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I AM THAT I AM vs. "I am"

On the Ego


The Buddha was one of many great Masters to live in a state of awakened consciousness on the Earth.





You are the Mighty I AM Presence,
the Divine Spark.



Phyllis Brooks is a Healing Master.  She makes amazing flower essences and gem elixirs offered at http://www.taliloquay.com.

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I AM THAT I AM vs. “I am”:
Moving Beyond Ego
by Phyllis Brooks

A master is one who awakens and listens to the internal voice of Truth, of the I Am Presence, and orders his or her life accordingly.  But how do we distinguish the voice of Truth from the voice of illusion?  The voice of illusion, of the personality or ego self, is very loud and often drowns out the I Am Presence, which speaks from the silence within.  Unless you can learn to recognize this strident voice of falsity, it takes over your life.  Your sense of Self gets mixed up with the form you are temporarily inhabiting.  This is the state of humanity at this time.

What is the ego?  It is “the unobserved mind itself”  and “the blueprint of dysfunction that every human being carries within” according to Eckhart Tolle in his wonderful book, A New Earth; it is “an imposter pretending to be you.”  (Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth, Namaste Publishing, Plume, Penguin Group, 2006.)  Long ago humans became lost in the density of form, and began to identify with the creation rather than the Creator.  We lost our sense of Oneness and began to feel separate.  There is no “I am” or “I have” except in the illusory psychotic world of the ego.

When spirits began inhabiting physical bodies, originally the ego served a specific small function; that of survival of that physical body.  But as we became entranced by the physical senses and lost connection with our greater Self through the density of form, the ego began to take on a role for which it was not suited.  It began to run the whole show.  As it was not capable to do this, it rapidly became insane. 

The ego lives and feeds on anxiety, fear, anger, resentment, complaining, reactivity, all the emotions and thoughts of separation.  It is constantly trying to convince itself that it exists, through putting itself forward and trying to make others seem less, through defining that separation as much as it can.  It needs to feel “special” and better than others, to reinforce its difference from others.  Since it defines itself through what it has, it can never have enough.  Since form is an illusion, it can never define itself satisfactorily, so it always WANTS.  It lives through thoughts and emotions; it lives in the past.  It can never live in the present moment. 

Attachment to consumer goods, celebrity, status, intellectual or physical superiority to others are all hallmarks of the ego.  Even attachment to “spirituality”, or one's being above all that, is a sign of the ego.  One of the greatest weapons against the ego is humor; become aware of yourself being lost in the illusions of the ego, and laugh at yourself.  Awareness is the first step.  Constant vigilance with humor will disperse the fog of illusion.  NOT REACTING to the ego in others is the best way to help them move beyond this insanity.

The I Am Presence, your true Self, exists in the present. When you become aware of the ego at work in your life, you switch yourself from focus on thought and emotion (mired in the past) to the present moment.  You can't fight the ego; you can only become aware of it.  As you train yourself to become aware in the moment, eventually the ego fades away like the illusion that it is.  As Tolle puts it, “The act of recognizing the ego at work is the act of awakening, of moving beyond its control.”

We must realize that we are bigger than our thoughts, more than our emotional reactions, much greater than our bodies.  We then reach for connection with our I Am Presence, the part of us that has never left or lost it's consciousness of it's connection with Source and all that is, it's Oneness.  We awaken to our true Self.  We become aware.  We are enlightened.

I Am that I Am.

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Hari Baba and Germain are co-founders of the School of Esoteric Sciences.

The name Krishna means "Christed One".


On the Ego
Hari Baba and Germain
April 14, 2006

Before you read this I would ask you to get your ego in a straight line, a straight line behind you (smile).  Germain and I are going to tell you a bit about ego.  The first thing we need to understand is that our true self is not the ego.  The ego is an insane being who may have convinced us we, are true selves, are it.  It is not true.

The thing is, the insane ego is a being or entity who tells us it is the true us.  This being tells us we are victims and are at the mercy of all things. It tells us “think through the left brain, this is the place that shows us the truth”.  I can tell you this is not true, although you may be convinced by this entity that it is true.

The only way we can see truth is through our hearts in love. This means we don’t judge, we don’t process about the perceived threats to our being.  The real truth is that there are no threats except the ones perceived by this insane entity the ego.  For all is love. Live through the heart and you will see this in action.  Who needs to judge? Nobody but the insane ego.

Let me tell you a bit more.  This being who has convinced you that you are it lives in total fear.  WHY? Easy one this, because it is in fear of being found out.  It will keep you running around in circles, “I need to be right, I need to control all aspects of life, I need to be me, the presence in 3D, me the one who has needs.”

Believe us in truth, no one has needs beyond Divine love.  This is all we need.  Remember the biblical saying, “ an eye for an eye”?  If we go on like this it means the whole world becomes blind.

Let’s give the world our love, just that, seeing the perfection of the Divine in all.  Please let God hug you, feel the Source through your heart and LIVE, in this Divine love and allowance.

If you are not happy with anything just change it in this love.  What else to do, fight? Well the insane ego may try to convince you this is the way, but the only fight worthwhile is the fight with the destructive self.  Even then LOVE will save you lifetimes in this process, for fight and struggle are also an illusion.  Remember who you are, and be that.

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