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-->> Nedda is no longer accepting any missing animal cases. <<--
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Lost Animal Session Fee

Animals get lost for many reasons.

When your animal is missing
it can be a very hard time for both of you. 
Nedda works with you and your animal for the
best possible outcome.


When an animal is missing, you can actively engage from two levels of reality at the same time:  the "mundane" 3-D world and the spiritual perspective.  For detailed instructions on how to do this, read Nedda's ebook:

The Missing Animal Guidebook


* Rescue Remedy is a flower essence formula that will help you calm down and focus your thinking during times of stress. It is made by Bach and is available in most health food stores and over the internet. 

Put 4 drops under your tongue as often as you need to in order to become calm.  Being calm will help you and help your missing animal, too.

Working with Missing Animals

If you are reading this page, you are probably looking for help with a missing an animal.

You are undoubtedly upset about the situation and not thinking clearly.

Please take 3 deep breaths, ground yourself, and take some Rescue Remedy* (if you have it).

Once you are calm, you will be able to take in the information
provided to assist you in finding your animal.

Nedda does NOT accept all requests for missing animal services.
Please contact her about your situation BEFORE you pay for the session.
Thank you.
Once Nedda has accepted your case, pay using the PAY FOR SERVICES tab.

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A missing animal case is the most difficult work an Animal Communicator can undertake.



Understanding the Challenge

You and your missing animal both will be experiencing a variety of intense and conflicting emotions all at once, including anxiety, fear, anger, sadness, and guilt.

Often the missing animal is confused and might even be imagining what he or she wishes were true, rather than staying in the present moment and giving accurate information to an Animal Communicator.

Here is a true story which illustrates an animal's confused messages.

While moving cross-country with her two cats, Brandy and Whiskey, one of my clients, Sally, called me frantically.  She had stopped for her first night at a motel which accepted animals.  Due to space limitations in her car, she had only one carrier to move the cats between their cage in the vehicle and their room.

Early that morning, while transferring Whiskey back to the car, Brandy ran out the door of the hotel room into a hallway.  She saw him dart behind a soda machine.  Staying as calm as possible, she hurried Whiskey into the car and then came back to collect Brandy.  However, when she looked for him in the narrow space behind the soda machine, he was no longer there.

When I spoke with Brandy, he insisted he was under a bed in a dark, safe space.  He also told me he had gone upstairs and was on another floor.  

Sally told me there were doors at both ends of the hall, as well as between the hall and the stairs.  He would have had to go through a door at the top of the stairs to get into the corridor.  

I suggested that Sally enlist the help of Hotel staff for the search, and to offer a reward to motivate the busy, low-paid staff.  The search went on for many hours.

Looking in rooms emptying of travelers soon revealed that the beds were on platforms and there was no way a cat could squeeze underneath them. So if he wasn't under a bed, where could Brandy be?

Finally, someone offered to move the soda machine to look behind it.  There, to everyone's great relief, was Brandy, who had crawled into the bottom of the machine, a dark warm space reminiscent of his "under the bed" safety spot in his old home.

This story had a very happy ending, but every missing animal situation is different, and not all are as easily or happily resolved. 

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  1. Send payment in advance by Paypal or Credit card. 

  2. Email Nedda a photo of the animal as an ATTACHED file.  It is ideal for the photo to show the animal's face, but if you don't have that, send the best one you have.

  3. Nedda will take the background information surrounding the animal's disappearance at the beginning of the session.

  4. Nedda gets off the phone to:
    -- Check out the physical condition of the animal.
    -- Begin a conversation with the animal.

  5. You and Nedda get back on the phone and the 3 of you - you, Nedda, and your animal friend - talk about what is happening and the best way to proceed.

  6. Nedda will suggest some specific mundane things for you to do.

  7. Nedda will also teach you some spiritual techniques that can be very helpful in getting you and the animal back together.

  8. Nedda helps you develop a plan of action.

A Lost Animal Session with Nedda

Nedda requires a photograph and payment in advance.
Having a picture helps her connect with your animal during this very stressful situation.

