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The Art of Telepathic Listening

Telepathy is the language of all
sentient (feeling) and sapient (intelligent) beings
in the universe.

Join me for this breakthrough approach to

telepathic listening

when communicating with animals.


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Listening is both an art
and a skill.

Do you have some bad listening habits that you want to eliminate?

Do you want to improve your ability to receive what animals want to communicate?

Are you ready to expand your levels of understanding their messages?

TWA - AOL (Art of Telepathic Listening) is the course for you if you're ready to take your telepathic listening skills to new levels of receptivity, understanding, and insight.

Your animals want you to hear their messages more clearing and with greater reverence.

TWA-AOL Benefits

In TWA - The Art of Telepathic Listening, you will

  •  EXPAND your abilities to listen telepathically.

  •  ENHANCE your telepathic communication through a spiritually expansive approach.

  •  LEARN how to use your body posture and breathing to become quieter inside and enhance your listening.

  •  RAISE YOUR AWARENESS of how you receive telepathically.

  •  LEARN how to respond neutrally to messages to improve trust with an animal.

  •  ALIGN yourself with the 10 qualities and skills of a good listener.

  •  PARTICIPATE in a guided meditation called “The Mirror of the Mind” and other exercises.

  •  DISCOVER how to stay in non-judgment while communicating telepathically with animals.

  •  IMPROVE your overall listening skills.


TWA-AOL Features

TWA-AOL consists of:

  •  5 group 90 minute teleclass sessions.

  •  A complete set of MP3 recordings of all the classes that you can download, keep, and replay whenever you choose.

  •  Written materials/handouts in PDF format.

  •  Opportunities to practice at home and get questions answered during class time.

  •  A journaling process to help you validate and expand your experiences.


TWA-AOL Schedule

Saturdays, 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., or so, EST.

February 3, 10, 24, and March 3, 10, 2018

For help figuring out time differences: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/

Use New York City for Eastern Time.

Conference call line has international numbers available.

Even if you cannot be on all the live calls, every class is recorded.

You have full access to download, keep,
play, and practice with the recordings.

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You must have completed either:

1- TWA Animal Communication Coaching Program
with Nedda Wittels
-- OR --
2- A course or workshop in Animal Communication
with another AC Professional.



Only $157 USD.


After making your payment,
you'll be invited to register for
the class mailing list.


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