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<> Ascension Acceleration 2015 <>

The energy shifts are arriving more frequently.
The energies are more powerful than ever before.

You are awakening and transforming.

You are becoming multidimensional.

AND YET . . .

most of the time you may feel varying degrees of overwhelm, confusion, stress, physical and/or emotional discomfort, exhaustion, concerns about finances and relationships, loneliness, isolation, and spiritual separation from Infinite Consciousness.




Spiritual Ascension is far from an easy experience.


Get help to navigate the chaos of transformation.

Walk a path of peace, harmony, and love instead



<> Features <>

<> Activities <>

<> Class Schedule <>

<> Course Topics <>

<> The Teacher <>

<> Invest in Yourself <>


<> Ascension Acceleration 2015 -- Features.

  •  Create peace, harmony, and self love as you transform.

  •  Receive assistance, support, insight, and information about what's up on planet Earth and what's really up in your own life.

  •  Learn how to cope with ascension energies on a daily and hourly basis.

Here's what you may be experiencing right now:

  1. You're taking your physical body with you into the higher dimensions. 
    Ascension is like doing a complete home renovation while continuing to live in your home.  There are techniques that can help you carry on despite the chaos; learn how to recognize and cope with "ascension symptoms" and how to live as a 5th Dimensional being.

  2. Time is accelerated . . . and you have more to do than ever before.
    You may feel like your life is out of control.  And it is.  And it's OK . . . when you know how to function in NOW time.

  3. All your deepest emotional challenges, even ones you thought had been resolved, are back in your face once again.  (These include old fears, shame, anger, jealousy, grief, loss, and other dense emotional patterns and beliefs that keep you limited.)
    Heal and resolve the deeply rooted issues that seem to have eluded your efforts until now.

  4. The economy feels broken, and you have no idea how to fix it or how to survive.
    Learn how to resonate with abundance right now.

  5. You feel disempowered and separated from ALL THAT IS, and uncertain how to restore yourself to full spiritual and personal sovereignty.
    Restoring your personal power is essential to your ascension.

  6. Living in your heart seems like a foolish idea in such a harsh world.
    Recognize and experience the power of Love to heal everything.

  7. You're feeling alone and isolated.
    Discover that you are not alone; meet others who are awakening and committed to spiritual ascension.

<> Ascension Acceleration 2015 -- Activities.

  •  2 group classes per month about 90 minutes.

    •  Receive information and guided meditation; some discussion.

    •  Q&A, group healings; sharing; working on issues.

  •  Private Yahoo egroup for mutual support, sharing, and resonance.

  •  Home play activities and other bonus materials.

  •  Readings, recordings, videos:  recommended books, mp3s, and videos will be used as part of the curriculum for discussion, enlightenment, and inspiration.

  •  Mp3 recordings of all classes to download and replay as often as you choose.


<> Ascension Acceleration 2015 -- Class Schedule.

Oct. 9, 2014 through Dec. 17, 2015

2 p.m. Eastern Time (60-90 minutes)

Join anytime and still get the whole course.

<>Download Calendar<>

Use New York City to compare time zones -->>  Time Zone Converter

<> Ascension Acceleration 2015 -- Course Topics.

  •  Understand ascension - what it is; what it isn't; what it means for you.

  •  Discover how ascension is part of your true life purpose.

  •  Meet your personal Ascension team from the higher realms.

  •  Absorb, integrate, and radiate more Light and more Love throughout your day.

  •  Align more completely with your I Am Presence.

  •  Become the "hero" in your own life story.

  •  Restore your personal power and personal sovereignty; take back your freedom.

  •  Go deeper and expand further than ever before.

  •  Cope with ascension symptoms as we accelerate faster than ever before.

  •  Stop allowing the past hold you back and your fears of the future trap you.

  •  Break out of old, ineffective patterns.

  •  Shift into abundance consciousness.

  •  Experience guided meditations, such as:

    • DNA and Light Body activations.

    • Self-healing, balancing, grounding, and empowerment.

    • Integrate higher frequencies of Infinite Love, harmony and balance.

    • Cleanse, integrate, and align your chakra system.

    • Activate your higher heart chakra.

    • Home renovation assistance for personal “house cleaning.”

    • Disconnect from the traps of old ways of thinking, feeling, and being.

    • Achieve greater personal integration and harmony.

    • Let go of what you no longer need.

    • and more. . . .

<> Ascension Acceleration 2015 -- The Teacher.



Nedda Wittels is

   a Starseed;

   a first wave Light Worker;

   a Master of Multi-dimensional Healing;

   an enthusiastic teacher;

   a compassionate mentor for those on the ascension path.

Ask yourself:

"What if someone who has dedicated her life to this path is reaching back a hand to offer me assistance?"


"What if the information, support, meditations, and techniques I need are available right now?"


"How much difference will it make to me to be with like-minded people who are also awakening and learning how to manage their ascension while still functioning in the world?"


Don't miss this opportunity to
receive the assistance and support you deserve!


<> Ascension Acceleration 2015 -- Invest in Yourself.

Join Ascension Acceleration 2015 and share in the joys of the wildest ride of your life or perhaps of any lifetime, ever! 

Learn techniques that help overcome obstacles and heal the 3-D parts of yourself.

Move forward with greater ease and comfort.

Meet others on the same journey and benefit from their experience.

Choose a payment plan;
make your payment;
then register.


Receive 2 free Metaphysical Resonance Imaging
body scans during this program.

  A value of $130. 

These scans assist you to identify areas in your energy bodies that need more attention, forgiveness, healing, and Love.


PAYMENT PLANS 1 and 2 - Join any time!
- Pay and get started right away. *
You get 15 months of this program (mp3's available).

Pay in Full:  $630
Automatic Subscription:  $771

Refunds not available.

* Join later on and you'll still receive all materials, all techniques, all mp3 recordings of classes, and participation in a dynamic and supportive Yahoo egroup.  No need to "catch up," as each person will receive what they need in the perfection of each "now" moment.


Payment Plan #1 - PAY IN FULL

Get the entire 15 month program.
Get started right away and feel better fast!
October 2014 through December 2015.

  Pay with Paypal, or with a credit or debit card.

One payment - $ 630




Make 3 payments by automatic subscription through Paypal.
Get the entire 15 month program.
Get started right away and feel better fast!
October 2014 through December 2015.

You must have - or - create a Paypal account to use this plan.

Pay 3 installments of $257 each, for a total of $771. USD

 The 2nd and 3rd payments will be automatically deducted from your Paypal account in the two consecutive months and on the same day on which you made your first payment.

For example, if your first payment is October 2, 2014, your remaining two installments will be automatically deducted from your Paypal Account on November 2 and December 2, 2014.

To use a credit card, attach the card to your Paypal account.

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