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Meet Nedda



A Personal Welcome

My Background and Experience

My Mission and Vision


A personal WELCOME

Welcome to

Rays of Healing Light.

My name is Nedda, and I welcome you with all my heart.


Rays of Healing Light is here to serve you and your animals.  When you want to understand your animal's perspective and get help with a situation that affects both of you, I'm here to assist.  I communicate telepathically with animals from a distance, and also offer distance healings for animals.  You can get all the details by clicking on the tab for ANIMAL SERVICES.


Rays of Healing Light is also here to serve you as you awaken spiritually and remember your True Self, your true nature as a powerful being of spirit.  For a list and explanation of services for you, click on the tab for HUMAN SERVICES.


Although 2012 has come and gone, many people are just opening their eyes to discover who they are.


If you're in fear of the future, would you like some help to let go of the fear permanently?


If you're feeling that just getting by each day isn't enough any more, then I offer a number of different services to assist you to achieve your goals and reduce the need to struggle.


The future offers many positive and amazing opportunities for all of us.

  •  You can transform obstacles on your path into gifts!

  •  You can learn to manage your daily life and still focus on spiritual development.

  •  You can use your free will to choose a new way to live and to be on the Earth.

  •  You can heal past hurts; give up old patterns that keep you limited, and move beyond limiting beliefs.

There are many, many websites today with lots of information about Ascension.  Some of the information is fairly consistent across the board, while other bits of information may seem in contradiction with each other.


How are you to decide what is the truth?  How can you determine to whom you want to listen and who can help you the most?


Here are a few tips:

  1. Learn "discernment", which is very different than judgment.  If someone tells you they have all the answers - don't believe them.  Go INSIDE and check out the messages with your own, personal truth-testing system.  You have one, you know.  That is what discernment is - deciding what is "right" and what is "truth" for yourself.

  2. Learn to communicate with your own higher spiritual aspect, your I Am Presence.   Your "I Am Presence" is YOU at the very highest vibrational frequencies and knows what your path is for this lifetime.  Your higher aspects (Soul, Over Soul, personal guides, teachers, and I Am Presence - to name a few of your support team) really do know what you need to know and will help you if you ask.  YOU MUST ASK because you have FREE WILL and no one wants to violate your FREE WILL.

  3. Recognize all the ways in which "the world out there" is a reflection of your inner world.  Discover that, when you change something inside yourself, the reflection also changes.  By focusing within and cleaning up your "act" (all the world's a stage and we are merely players - William Shakespeare) you will begin to experience new joy and excitement, fulfillment and enthusiasm for your life.

  4. Recognize that you are God living in this body.  You are the DIVINE SPARK created by GOD/GODDESS.  Since God knows all, then all the answers to all your questions are within you.  Learn to access them and take back your personal power

  5. Choose to align with your Divinity and your Life Path, and you will experience Grace in all areas of your life.

  6. Love yourself.  Looking for Love in all the wrong places?  Look inside. Loving yourself is essential to living from your heart center, and living from your heart center is essential to successfully navigating through these powerful energies

  7. Discover that you are worthy of EVERYTHING.

You were created to live in joy and to carry Divine Light, Divine Love, Divine Wisdom, and Divine Grace everywhere you go and into everything you do.

Make sure you don't miss out on any teleclasses and teleseries I offer.  Subscribe to my mailing list on the home page to receive newsletters and blog posts on Animal Communication and Spiritual Ascension.

I look forward to meeting you privately or in teleclasses, and to assisting you with your personal path of Ascension.


With Love and Respect,

Nedda Wittels

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my background & experience

Telepathic with animals since childhood.  Professional Animal Communicator since 1994.

Echo, my equine friend and teacher, was with me for 22 years until she was 32 years old.  Today, Echo works with me from the higher planes in giving healings, teaching animal communication, and offering spiritual wisdom.  Read the story of Echo's Transition.

As a small child, Nedda Wittels felt the emotions of animals empathically.  She often knew what the family pets were feeling and what they wanted. Her parents told her she was just pretending, so Nedda stopped telling others what she experienced . . . and kept on "pretending"!  

This compartmentalization of being telepathic with animals on the one hand and living a “normal” life on the other, lasted until Nedda read Animal Talk, by Penelope Smith in the early 1990s.  The information presented therein created a total shift, bringing down the walls and opening Nedda to the full realization that all animals are sentient beings, intelligent and self-aware. with their own souls, unique perspectives, and life purposes.  This is the basis for all of Nedda’s professional work in Animal Communication today.

With a BA from Cornell University and 2 Masters degrees (one from the State University of New York at New Paltz and a second from New York University), Nedda rejected the position of Behavioral Psychologists who claim that animals are a collection of conditioned responses without emotions and feelings.  She could not deny my own inner truth.

Meanwhile, Nedda was opening up spiritually.  She learned Transcendental Meditation and hatha yoga in the 1970’s.  In the early 1980’s she also studied the Silva Method, which is a powerful system of self-empowerment.  Then in 1986, she received shaktipat initiation (kundalini awakening) from a Siddha Master.  In 1999, Nedda completed Certification as a Master of Multidimensional Healing.   In 2017, Nedda completed her Certification in Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Emotion CodeÔ, a powerful system for clearing emotional blocks from the physical and other energy bodies.

