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Educational programs

Nedda Wittels

9 Knollwood Circle

Simsbury, CT  06070



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Payment & Registration

Only $197 for the series.


REFUNDS not available.

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Start 2014 on a new footing.

  "Receiving Higher Guidance" 
In just a few short weeks, you'll be confidently receiving messages
from your very own Divine Self.

A powerful, inspiring, transformative mini-series that
will change the way you live your life.

<<---  INVEST in your Self.


Saturdays, January 11, 18, 25, February 1 and 8.
10 a.m. Eastern Time
Each class is about 2 hours in length.


"I never realized it was so easy to receive and trust in higher guidance.  Nedda makes it easy so that messages come without even asking sometimes."

Leslie Russell, VT


"I just loved the class. It provided me with a clear and simple tool box for receiving higher guidance.  Now, I'm less afraid of talking to my I Am, of getting no answer.  Now the answers I get are clearer and more specific.  This class gave me support and encouraged me to practice, which is the key to learning.

Jeannine Lafon, France



Is this Program for You?

NOW is THE TIME to align with
the WISDOM of your Divine Self!

  •  Have you been feeling confused, lost, on your own, and unsupported?
  •  When you've asked for spiritual guidance in the past, did you receive answers that didn't quite make sense to you?
  •  Have you been wanting to live from higher guidance, to know that each step of the way your Divine Self is available, supporting you, and walking your path with you?
  •  Did you think that 5-D was supposed to be easier than 3-D, only to discover that you still have many challenges before you?

Right now, in this very moment, you are transforming from a 3rd Dimensional being to a 5th Dimensional being.

As such, you have UNLIMITED potential to access DIVINE WISDOM, DIVINE INSPIRATION, and DIVINE GUIDANCE directly.

  •  LEARN 8 secrets of Psychic Receptivity.

  •  RECEIVE accurate messages of inspiration, loving support, and specific guidance.

  •  DEVELOP the habit of asking for and receiving Divine Guidance in your daily life.

  •  INCREASE your receptivity to Divine Messages.

  •  ALIGN with your soul path.

  •  INTEGRATE your Divine Self.

  In this course, 

  you will restore your direct communication with the Divine within you! 

This program consists of 5 teleclasses during which you will:

  1. Participate in some exercises to help you connect with your I Am Presence and personal guides.
  2. Learn some techniques that will help you open and strengthen communications.
  3. Have actual conversations with your I Am Presence and other guides.
  4. Journal what you receive so you'll have a record of your progress, as well as messages you can refer back to in your daily life.
  5. Share your experiences with others in the class to build your confidence.

  Winter is a perfect time 
  to connect with the higher realms 
  as you cozy in until spring. 

Using a headset or speaker phone during the course
will be more comfortable during the meditations and exercises.


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