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Mentoring SERVICES for AC Professionals


If you're already a professional Animal Communicator,
or if it's your heart's desire to be one
having a mentor will help you create you service in alignment with who you are and with the clients who are waiting for you.

Nedda offers a variety of programs to assist
 her colleagues and those who are just getting started.

Pay for Professional Services



Starting and developing a service business has many challenges.  You want your business to

  •  Be unique.

  •  Express who you are.

  •  Reflect your personal mission.

  •  Serve others.

Setting up your business to meet these requirements can be facilitated by working with a seasoned professional who has "been there" and "done that."


You may also find yourself in situations which are unexpected and challenging for you to resolve.  Having a mentor gives you access to support and information to guide you through these circumstances.


If you are in a place of transition about your business, are just starting out, or are having some specific professional challenges, private coaching and mentoring can accelerate your success.


Download the PDF file to learn more about these services.

Complete the questionnaire to be considered for mentoring.

Private Coaching and Mentoring - PDF of information
AC Professional Mentoring Questionnaire



for your convenience.

WWLA - Working With Lost Animals


This teleseries addresses the challenges facing Animal Communicator professionals who choose to work with lost or missing animal cases. 

The program has 3 parts:

  •  The Professional,

  •  The Animal, and

  •  The Human Client.

These are recordings of live teleclasses in which a group of  professionals participated.  This program is now available for purchase as a home study package. Get all the details.



TWA - Design Your Own Basic Workshop


A course for professional Animal Communicators
who want to design and teach their own

Basic Animal Communication workshop
or improve a workshop they're already teaching.


This course is not currently scheduled.

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TWA Professional Mentoring Program (TWA-PMP)

TWA-PMP is a 12-month group teleseries program for those choosing to become professional animal communicators.  It was first offered in 2010. It is not currently scheduled.


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