A missing animal situation is often a spiritual experience
designed to teach you to LEARN TO TRUST that
no matter what happens, ALL IS WELL



Is the animal alive and uninjured?

Nedda energetically and intuitively checks for breath, heartbeat, injuries, and whether the spirit is fully in, partially in, or completely out of the physical body.

Other than you finding a physical body that is without spirit (dead), there is no foolproof system for determining if the animal is still alive.

If it is very difficult to telepathically reach the animal or if they are confused and upset, this often means they are alive.

If the animal pops right in telepathically for the conversation or seems very happy, this often means that they have left their physical body.

If the animal has passed into spirit, it may be time for you to stop looking for the animal and begin the grieving process.

Answering this question reduces confusion and helps you calm down so you can think more clearly about the situation. 

Having a sense of what is going on helps Nedda determine how to best assist you and the animal.

If the animal is "in spirit" and needs help to cross over, Nedda is able to assist them to do so.

Nedda always advises clients to "TRUST YOUR OWN INNER INTUITION."  If you feel the animal is still alive, then you should keep searching, regardless of what any psychic or animal communicator tells you.

What are the reasons the animal is missing?

Whenever possible, Nedda identifies the reason why the animal left.  There are many reasons why animals become missing.  Here are just a few examples:

  • Going off to die.
  • Wanting an adventure.
  • Angry or upset about something.
  • Chased by a wild or neighborhood animal.
  • Got confused and wandered away.
  • Have finished their life purpose with you and are moving on to their next project.
  • On a spiritual journey or quest.
  • Doing healing work for the planet.
  • Animal was stolen.

This brings clarity and understanding, and helps you, the animal, and Nedda decide what steps to take next.

It also helps clear the "emotional air" of blocks and obstacles.

What was going on at the time the animal disappeared?

Nedda will ask you and the animal about events that were happening at the time the animal disappeared.

Often there are things happening in our human lives that we don't think our animals know or care about, but which can affect them very strongly. 

Sometimes, those events and situations have a direct bearing on why an animal goes missing.

To create a major shift in the energy of the situation, the connection between the animal's disappearance and other things going on in your life must be explored and resolved.

The animal can hear your voice through Nedda, as she is able to send it through as if she were the telephone line.

The animal can hear you explain and clear up any  confusions.  Then you and the animal will start to feel calmer

By addressing the emotional pieces of a situation, harmony can be re-established, thus increasing the potential for a positive outcome.

Where is the animal now?

Nedda asks the animal to show her or describe to her what they can see, hear, and smell.

Sometimes an animal can tell Nedda exactly where they are, showing her pictures and sounds that help indicate the location.

Sometimes this information is hard to interpret because the animal is afraid or dreaming or wishing they were somewhere else.

Sometimes, the information may be easy for an animal to identify a location, but very hard for a human.  For example, cats and dogs have a much stronger sense of smell than a human.  If the animal is in the woods, the details of a tree seen and smelled from dog or cat eye level may not prove useful to the humans searching for the animal.

It can be a great relief to know exactly where the animal is.  HOWEVER, this can be one of the most difficult piece of information to obtain.

No matter what information the animal provides, Nedda will share that information with you.

Then Nedda will teach you methods of asking for, receiving, and following your own higher guidance.  This can be the most powerful way for you and the animal to reconnect.

Do you want to be found?

Nedda will ask the animal this question because we will have difficulty finding an animal who is  choosing to remain hidden or not to return.

When an animal is missing and plans not to return, this can be a powerful spiritual lesson in letting go. 

Nedda will help you emotionally accept and work with this type of situation. 

Are you trying to teach your person something

Nedda knows first hand that animals often act as our mirrors.  That's why they are here with us - to teach us about ourselves by reflecting our issues back at us or by pushing our buttons so we can disconnect them.

By being open to the possibility that our animal's disappearance is a spiritual lesson, we not only can heal ourselves, but create a space energetically for the  missing animal to return.
Nedda teaches you techniques to connect energetically with the animal on your own.
These techniques build your confidence.  They also help you and the animal communicate.  Further, they contribute to the two of you finding each other in the physical realm.
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