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Animal Communication expands your awareness of your animal
 friends and companions, and of your connection with them.

When you open your heart to listen to their messages and
 viewpoints, a subtle shift occurs that transforms your relationships.


What is Animal Communication?

Benefits of Animal Communication

Preparing for Your Session

During a Consultation



Disclaimer Nedda Wittels is not a veterinarian and does not diagnose or treat physical or mental illness in animals.

When there are serious illnesses, injuries, or mental/emotional problems, a veterinarian of your choice should be consulted.  These services are not a substitute for medical treatment.


What is Animal Communication?

A pet psychic can talk to animals of all species.


Nedda and Violet communicate.

Animal Communication is an exchange of energy between a human and an animal for the purpose of communication.  An Animal Communicator is a good listener, someone who is quiet enough inside to notice and interpret messages from animals received  in a variety of forms.

How do we tune in to receive animals' perspectives, insights, and teachings?  Part of the process involves getting out of our own way. When we are clear about our own thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations, we can learn to identify the thoughts, emotions, and sensations that are a message from our animal friend.

Many Communicators speak of this process as a heart-to-heart connection, by which they mean that their analytical process is reduced while their intuitive, non-judgmental aspect dominates.

In a private consultation, I send and receive telepathically with animals and/or nature spirits to help you better understand your relationships with them.  I can speak with animals of all types:  cats, dogs, horses, turtles, iguanas, snakes, llamas, even insects -- animals in the wild and animals in your family.  Most sessions focuses on animals who are part of your family.  

My goal is to help you achieve your goal for the session with Compassion and Love.  It is truly a three-way conversation in which I act as translator, facilitator, and even negotiator.  Sometimes we all brainstorm together.  Other times I might suggest alternative healing modalities that you can explore for the mutual benefit of you and your animal companions.

Telepathic communication can take many forms. As a child, I was very empathic, feeling emotionally what animals felt. She also often "knew" what they wanted.  Today, I receive pictures, words, emotions, knowings, intuitions, physical sensations, and mental concepts. Then she finds the right words to give you the information and to help you understand what the animal is feeling, thinking, and experiencing.

Distance does not pose any limitation.

Telepathic Communication can be sent and
received anywhere instantaneously! 

I do not travel to clients' homes for sessions.

Telephone consultations are just as effective and allow me to be available to more people in a more timely manner.

You do not have to be physically with your animal.  You can be at work or on vacation or on a business trip.  Your animal can be at the vet, at the doggie day-care, in the pasture, or wherever. 

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Benefits of Animal Communication

There are many situations in which a family consultation with your animals can benefit you and all your animal family members.



Animals misbehaving; e.g., dog not house trained; cat not using litter box; horse refusing jumps. After determining the root of the problem, we develop a plan of action to create new behavioral patterns.  In many instances emotional issues can be healed through this process.
Animals fighting or you and the animal in conflict. Conflict resolution between the parties involved.
Illness, injury, and preparation for surgery such as neutering and spaying.

I gather information from the animal and his/her energy bodies that may assist in diagnosis and/or treatment.  When appropriate, I refer clients to various alternative healing systems and practitioners.

When surgery is required, a "preparation for surgery" healing session can be very helpful.  
Read more . . .

Preparing for death. I assist you and your animal to communicate about the transitional process, what your animal wants and what you are comfortable with doing for the animal.  I seek to empower people to speak up for themselves and their animal companions.
Animals “in spirit” can help you as you grieve. I help you say goodbye, and assist you and other animal and human family who are grieving the departed.  When needed, I help animals let go and move towards the Light.
Show Competitions require a team effort for obedience, agility, and dressage/combined training events. Improvements in training and performance are possible when we creating a more effective partnership.  This requires accurate and subtle two-way communication.  Using mental imagery, for example, can significantly produce a positive showing experience. 
Build a stronger bond between you and your animal. A deeper understanding and greater appreciation of each other may come from understanding each other’s perspectives, past lives together, and current life purposes.
Dietary Awareness - You really are what you eat, and so is your animal companion.  In additional, animals who have been rescued or who came from puppy or kitten mills will benefit from addition supplementation. While I am not a nutritionist, a review of what you are currently feeding (or not feeding) your animal may reveal some of the underlying causes for illness and behavioral problems.  Expanding your knowledge of different approaches to feeding and of dietary supplementation can ease, manage, and/or reverse a variety of situations.
Preparing for changes; e.g.,  vacations, new baby, death of a human family member, death of an animal family member, new animal in the family, marriage, divorce, teen off to college, kids off to camp, and so on. When you are experiencing changes in your life, your animals are also experiencing them.  Together we can help prepare your family for what may already be happening or is about to happen, answer their questions and concerns, and ease the transitions for everyone.  This reduces everyone's stress levels and makes for a happier, more rapid adjustment.
Breeding issues. Knowing what an animal is thinking and feeling may be key to creating the optimum situation for successful impregnation and birthing.

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Preparing for Your Session

Please talk to me.  I just love to chat!
I can also speak with animals "in spirit"
and with your current animal family members.

If this will be your first Animal Communication session with me,
please fill out the intake form.

If you have a Bonus Coupon, please use that coupon to access
the correct intake form.

To make your session more effective ...

  1. Have a clear intention or goal of what you want to accomplish.

  2. Prepare a written list of topics and questions in advance of the session.

  3. Verbally tell your animals about the upcoming session and let them know that you want to hear about their point of view. 

At the beginning of the session, I'll will review your intention with you and will use your topics and questions to guide our conversation.

A physical description of your animal helps me to visualize him/her to make the telepathic connection.  Photographs are not necessary.

