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This teleclass will be recorded.

For access to the live class and recording,
you must register in advance.

TWA:  Helping Your Sick Animal

Saturday, September 9, 2017

11 a.m. to noon, EDT


This teleclass is for people who love their animals and want to take good care of them when they're sick or injured.


This class will help prepare you to

  •  Handle illness and injury before they occur.

  •  Help an animal recovering from illness or injury.

  •  Use flower essences to help a sick or injured animal.

  •  Improve your ability to give your animal medications.

In this teleclass you will learn

  •  What questions your animal wants you to ask the veterinarian so the animal can hear the answers.

  •  Which flower essences are most helpful to use before and after surgery.

  •  How to help you and your animal stay calm when you give medications.

  •  How to create a healing space for your animalís recovery.

To receive conference line information for this teleclass, you must register.

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