing animal cases.

Animal missing?  FindALostPetResources.com can help.

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