  •  Name, age, sex, breed
  •  Color patterning
  •  General body build
  •  Horses - height in hands
  •  Small animals - approximate weight

Receptivity from all concerned is the key to maximum benefit from a consultation.  Be open to the possibilities, whether you are skeptical or not, and you may find that your consultation is an interesting, enjoyable, and helpful experience.

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During a Consultation

We communicate with animals of all species.

During a consultation, you and I speak by telephone or Skype
while the animals and I communicate telepathically
 (no phone necessary).  In this way,
you participate directly in the conversation. 

Telepathic communication is not limited by distance.
It can be sent and received anywhere instantaneously! 

I can also speak to several animals simultaneously when that is appropriate. Sometimes it is more efficient to tell all the family members at once about upcoming plans. They can each ask questions, and everyone can hear your answer at once. This uses the session time more efficiently, and still gives each animal an opportunity to express his/her opinion and feelings. 

The animals will hear you through me, so they don't have to be physically present with you. You'll hear everything I say to the animals.  I translates into English whatever I receive from them. With you on the phone, you can help me understand the context of the information the animal is sharing. I finds this is more efficient than talking first to you and then separately to your animal friend. It also gives you a sense of what it's like to communicate telepathically with animals.

Where appropriate, I may suggest flower essences to help complete the vibrational shift of emotional energy patterns.  I may also explore dietary considerations and suggest you consider other alternative healing systems, such as energy healing, TTouch, acupuncture, chiropractic, NAET, BIOSET, Chinese or other herbal remedies.   I may refer you to appropriate specialists when available.

During the session, your topics and questions will be discussed. The animal will also have an opportunity to ask questions and raise subjects for discussion. Some animals have a great deal to say right away. Others just respond to questions. Occasionally an animal is reluctant to communicate and has to be gently drawn into the conversation. Each animal and each situation is different.  Gentleness and loving patience are the best ways to encourage mutual respect and understanding.

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Karen Durochia, Pennsylvania:

I just wanted you to know that my dog, Millie, is doing much better since our telephone call last Thursday.  She has started to take some interest in playing with her toys and not spending so much time sleeping and being sad about Maggie’s death last year.  It was so good to hear from Maggie during our session.  I can't tell you how much that meant to me.  I really miss her so much.  It makes me wonder if she will come back to me someday reincarnated.  But I guess that is up to her.


Keeping Rooh Home
by V.P. of Connecticut

When my Kelpie, Rooh, was 3 years old, I became concerned because she sometimes chased her ball across the street or went to visit our neighbors.  Although she came when I called her, Rooh never looked to see if vehicles were coming.  I was afraid that one day, as she raced after her ball, she would get squished.

I decided to call Nedda to get some help.  

Nedda talked to Rooh.  She described Rooh as an emotional adolescent who didn't understand the dangers of the street.  She also said that Rooh needed some mental and physical stimulation.  

Nedda explained to Rooh verbally and visually and in great detail what would happen if Rooh and a car every connected.  She also strongly recommended that Rooh go to school for the mental challenge, specifically suggesting agility training.

Almost immediately after that conversation, Rooh’s behavior improved greatly.   She now understood that the street was not a safe place for her to be.  Since then, going to “doggie classes” has given Rooh a focus beyond her duties around our home.  Rooh remains a happy dog and I am less concerned about her activities when she’s outside on her own.

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Purr-cy's Family Gives Thanks
by Jack Gerster

I've been meaning to get back to you regarding our cat, Purr-cy.  As you may recall, my wife and I called you about our 12-year old cat who had urinated on rugs, furniture, beds, etc., and since there was no medical reason for this behavior, we had decided to work with you. 

I'm happy to report that Purr-cy has been doing MUCH better.  The biggest change we made that you suggested was getting a bigger, topless litter box (actually, one of those plastic storage chests).  We continue to use the "Comfort Zone" - the cat pheromone aerator, and my wife is convinced that that is the major cause of his improved behavior.  Purr-cy has not had one "accident" since we spoke with you!

One interesting side note however:  Purr-cy has developed an affinity to the telephone.  Any time the phone rings and we answer it, he is instantly right there by our side.  We jokingly say, "he's hoping its another call from Nedda," but then again, who knows?

Once again, thank you for your help, and whatever the reason, Purr-cy is a much better behaved pet.

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Conflict Resolved
 by L. R. S. of New York

Puppy love or fighting dogs?  Telepathic communication can help restore the peace.

For years we enjoyed the company of three wonderful dogs. One mongrel (male) and two females, a bull terrier and a pit bull.  In that time, the females romped, ate, and slept together.  We called them "the sisters".

Then our daughter introduced an energetic, good-natured, young male elkhound into our house.  Everything changed.

The bull terrier suddenly started vicious attacks against the pit bull.  Our house became a battle ground.  The elkhound left, but the murderous attacks continued.

We were at our wits end.  Our vet suggested a trainer.  The trainer suggested Nedda Wittels.

To say I was skeptical is an understatement.  However, we were desperate.  If something wasn't done, our gentle pit bull would either be killed or badly hurt.  My wife had been badly bitten breaking up a fight.  Nedda was our last hope.

Over the phone, Nedda communicated with our dogs through me.  I felt a bit foolish, but was determined to stick with our 45 minute session.  About 30 minutes into Nedda's communication she told the bull terrier to show affection and ask forgiveness of our pit bull.  The bull terrier was under the kitchen table (I thought asleep) and the pit bull was in the family room on her cushion.  At Nedda's suggestion, the bull terrier got up, walked past me into the family room, and licked the face of our pit bull.  I was amazed!

Our bull terrier lived 7 months after the incident. The vicious attacks stopped and though we continued to take precautions (never leaving them alone together and feeding them separately), we had no further incidents. 

One may take from our experience what one wishes, but I really think Nedda was the instrument that brought peace into our home.

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