Beginning in 1994, Nedda left the computer world where she was a Systems Analyst and Customer Support Representative to begin her Divine Service in telepathic Animal Communication, distance Energy Healing, and Spiritual Empowerment Ascension Coaching. 

Since 1994, Nedda has given over 8,000 private consultations for thousands of animals and humans around the globe.  She has spoken and learned from a wide variety of species, such as horses, cats, dogs, lamas, alpacas, iguanas, cockatiels, parrots, gorillas, and a pet tarantula.  

As a Lightworker, Starseed, and Spiritual Empowerment and Ascension Coach, Nedda facilitates healing for others who are ready to open their hearts, take back their personal power, and move forward into becoming an Awakened 5th Dimensional Human.

Nedda says, “We are moving into Unity/Christ Consciousness as a way of life on a New Earth. Let us join together to create the world we truly want to experience. To change the outer world, we must change our inner one. This is the way to healing and wholeness.”

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MY MISSION & vision


My mission became clear when I aligned with my Soul's purpose.  By choosing alignment, I receive higher guidance in my personal life and in my service to others.



It is my mission to help humans as they are waking up in the Ascension process that is occurring on the Earth at this time.  As they awaken, many are struggling to find and take back their personal power.  It is my mission to respect, support, and encourage them in this process.

In addition, many are releasing patterns of denser, limited, lower vibrational energies.  It is part of my mission to be a way-shower, to demonstrate, through my own life, how to release these and at the same time, to help and support others as they choose to heal and let go of their own limitations and no-longer relevant beliefs and patterns.

One way I assist people in the release of old patterns is to raise their consciousness about animals.  I help them open to the understanding that animals are sentient beings with spirit and soul, just like humans.  We are part of the web of life, as are the animals.  The animals, plants, nature spirits, the Earth and all her elements, and all beings throughout the Universe are interconnected with us.  Everything we think, feel, and do directly affects them as well as ourselves. 

Consciousness is everything and everything is Consciousness.  You are me and I am you.  Separation is an illusion, for truly, we are all One being.  There is only ONE being in existence.

What I experience as being outside myself is a reflection of my own inner state.  To change the world I must change myself, for as long as I hold limiting beliefs and judgments, that is how long they will be reflected back to me.  What I experience is a reflection of my inner state called to me through the Law of Attraction.  Therefore, I must each take full responsibility for what I attract into my awareness.

This mission is both personal and professional.  As I work towards fulfilling my mission, I change who I am and how I interact with others of all species.    My own consciousness expands and vibrates  at higher frequencies.  This helps me maintain a higher perspective on all things.

To fulfill my mission, I commit myself to being as clear a channel as possible and to vibrate at the highest frequencies possible.  I commit myself to live in and come from my higher heart center, thus expressing compassion, non-judgment, forgiveness, gratitude, generosity of spirit, and limitless "love without conditions" to all.

When I stand in my power I model empowerment for others who seek to do the same.

I fulfill this mission by:

  1. Working on myself every day to recognize the places in myself that need healing, to bring darkness and shadow within myself into the Light, and to integrate the Light in all areas of my life.

  2. Seeing the world outside myself as reflection of my inner world; by healing myself, I heal the world.

  3. Taking full responsibility for everything I experience as my own creation.

  4. Living a reverent life with respect and love for all living beings regardless of physical form.

  5. Staying focused on my mission.

  6. Remembering to "see God in each other."

  7. Helping myself and others see the “higher” perspective in each situation, as this creates an opportunity for raising awareness.

  8. Acting as an ambassador between species when called upon to do so.

  9. Offering animal communication sessions to humans who want to communicate more fully with their own animals.

  10. Offering services that assist those awakening into full consciousness of who they are:  God-Self in physical form.

  11. Facilitating and negotiating the resolution of problems between humans and animals living together.

  12. Being a channel for Light, Love, and Healing for humans, animals, and the Earth.

  13. Sharing information about alternative systems of healing for themselves and their animals, as appropriate.

  14. Giving talks to raise the consciousness of humans.

  15. Teaching classes that facilitate humanity's spiritual development.

  16. Educating others about subjects related to my mission.


My Vision

I envision a world in which each human being is fully telepathic and aware of the Unity of all things and all beings.  In this vision, humans treat all sentient life as equals and with Love, Respect and Honor.  Humans, Animals, Nature Spirits, Plants, the Earth, and beings from other worlds and dimensions are able to exchange information and energy with humans easily, while recognizing each others’ Godliness.

The abundance of the world is now obvious to all, who share fully in the bounty available.

Divine Light, Divine Love, and Divine Wisdom combine in all of our lives,  enabling us to come from the Heart Center where non-judgment, forgiveness, and compassion abound. 

I envision a world where humanity has uplifted itself to higher Consciousness so that we can expand into our multi-dimensional, infinite selves no longer separate from Universal Consciousness.

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