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Educational programs



Animal Communication:

The Power of Listening

Saturday, January 20, 2018

11 a.m. to noon, EST.

(Allow a little extra time at the end,
as my classes tend to run over a bit.)


It's time to "grow" your telepathic ears a bit bigger and more responsive.


It's time to empower your listening abilities so you can more easily receive and understand telepathically.



When you participate in this teleclass, you will ...

  •  LEARN how to improve your focus when you listen.

  •  DISCOVER how to open your heart center more fully to receive.

  •  EXPERIENCE a way to become quieter inside as you prepare to listen to your animalís messages.

  •  ENJOY a most unusual conversation with one of your animal companions.

To receive conference line information for this teleclass, you must register.

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