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Disclaimer Nedda Wittels is a Shamballa Master Healer and Teacher. Nedda is not a physician and does not diagnose or treat physical or mental illness.When there are serious illnesses, injuries, or mental/emotional problems, a physician of your choice should be consulted.

There is no need to live in pain or with limitation in our physical body.

In a distance intuitive healing session, energies are channeled through the hands and other energy centers of the facilitator. 

You become more relaxed, balanced, and grounded, which activates and strengthens your immune system and the natural healing abilities of your bodies.




After a distance intuitive healing session, you may experience many improvements in your physical, emotional, and mental state.  The specific improvements will depend on the your intentions for the session and what your body needs to do to heal itself.  In general, you may experience:

  •  A DECREASE in physical and/or emotional pain.

  •  A feeling of RELAXATION and and overall sense of WELL-BEING.

  •  An INCREASE in energy and mental clarity.

  •  Feeling MORE connected, balanced, and grounded.

  •  IMPROVEMENTS in immune system function.

  •  FASTER and MORE COMPLETE healing from illness, injuries, and surgery.

Healing energy can be sent and received anywhere instantaneously! 

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Distance Healing Sessions

Working with Nedda in every session are healing masters and angelic beings from the higher dimensions of Light and Love.  They are the "experts" and Nedda facilitates the team for your optimum benefit.

Your body already knows how to heal itself.   It wants to be in harmony and balance.  By creating sacred space and tuning into the Divine Energies of Creation, Nedda becomes a channel for "Love without conditions."   This energy is sometimes called life force, chi, ki or prana.  Today, there are many higher vibrations of Light and Love available for healing purposes.

During a healing session, your body is encouraged to:

  •  Release stagnant energies, clearing blockages

  •  Release emotional patterns that have been locked into the cells

  •  Seal energy leaks

  •  Rebalance and restore natural energy flows

  •  Absorb nourishing life force energy

  •  Restore healthy vibrational rhythms and patterns

  •  Restore damaged tissue to its original blueprint

  •  Repair the template or blueprint for the physical body

Healing goes far beyond the relief of symptoms and elimination of unfriendly micro-organisms or the mending of broken bones.  It may also include an opening to spirituality, a reconnection with our very Source.

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Before and After a Healing

Before a Healing:

You are in charge of your own healing process, and this will be respected through your work with Nedda.

Nedda requests a little background information that will be held in complete confidence.  It will benefit the healing process for her to know what is going on for you and what you want the healing session to focus upon for your benefit.  Your intentions set the goals for the healing process.

It is ideal for your healing session to be scheduled for a time when you can be lying down in a quiet space.  However, if this is not possible, and since time is an illusion anyway, the healing can be done at one time and the energies sent to you with the intention that they integrate while you are sleeping.

After a Healing:

DRINK LOTS of WATER (8-10 glasses) for the rest of the day and the next 48 hours at least.  This helps your body cleanse itself from energies and toxins that have been released.

WATER is unflavored, non-chlorinated, non-caffinated, without floride, and uncarbonated There are NO SUBSTITUTES for plain water.  Your body KNOWS the difference!!

You may feel very tired and want to sleep more than usual

This is your body telling you it needs time to repair itself.  The body only repairs when we sleep.  This is why sleep and rest are so important.

You may feel very energized.

This is a good feeling, but it is important to REST.  This allows your body to use the energy for healing purposes. It is recommended that you stay away from the gym or any workout during the first 24-48 hours after a healing.  If you feel like being quiet, follow your inner guidance.


A brief follow-up conversation is recommended to evaluate the healing session.   Nedda would like to know how you are feeling and what changes, if any, you have experienced and observed.  This information helps you and Nedda decide whether and/or how soon additional healing sessions might be advisable.

The body releases in layers like peeling away layers of an onion and heals itself bit-by-bit.  Everyone's body is different and the time needed to integrate changes brought about by a healing are also different for each person.  Nedda believes your body should be your guide in deciding how to proceed.

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During a Healing

All healing sessions are team facilitated.  Nedda begins with prayers to clear her own energy bodies, auric field, and light body, and to align herself with Divine Will.  Then she invites in

  •  her I AM PRESENCE (her TRUE SELF from the highest frequencies of Light and Love) and her healing guide teams.

  •  Your I AM PRESENCE and guides.

  •  The Overlighting Deva of Healing.

  •  Pan (head of the Nature Spirits and elementals).

  •  MAP (Masters' Medical Assistance) teams for working with humans.

  •  Specialists from the higher realms for particular physical and emotional issues.

  •  Angelic and archangelic healers.

  •  An Arcturian Healing team may also be called in to work with color frequencies when appropriate.

Once the group is assembled, prayers are offered and decisions are made on how to focus the energies.  All work is done according to the Will of your I AM PRESENCE in accordance with Divine Will.

The energies called forth are

  •  the energies of Shamballa Multidimensional Healing,

  •  the Mahatma (highest frequency available on Earth of the female aspect of Love Without Conditions), and

  •  the Christ Consciousness (highest frequency available on Earth of the male aspect of Love Without Conditions). 

Nedda is responsible for setting and holding clear intentions, for channeling the energies, and for coordinating with all the beings of Light and Love during the session.  The entire team, once assembled, works with a focus of Love and Compassion. 

Nedda holds the space while the experts on the team do most of the actual work.  According to their instructions, Nedda will hold the intention for any number of repair and healing processes that are appropriate.  Here are a few examples.

  •  Stagnant energies may be removed.

  •  Old vibrational patterns from injury and/or illness, may be released or allowed to correct themselves.

  •  Energy leaks may be sealed.

  •  The etheric template may be repaired.

  •  The etheric matrix may be repaired.

  •  Chakras can be cleansed, repaired, rebuilt, and integrated.

  •  Cells may be encouraged to let go of toxins and/or energy patterns that are no longer appropriate.

  •  Energy patterns of toxins, viruses and bacteria may be vibrationally disrupted.

  •  Love and support maybe sent to specific organs and/or systems of the body, and/or to the entire 4-body system.

  •  Entities and/or Thought Forms that no longer serve the higher purpose of your TRUE SELF maybe removed by Angelic Teams and sent to appropriate planes of existence.

At the end of the session, using intention, the healing energies are directed to integrate with all of your bodies in all dimensions, all universes, and through all of time, with the results brought into the present moment according to the Will of your True Self.

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Preparation for Surgery

Surgery can be a scary thing.  The calmer and more relaxed we are, the easier it is for us to receive the healing intent of the surgical staff, and the easier it is for our bodies to recover from the surgery.

Whether you are having a joint replacement, have been injured in an accident, or having any other type of surgery, appropriate preparation for the surgery creates many benefits.

  •  A feeling of comfort and calm that will put you in the best possible state of mind to help make the surgery a success.

  •  A feeling of optimism.

  •  Your physical body is prepared to receive the surgery and therefore can adjust to whatever changes are required for your benefit.

A preparation for the surgery includes:

  •  Setting up the physical space by coordinating with the angels and nature spirits to clear the surgical preparation room, the surgery itself, and the room where recovery from surgery will take place. 

    This process
    eliminates energies that are discordant and no longer appropriate for the Earth realm and sets up a healing energy for the space.  When the clearing is complete, the space is filled with Divine Light and Divine Love and set with intentions to create safety and optimal healing.

  •  Coordinating with the  “I Am Presence” or "True Self" of everyone on the surgical team to allow them to release anything that is no longer appropriate for them and to set intentions so that they will be in their best mental, emotional, and physical states to perform a perfect surgery.

  •  Facilitate a balancing and clearing of the bodies of the animal or person receiving the actual surgery to promote optimal results.

  •  Set intentions for:

    • pain reduction and elimination.

    • rapid and complete healing at all levels.

    • integration of any foreign materials that may be placed into the body, such as artificial joints

    • being deeply relaxed and at peace throughout the process.

    • making sure the etheric matrix and template for the body are adjusted as necessary to accommodate the surgery.

    • releasing and healing any emotional and mental patterns that may have contributed to creating the situation in the first place.

    • preparing any body parts that will be removed so that there is minimal stress and bleeding.

    • setting whatever intentions the individual has chosen to have set.

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